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Thread: Nosgoth guides to battle success

Nosgoth guides to battle success

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    Nosgoth guides to battle success

    the guides are currently in quick edit stage. The main editor will be back at his home for a week in December.
    He will then try to make some extra graphics and update most forum coding.
    Jumplinkes etc. can be outdated. So please use scroll if it is not working and send me a message with the report.

    Laste update: 15/08/14

    Alpha players have been busy, creating a guide for all new players. This guide is written by the Community of NOSGOTH and not only by the people who have access to the CommunityEditors account. Within this guide we try to explain the main tactics of the different classes and thus increase the speed of your learning curve for each and any of those classes.

    In this guide there are references to the attack buttons, these are the default buttons so they can be changed by yourself.

    If you want to contact us because you got additional informatio, found a bug/error or anything els please use this form click here to send in a report

    If you got a big amount of feedback please use this topic.

    We hope you enjoy reading this guide. Please click on one of the following links below to leap towards the specific information you are looking for. In the spoiler parts there are paragraph chapters.
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. General human information
      3.1 Hunter
      3.2 Scout
    4. General vampire information
      4.1 Reaver
      4.2 Tyrant
    5. Slide Sheet
    6. Counter guides
    7. Map guides
    8. Other video's
    9. Various guides
    10. Credits

      lots of reserve posts
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    Dates will be stated as DD/MM/YYYY)
    To Do List:

    Past updates:






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    In this part of the guide the general human will be discussed. This means the general attributes are being explained and some tactics and advice's are given.

    Weapon Attributes:

    Name: Short description: Long description and exceptions:
    Spread: Is amount of dispersion, scatter, variability of where you aim. This is the area within which your weapon will randomly place shots (within the onscreen reticle). It can be improved by pressing the right mouse button which zooms in.
    Clip size: How many arrows/grenades/bullets you have. This is how many shots your weapon can make before a reload
    Fire rate: The speed of the weapon How fast the weapon shoots, higher is faster. Exceptions:
    Multibow/Multicannon: These weapons will shoot 3 shots every x amount of seconds, where x is the fire rate.
    Damage: The damage per shot This is the amount of health you "can" take away, if you hit the enemy. Factors like distance can reduce the damage output of some weapons.
    Reload speed: Time it takes to reload Time it takes to reload. Don't underestimate the impact of reloading. Reloading a bolt thrower (hunter weapon) in the middle of a fight will mean certain death. 1.5 seconds extra may not look like much but while in battle it feels like eternity.


    Nosgoth General Guide for the Factions.

    1) Stick together! This is not a tip, it is a rule. When playing as a Human your strength lies in numbers.

    The first thing you notice when you jump into Nosgoth is that Humans feel weaker than vampires individually. This isn't a balance issue, it is purposefully designed this way. "But why would you make a game where one side is, by design, weaker than the other, oh mighty Cookiedude?" you ask (perhaps without that last part)? A splendid question my dear students! Notice how I phrased it. *Individually*. What that means is, Humans were not designed to be able
    to successfully 1v1 a vampire in a duel. As a group though, they are more than capable of wiping the floor with every last bloodsucker.When I say strength in numbers, I mean that the human faction's strength multiplies by a large factor when they are grouped together. Which leads me to my second point.

    2) Defend each other.Cover each other.

    This is where the strength of the Humans shines the most. The skills Humans have and their weapons allow them to effectively protect one another from a vampire assault from range and counterattack or simply regroup. This game has a very beautiful system designed so that you can visually confirm when one of your teammates is being attacked without the need to constantly look at their health bars on the top left. Normally when you can't see a teammate within your character's field of vision (because of a wall or a building blocking it) their model is outlined by a glowing green color so that you can always be aware of your team's position. When that color, however, turns red, that means that that particular person is being attacked by a vampire. When you grow accustomed to the game you will be able to identify what type of vampire is attacking them from audio cues as well. (The Reaver's pounce knocks people down and you can hear them screaming as he is playing Whack-a-mole with their face.)

    3) Heal when wounded.

