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Thread: Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer!

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    because i have 4,716 posts

    Why do i love team death match and Domination on COD?
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    because I LOVE free for all mode!

    Why was my brownie sunday so HUGE???
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    because my guitar makes noise.

    Why do stars shine?
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    Because the planet explodes in the sky lol

    Why does the planet go round and round? x

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    Because it's preparing to fly away.

    Why is paper so thin?

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    because cardboard is thicker.

    Why is ant & deck & divina great presenters ?

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    because I am god.

    Why havn't I been logging on enough to this site lately?
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    Because ur fingers R sore.

    Why do i HATE cocky people ? x

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    because DYLAN KISSED FANG! HOW DARE HE! (maximum ride books, lol)

    Why is dylan such a ***
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    Because thats the way he was rased.

    Who loves staurday night tv shows ? x

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    I do.

    TPBM loves this song.....----->
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    you're getting mixed up with TPBM! this is ask a stupid question get a stupid answer!!!!

    is there an alternate universe where supernatural exists?
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    I certanly hope not because we all would be dead.

    Why is there always something that has to do with politics on TV?

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    Because then the world wouldnt know who's running the countrey. Lol x

    Why are we getting new styles of cars in 3 years ? x

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    @TRgal ooops!

    because car dealers have no lives......... idk

    why do i have nopthing to ask?
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    Because you got high off pixie stix

    Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
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    because unicorns leave when you get close.

    are robots going to take over the worls? :O
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    No! the cyborgs will get there first!

    Why am I awake at 3:37AM!?
    "Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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    Because ur eyes just wont close.

    Why am i forgetfull? x

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