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Thread: Best Game Compatability

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    Best Game Compatability

    I want you guys to write a list of what games is best playable on what system.

    i will start so you know what i mean.

    Commandos Series No Doubt (not very good to play on ps2).
    Tomb Raider 1-5
    Resident Evil 1-3

    All Hitman Games

    Tomb Raider Underworld

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    Classic Tomb Raiders
    Mirrors Edge 2d

    Tomb Raider: Underworld (DLC is amazing)
    Tomb Raider: Legend
    Left 4 Dead series
    Mirror's Edge series
    Resident Evil 5
    Final Fantasy XIII (don't know if it's good or not, cuz it's not released, but it looks amazing)

    Mario series
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Mario spinoffs
    Resident Evil Chronicles series
    Metroid series
    Tomb Raider: Anniversary
    Wii series (Sports, Fit, Sports Resort)

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (although I still can't find the magic in that game)
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    what does DLC stand for?

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    DownLoadable Content.

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    what's good about downloadable content for tomb raider underworld.
    do they let you download new levels to play or what?

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    There are 2 downloadable levels. Beneath the Ashes where Lara searches for a dangerous artifact deep beneath the remains of her home, and Lara's Shadow where you play as the doppelganger in a story that ties BTA and Underworld together and you get to see how Underworld really ends in it.

    Also there are downloadable outfits:
    -Legend Lara
    -Classic Lara
    -Blue Wetsuit
    -Red Drysuit
    -Grey Jungle Shorts
    -Casual Explorer (a blue button shirt with grey pants and brown boots)
    -Blue Bikini
    -Black & White Bikini
    -Gold Bikini
    -Camo Bikini
    -Fashion Winner (A long-ish white coat with black shorts)
    -People's choice (A catsuit with blue details)
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    Why do we have to do all the work for you? Anything you want to know can be found on the internet. Google is your friend.
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    i don't what to see facts but i would like to hear opinions and that you can't google.
    thanks any way.
    yes google is a great friend.

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    Theres only 1 game id recomend and its for the wii.

    Endless ocean

    Its such an amazing game, huge story, huge ocean to explore, you get to explore caves, types of abysses, old, sunken cities, sunken ships. Its pretty amazing. There are also like 120-140 fish to find (from tiny sea slugs, to huge whale sharks) and 56 (or so) treasures and artifacts And you get to choose your gender of charector, and stuff, its just an amazing game. Graphics are amazing (especialy for the wii) theres so much detail and so much space to explore (you have this like entire ocean to explore) the games sop big that Its kept me occupied untill TRU came out, and its keeping me occupied untill TRO comes out (Ive been playing it for over a year and i still havnt finished the game)

    look it up on or something if you want.

    Edit: here are some pics;

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    Looks awesome, is it like a diver role playing game where you take on the role of a diver and can explore seas.

    looks good.
    i like those type of games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seifullaah73 View Post
    Looks awesome, is it like a diver role playing game where you take on the role of a diver and can explore seas.

    looks good.
    i like those type of games.
    Yeah, pretty much. It might seem boring, but its actualy pretty entertaining. completely Open world. with HUGE replayablility.
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    ps2: ps1 wii
    MEtal Gear 2&3
    Tomb raider L Tomb raider 1- 5 dead rising
    Tomb raider A metal gear mario kart
    kingdom hearts 1&2 tomba wii sports wii resort
    Final fantasty xii crash bandiccot
    Tr AOD Tekken resident evil
    GtA new jersey devil

    Metal Gear 4 (Metal Gear Rising A very new game coming out for 360 and ps3)
    mortal kombat vs dc
    resident evil
    mirrors edge I hav l;ots of new trailers. u want to watch let em know
    dance dance revlution
    Dj Hero
    Tekken 6
    GTA 4
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    Resi 1- 3
    Silent Hill


    Resi- Code veronica, Outbreak 1&2, Dead aim
    Silent Hill 2- Origins
    Mgs 2 & 3 [subsistance]
    Tekken 5

    XBOX/ XBox 360:

    Splinter Cell series
    Any FPS!


    Resident Evil 0, 1 remake & chronicles games
    MGS twin snakes
    Resi 4 Wii Edition
    TRA wii edition


    UDF1 &2
    Tekken 6
    Silent Hill 5
    Resi 5
    MGS 4 [MGS rising]
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