    It is imperative that after, or between, vampire attacks you heal yourself to full health and not try to be a hero. Staying at 650 hp because you want to "save"
    that healing station cooldown for later might just be what gets you killed by a random Shockwave/Choking Haze the next time the vampires drop by. Also you need
    to be mindful of the healing stations in your immediate vicinity and how many of those are still active. Running too far away from your team to heal will either
    a) get you killed because you will get picked off by a vampire(s) b) get your team killed because you were missing and weren't close enough to help them out which in turn will
    c) get you killed because you are the last man standing.

    4) Reload when necessary.

    This is something that differs with each class.Each class has its own reload timers/magazine ammo/type of projectile which means that, when reloading, every class
    differs from the other two.This is something that you must figure out for yourself, and your playstyle, as you get to know the classes and become familiar with them. There is, however, one constant. Reloading in the middle or ,even worse, at the start of a fight means your teammates will have an uphill battle in front of them since you won't be able to do much until that magazine is full again. Never forget that using skills WILL interrupt the reloading process, meaning that it will restart after you finish casting the skill. So, be careful that you don't end up with a 6 second reload timer instead of a 3 second one.

    5) Stay on the move.

    [indent]After a vampire attack, if there are survivors, don't stay and camp at the same spot. Instead look for your teammates when they respawn and regroup with them. Camping isn't in theory a bad idea, but only works out when the vampires don't know how to engage you correctly and end up taking too much damage by the time they get to melee attack you and your team. If that's the case you can stay at the same spot as long as your injuries aren't severe so that you can snatch a few more kills. However, be aware that experienced players WILL smoke you/charge you/kidnap you out and try to whittle you down as much as possible before they clean you up. Remaining mobile prevents vampires from successfully coordinating and chaining their skills together for maximum ass-whoopage. (Yes that is a word.) Also, remaining mobile will draw out impatient vampires thinking they can snatch a kill because you stray off, only to be greeted by a rainbow of stuff that goes pew-pew.*Look at the pretty colors! *[/indent[

    6) Last but not least...MELEE!!!

    Never ever forget. In that uncommon case that you and a vampire are pounding each other and you suddenly are out of ammo, or when a friend is in need but you need to
    reload and he will die in that short time, the mousewheel button (click) allows you to use your weapon as a frying pan against vampires! A successful hit deals 100 damage and
    you can spam it as much as you want. Don't forget, this is a last resort in most cases so don't try to use it if there is a better alternative!


    "For the Iron-Guard"

    The hunter is the most consistent damage dealer on a team, has good mobility and good control of the battlefield. If you want to start out with something familiar and similar to other fps games start here. The hunter feels for the most part like your average fps character with a machine gun.

    Suggested Perks: Accuracy, Fleet footed, Tinkerer


    Weapon Clip Size Damage Fire Rate Spread Reload Time
    Repeater 20 75 4.75 200 2 Sec
    Siege Bow 15 95 3.75 200 2 Sec
    Multibow 21 80 1.5 100 2 Sec
    Bolt Thrower 36 70 4.75 200 3.5 Sec

    The crossbow is the hunters weapon, it functions like any automatic weapon you might have owned in a video game. It has a number of properties which are important because they vary from crossbow to crossbow.

    Weapon Types:
    Repeater: This is the standard weapon the hunter gets, it is in the middle between all the other crossbows, it does everything well, but it doesn't master any. Good fire rate, good damage, decent clip size, and reload speed. It is actually generally speaking, aside from special situations, the strongest crossbow.

    Siege Bow: This bow excels at killing tyrants. Its reduced clip size and slower fire rate, but higher damage, make it great for killing tyrants 1v1. The downside is that you need to reload more often and you are punished more heavily for missing shots. When it comes to a close range skirmish with a vampire though, this bow excels.

    Multibow: Fantastic mid-long range crossbow, it does a ton of damage, it actually has the highest DPS. The problem is the burst shot mode. If you miss a 3 shot burst that is a huge loss in DPS. It also has a massive clip and very good spread, if you hit one of the 3 shots you’ve probably got them all. So, all-in-all very good for skirmishing with vampires when you are not the primary target.

