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Crashing at Menu

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    Crashing at Menu

    I'm having this problem upon starting the game. As soon as I boot up Conflict Denied Ops, The first couple Copyrights(Eido's Ad) show up fine but as soon as I see the NVidia clip, I only see the top part of the clip while the bottom part of the clip is green-out. Then right after the NVidia Clip the client crashes giving me the error where it asks me to either send information or not. I played this game last year on the very same computer yet this time it doesn't want to work.

    Edit: found the problem.
    I deleted one of the videos in the FMV folders, apparently DELL.p6.wmv(XPS Video) videoclip was what has been bugging the game

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    guys just convert all videos in FMV folder using any video converting software ,i used Leawo video converter format wmv9

    then copy all the converted videos into FMV folder (overwrite it)
    that's all
    no more error's
    buy guys