    Bolt Thrower: Lower damage, huge clip size, and long reload times. Very good bow for those longer engagements. In terms of overall damage per clip it is way higher than other bows. The issue comes with actually putting those shots into a vampire near you before you die. Because of the lower damage its DPS is lower than the other bows and often means you die first.

    In the following part we will talk about skills, this part has been divided into Primary and secondary skills.

    Primary abilities:
    Bola: This skill is absolutely fantastic and overpowered. The Devs may realize how strong it is eventually and do something about it(we'll see, hint hint nudge nudge). The bola locks down a vampire for 3 seconds and makes them unable to climb or dodge. They can only walk around and can't attack. This is almost always a death sentence for a vampire. I would suggest doing some damage before throwing the bola, throw it at the last possible second. Hunters cannot shoot for 1.5(could be more, feel free to correct me) seconds after throwing a bola which means its always best to have the help of your team after you throw a bola. Bola's can be broken by the following skills: Tyrant (ignore pain), Sentinal (takeoff), Reaver (Evasion). You can re-bola/stun a tyrant and Sentinal, you cannot re-bola/stun a Reaver. Tyrants ignore bola while charging.

    Poison Bola: This skill has double the cooldown at 20 seconds but adds 300 free damage for landing a bola. It doesn't matter if it’s broken shortly after it will still do the damage. With the exception of ignore pain which will mitigate further damage from the poison bola. Otherwise it functions exactly like the regular bola. Although, charging tyrants still ignore the bola the poison damage still occurs.

    Secondary abilities:
    Fire Arrow: Great skill for adding some punch to your offense, it’s a very good idea to use at very close range to maximize damage, but try not to damage yourself, this skills does an abnormally high % of its damage to the user as well compared to other skills. Because vampires may decide to evade or disengage if they realize they are in danger use this late in your attack as an type of execute skill, at the same time make SURE you use this skill before you die. At 375 damage it is a big chunk and may help your team secure further kills. It is an AOE skill so should always be used when two vampires are very close to maximize effectiveness. More vampires is obviously nice, but its unlikely you will ever get the chance to hit more than two with this skill.

    Blinding Shot: This skill has lower damage, but blinds vampires. It’s insanely good vs. sentinels and tyrants. It can cause them to completely miss their highest damage skills. A charging tyrant is extremely dangerous IF he can see. Same with a Sentinel; it’s pretty hard to perform a snatch when you can't see. Reavers are not as heavily affected by the blind, because they usually have some form of evasion/escape they can pop as soon as they are blinded, and pounce is almost instant therefore sight is not required after you pop pounce.

    Grenade: This skill is awesome at shifting the hunter’s role from main DPS dealer to support player. Which, it’s true that the grenade has a fuse time, it can be negated by throwing it higher. The fuse starts on it when it’s thrown, not when the grenade touches the ground. Clever tossing can place it in a way where it’s impossible to react. In an ideal scenario you can easily do 1,200 damage to a few vampires bunched up on a teammate.

    Sticky Grenade: Same as grenade except shorter fuse, slightly less damage at 500, and almost guaranteed damage because it stick to vampires. It will also stick to buildings, so it works well on climbing Reavers running Evasion.

    In the following part tactics and advices are written, this chapter has been divided into General, Offensive and Defensive parts.

    General Tactics/Advice:
    Running: Never ever run, this is basically a general bit of advice, you don't really ever want to run. If your teammates are standing around and you’re running then you just made that fight 3v4 instead of a 4v4. The only time you should run is when you think you can run faster than the vampire ( fleet footed perk), and this only works if you have enough time to get up to speed. Should you take a melee hit you will get slowed down and can't run away anymore. All vampire attacks have a built-in short duration slow. One other piece of advice; corners disjoint auto attacks. Use this to its fullest advantage running around a corner or several can save your life. If you are running straight for more than 2 seconds you will be
    caught by the vampire. Also be aware of haste and enrage, which make the vampire move fast enough to catch you in any condition.

    Aim: If you miss you suck, if you’re hitting things you’re a killing machine. There isn't a lot you need to do as hunter to be effective. Make sure you’ve got some room to use that awesome aim with and use corners to your advantage to disjoint attacks.

    Reloading: Reload constantly, you don't want to reload in a fight. If you have ever played counter-strike you know what I mean. With a repeater I will reload even if I've only used one bullet. As soon as you don't see a vampire to shoot reload immediately. Your worst nightmare is an enrage tyrant and that you have to reload, don't let it happen to you!

    Offensive Tactics:
    If you want to play aggressive and deal damage I would suggest either bola or poison bola and fire arrows. Poison bola is a damage dealer plus some crowd control. With a regular bola you can control vampires better, meaning more damage with the bow. For a weapon I would suggest the repeater but any of the bows are good in the right situations. I have used them all and the repeater is simply the best all around. The other bows excel at specific things, but the repeater does them all quite well; well enough that on average your DPS output will be higher per match with the repeater. You will want to make vampires approach you from the front, don't stand in one place too long. You have the advantage of moving and shooting. You have extremely high single target DPS and should focus on getting kills, let other characters like the alchemist do the general AOE stuff.
    If a vampire is coming don't waste your bullets engaging them too soon unless you know you have time to reload before they get to you. It’s kind of like 1600's war when the generals says HOLD.... HOLD.....HOLD............ FIRE! There was a good reason for that, and there is a good reason for it here too.

    Defensive Tactics:
    Blinding shot and bola I would personally recommend. Bola has a ten second cooldown and you will likely get to use it twice in a team fight. Blinding shot blinds incoming sentinels and tyrants making them even easier to kill, and preventing them from landing devastating abilities.
    Your job is to blind vampires that are initiating and make sure your scout has time to punish vampires from range, the alchemist should be able to stay alive on his/her own, the scout however has to stand in one place and work with limited FOV in order to be effective. So don't ever leave your scout. Stay by his/her side and protect them like its your own brother. Every charge shot you can buy for the scout before the vampires are in melee range and force him to move, is extremely useful to your success as a team. Try to make yourself a tasty target and dish out some hurt afterwards.


    Recommended Perks: These are mostly your own choice to compliment your playstyle. Personally I prefer Accuracy, Sprinting, or Increased Clips. Improved Cooldowns is also decent, but I feel its not as necessary for the Scout. Pick whichever you like, but daily perks add some flair to the game so maybe hold off buying one as you try more of the perks as days go by.

    Weapon Clip Size Damage Fire Rate Reload Time draw time draw damage
    Compound bow 6 220 1.4 1.5 Sec 2 Sec 475
    Swift bow 6 185 1.4 1.5 Sec 1.3 Sec 375
    Storm bow 5 180 + 35 1.25 1.5 Sec 2 Sec 400 + 75
    War bow 4 205 1.25 1.75 Sec 2.5 Sec 400 + Fall damage

    Choosing the right bow for you:
    Compound Bow: This is the standard Scout bow. Don’t let the terms “standard” fool you. The damage per second ratio with this bow is the highest of all others, and is extremely balanced. Semi-quick draw-times and a solid rate of fire make this a formidable bow in almost any scout’s hands.

    Swiftbow: This bow deals less damage, but allows you to fire at a faster rate. Its great for focus firing a vampire out of cover, but poor for burst damage when they slip out of cover for a moment. This bow tends to do REALLY well when the vampires get in close.

    Stormbow: This bow deals less damage on impact, but the arrows explode after a short time dealing additional damage. The logic was you would hit a vampire across the map,and while the arrow itself would deal less damage, the explosion would still deal full damage. This proved to be too powerful and now the explosion deals less damage over distance as well. While this makes no sense physically, its more fair now. The explosions also mess with a vampires "hit direction" making it more difficult to determine where you are being shot from. This bow does some serious damage and the explosions are also mini-AoEs that can damage nearby vampires. This bow is probably your best bet for straight-up damage output. The explosion kills are almost as satisfying as the Warbow which I will explain next.

    Warbow: This bow deals less damage and takes longer to draw, however it has knockback effect when fully drawn. I LOVE this bow. Nearly all of the human abilities don't even make a vampire flinch. Not this beast! This bow knocks them on their asses. The 75 less damage is negligible because the knockback if used at the correct time can knock a vampire off a ledge and cause them to take fall damage. So incase the idea hasn't just occurred to you, yes this bow is a nightmare for Sentinels. A well-placed shot when a sentinel is at just the right height will almost kill one outright, but I'd say even if you hit one at an average height, it would do at least 250 or more damage after the fall. However, it should be noted that if a sentinel is high enough, they will have time to react and fly again. But, if you have that clear shot should you take it? Yeaaah. :-) Also, the knockback does not seem to work point blank. The vampires need to be at least a couple steps away. If they get close the charged shot will only do normal drawn damage. You should know this bow will not get you as many kills as the other bows, it’s more of a team=play type weapon. This bow turns every full powered shot into knockback. A well-timed shot provides amazing assistance to a duel between your teammate and a vampire attempting a kill. However, this bow isn't perfect in every way. Hitting a vampire charging on the ground will knock him back, but do only 400 damage, it also gives the vampire plenty of time to get to safety as you charge another shot for that long 2.5 seconds. Generally its a safe to assume if you get a charged shot off on a vampire, you won't be getting another as he runs away. I suppose to sum this bow up, the damage this bow can deal is situational, whereas the other bow choices have higher damage per second for most other situations. Still this bow is by far the most satisfying of them all. I HIGHLY recommend it. The hardest part about being effective with this bow if getting the proper space you need to use it.

    *A Sentinel in flight when shot by the Warbow will plummet to the ground.*

    Primary Abilities:
    Dagger Throw: the default primary ability of the scout, and arguably the best. The Scout throws three knives in front of him knocking back any vampires hit for a moment and dealing 70 damage per dagger, while afflicting a temporary stun. While this may not seem like much at first glance, that little bit of damage and time to get one more arrow into them is often the deciding factor of who dies first when a vampire is in melee range. It’s also a very useful counter to vampire abilities such as the Reaver's pounce, the Sentinel's Kidnap or Abduct, Wing Flap or Puncture, or Take-off, and the Tyrant's Shockwave and Jump Attack. (Don't attempt to Dagger Throw a Tyrant that's using Charge. It doesn't work.) Because of its useful counter aspect, I'd recommend saving it for the right moment rather than using it for straight-up damage. It can take a few tries to get a feel for the aim of it, but once you do, its a very reliable ability.

    Camouflage: This is one of my favorite abilities. The Scout gains active camouflage (Yes, like Halo) for about 8 seconds. Sounds amazing right? Well its not quite as amazing as you think, but its still great.
    Let's start with the Cons. Note that I called this active camouflage and not invisibility. Vampires can still see you if they're looking hard enough and especially if you're moving. Also when you charge your bow and light the end of the arrow, the flame is visible. This actually draws a lot of attention to you. After all, it looks like a floating flame is swiveling around and a knowledgeable player knows you're ready to dish out some damage unless someone stops you. Aside from those reasons, I feel many players see an invisible player and get all like, "Challenge Accepted!" and try hard to target you.
    That's a lot of downsides, but it has plenty of good points to make it a worthy replacement to Dagger Throw. During Camouflage, the Scout can reload and use the Rearming Stations. It’s quite useful for running away from a team fight you know you aren't going to win. You can also stealthily approach a vampire feeding on a body and interrupt him.
    The most important key point is you have 8 seconds of stealth, and in those 8 seconds your best option is to do something unpredictable. If you're being chased by a vampire and use Camouflage, don't run in a straight line! If you're health is low and a vampire is chasing you, don't run to the nearest health station to heal! Instead be clever about it. Run into a room when you're being chased, activate Camouflage then as the vampire runs in, you run out. If your health is low, run to where the fighting isn't and find a different rearming station. This ability is entirely dependent on how clever you can use it, which is why I love it and its potential.

    Mark Target: A scout using this skill is giving up the stealth of camouflage and the power of knives to be able to mark an enemy for 10 seconds. The mark is similar to a laser, is near instant, and has fairly high auto-aim. That being said, the skill itself doesn't do a whole lot of damage. It's only about 75 damage, but it allows all damage dealt to the target for the marked period to be increase by 10%. The marking itself works great for helping teammates focus on a target, marking a deceiver, or intimidating the enemy vampires out of combat.

    Secondary Abilities
    Volley: One of the default abilities, the Scout throws a flare that calls down a volley of arrows damaging vampires in a large area. Its a good idea to use this ability when a team of vampires is about to charge into your team. It should be noted that if you stand in the volley, it does deal some damage to you, but not your teammates. However most importantly, the volley drops down from the sky, meaning this ability is not very useful indoors. It does have a perk though. A Scout is able to throw a flare on to roofs to call down a volley on vampires that are hiding behind cover. Personally, I have one major issue with it. The animation to throw the flare is surprisingly long, and I'm one of the gamers that likes to drop a grenade as I go down to try and take someone with me. Many times I've tried to call down a volley as I die to finish off the vampire only to have him kill me before it activates. I'd recommend replacing this ability soon.

    Grappling Hook: You fire a grappling hook at set locations (the hanging rope on the sides of certain ledges) to jump on to a roof or ledge that is normally inaccessible to humans. To start with I'd like to say this ability is fun. It’s also very useful, in theory, to get a better vantage point. However, this ability makes you a huge target. And because you're the only one who can access roof/ledge, your teammates can't help you easily. You can use it to escape when on the ground, however the time to shoot the hook and grapple up is fairly long so a vampire could chase you down with little hindrance. Honestly, this ability probably isn't the best idea. Aside from its glaring issues with getting you targeted, it replaces your only AoE damage. There could be later levels where this ability is more useful and viable, but for now I'd avoid it unless you're messing around or have God-Like aim.

    Turret: The Scout drops a turret that spins around shooting bullets in all directions for more damage than Volley. I replaced Volley with Turret during the first week of Alpha and never looked back. (Well I guess I did try Grappling Hook for a bit, but just to know how it worked.) The Turret is dropped on the ground so it can be used indoors, deals more damage than Volley, and the animation to drop it is much shorter allowing you to get it out much more quickly. It still deals damage to you when you stand in it, so be careful about that, also you can't throw it on a roof or any ledge higher than you. I can't tell you how many times I dropped a turret as I died killing the vampire trying to feed on me. This skill is highly recommended!

    General advice:
    Know your role. I believe this is the best advice for Nosgoth. I want to note that the Scout does not have defensive abilities, he has escape abilities. The Scout is a Sniper hiding in the shadows or behind a team of humans. The best Scout players know this and try their best to avoid attention and getting caught out. It seems simple enough, but its actually a challenge to maintain as your teammates die and respawn across the map or you zoom in to look for vampires and suddenly realize your teammates have left you alone to go explore. You know in horror movies when a character goes off alone or gets left behind and you just know they're going to die horribly and wonder why they were stupid enough to let this happen? Yeah. Don't be that guy.
    Keep Moving. Just because you're a Scout its no excuse to stand completely still waiting for a shot to come to you. Scouts have a tendency (myself included) to get tunnel vision on a target or area. Keep moving and looking for an opportunity to attack.
    Stick with the group. Yes, even if they think they suck. Teamwork is the only thing that keeps humans alive, and seeing as you're the one without a blind or bola, you might want to stay close. They need your help too.
    Dying. If your team has died (which will happen) beware of running back to where you were. A team wipe means a team of fed vampires at full health. If you're the first one to go, try and get a vantage point and shoot some low health vampires in the chaos. If you're the last to go, regroup with your team. Human teams dying and spreading out is one of the major causes of vampire comebacks.
    Shoot the vampires attacking your teammates. Yes, even if you see a vampire at half-health running away. The game is about getting kills and not dying. Don't forget the second half of the game out of revenge against a Sentinel that killed you last time.

    Offensive tactics

    Defensive tactics


    Your roles are support and assist, you are an AOE (Area of Effect) dealer so you will not be able to snipe vampires from across the map. Sentinels are your worst enemy! The main thing to keep in mind when playing Alchemist – your powers really do hurt you – remember this when you are casting/shooting. Also you will not be able to do defend yourself as much when alone…though dropping back a little can help with assisting your team and using your abilities.

    Suggested Perks: Fleet Footed, Tinkerer, Fast Hands, Cooldown

    Weapon Clip Size Damage Fire Rate Reload Time
    Hand cannon 6 220 1.4 0.5 Sec
    Fullbore Cannon 5 250 1.2 0.7 Sec
    Multi Cannon 5 80x3 (240) 1.3 0.65 Sec
    Viscous Cannon 6 220 1.4 0.5 Sec

    All weapons deal in naphtha which is an explosive liquid compound – usually it explodes on contact. As I said above because of what it is, if you fire it in an area around you (i.e. at a vampire right in front of you) or you happen to run near it when it explodes you’ll take damage.

    Weapon Types:
    The Hand Cannon and Fullbore Cannon are side grades of each other, the others vary a bit.

    Hand Cannon: It does a nice broad area damage. It has a larger clip than the Fullbore, but less damage.

    Fullbore Cannon: Same damage area as Hand Cannon, but does more damage but has a smaller clip.

    Multi Cannon: A lot weaker than the others but it gives you a wider area damage – three bombs rather than one, if your aim is really bad it’s probably be best to try this one until you get used to shooting more. It also dissipates at longer range due to weapon spread and becomes less concentrated as a result.

    Viscous Cannon: Similar to a sticky grenade, it has a delay and does not explode on contact instead it sticks to the target and then explodes. This is better if you have good aim and can land your shots on the actual vampire, that said it’s good to lay down on an area if you can predict the vampire’s moves, if you get it right they take one hit after another because they run into it! This is the only weapon that’s actually effective against evasion after it’s activated.'


    Primary Abilities
    Don’t let the name fool you these are the abilities you’ll want to use for your secondary abilities. These are tools to assist in evasion and blinding your enemies so your team/you can target them whilst they flail about or try to escape…which usually involves them running into a wall.

    Sunlight Vial: The damage on this is so low it’s not even worth mentioning, only enough to give you 1 XP (enough for an assist on the scoreboard). This is your primary evasion tool – if you are trapped or have a vampire in front of you cast this and dodge…get the hell out of there. For a while your enemy will be blind, and then when far away enough you can use your weapon/other abilities.

    Light Bomb: This one deals damage but is less affective as an evasion tool – but that’s what it still is a bit of again, cast do a little damage, dodge and get back enough to use your weapon/other abilities. This doesn’t damage you, however, so it’s a great tool if they manage to get in close.

    Secondary Abilities
    Even though classed as secondary abilities are your primary damage dealing abilities, the ones you’ll use most of the time – keep in mind these do hurt you if you come in contact with them.

    Fire Wall: This is ideal to stop a vampire entering a space, reaching you, blocking a path or just general fire damage. If a vampire is running at you (using charge, marathon, pounces, abduct, etc.) you can cast and they’ll plough right into it and end up on fire. This really does damage to you – it will set you on fire if you don’t do it right. Do not use it right in front of you. If you have a split second to dodge backwards, do it. Use it at a bit of a distance, it’s ideal for blocking doorways/paths or cutting off an escape route.

    Flamethrower: More fire and as expected it does damage, you are less likely to burn yourself with this one than the Fire Wall but it can be less affective as it has a shorter time period. It is a short burst and is best used on the move. Run around with it, but it does run out really quick, make sure you’re in range when you start it up. It’s great vs charging tyrants. Can be cancelled early by pressing “e” or dodging.

    Poison Cloud: A lime green hand thrown vial, explodes on impact and causes an area to turn toxic to vampires. And again, if you step into it you’ll take damage. It’s great to throw if your team mates are under attack from numerous targets and you are standing a little bit away. It can be thrown quite a distance. Toss this under a teammate falling from a sentinels to help them out of a 1vs1 sentinel combo.

    Healing Mist: If you take this you need a very coordinated team to play with, you need to be with players that will back you up as it leaves you an ability down. It’s probably only worth taking if you can live a little and not be the first/second player to die. Your role will turn into the healer, in which case you need to be surrounded or in safety, and don’t stray! You need to keep an eye on your team’s life/damage in the top left hand corner of the screen. This is once again a vial you throw like the Poison Cloud, can be thrown quite a distance. If your team is taking damage you can cast it and heal them. They have to react and know your skill, if they do not stand in the blue goo it’s completely wasted. Taking this ability leaves you more open to death as I said team back up is essential! In the end though, this is probably one of the most underrated skills in the human arsenal.


    General Tactics and Tips
    Assist and break up attacks: Vampires can move pretty quickly and a lot of what you do involves some sort of prediction, so it can go right or wrong. Your job is to throw the enemy into a state of confusion with lots of disruption and damage and you will probably get more assisted kills than kills themselves that said it can be done. When your bombs explode they create a screen shake for your target, so inside is your friend but be sure the space is big enough for your own abilities not to hurt you!

    Avoid splash damage: Do not fire your weapon if a vampire is right in front of you otherwise you’ll do damage to yourself, instead melee or cast your lights and dodge and get far enough away to shoot and not cause yourself damage. Dodge is your friend!

    Use the camera: When running to your team mates and/or if you have faced the inevitable death it is best to keep your camera tilted slightly upwards (so you’re looking slightly upwards) this will create a nice arc when you fire your cannon, meaning if your team is under attack you will be able to shoot from a distance and you will not end up firing shots on your path to get to them so you won’t get caught in your own explosions en route.

    Play to the situation: Your tactics will have to mold around your teammates, how they play, coordinate and function, the same with your enemy, don’t be afraid to change your load-out to suit the given situation and play-styles. If possible, and this will depend on location, find a nice spot close to your team, you’ll want to be a short run distance away, preferable in a door way, with your back to a wall or with your back towards the corner with your team clearly visible in front of you. Make sure you have a clean area to lay down fire; giving you enough space/distance to splash down abilities and/or healing without harming yourself. You can take the other option though and get right in the thick of it if you like, but be sure to have quick reactions to be able to dodge so you don’t end up causing own damage when the vampires attack.

    Offensive tactics

    Defensive tactics


    The witch-like Prophet is first and foremost a support class. I like to think of her as the “blue mage” of the human classes. She specializes in healing teammates along with herself, and debuffing enemies. She has some unique skills that are targeted differently than many other skills in the game. She also has a fancy hat.
    Suggested Perks: Deadeye, Steadiness, Fleetfooted, Quick Wits, Catlike Reflexes


    The prophet’s main form of attack is with a pair of flintlock pistols. They have decent damage output and near pin-point accuracy, but higher damage fall-off at a distance than most human weapons.

    Revolvers: Decent damage output. Decent rate of fire. Good accuracy. There’s not much else to say about these. With a moderate sized clip, you can miss a few shots and still put a vampire in his place.

    Quick Pistols: This is the mean older brother of the Scout’s Swiftbow. These deal less damage than the revolver but have a larger clip, faster rate of fire, and fast reload time. The one thing you need to really watch out for on these is the spread. Due to the fast that they can sustain fire longer than the other pistols it has a larger bloom (The increase of random spread per shot.) over time. Deadeye will help mitigate this some.

    Heavy Pistols: The things pack a wallop. They hit harder than the Revolvers, and have a smaller clip size. The clip is still more than enough to be deadly in the hands of a good marksman. The thing that the heavy pistols do better (due to their higher damage) is give them bit more range for harassment and finishing kills. the other pistols lack the necessary punch to finish a kill in one shot, leaving your teammates with more chance at finishing the kills and giving you an assist. It’s you’re an “XP whore” though, these are the pistols for you.

    Primary Abilities

    Banish Shot: Banish shot is, at the moment, perhaps the most hated skill the human team possesses. It will interrupt actions currently in effect and make vampires unable to attack or use abilities during the duration. Additionally, it also inflicts a “slow” status on them and cut their movement speed. The one grace-giving part of this skill is that it negate 50% of damage dealt to you during this time-period.

    Draining Curse: This is an AOE skill for the Prophet. Unlike most abilities, this doesn’t have a “tell,” but it does activate a bit slower than many skills, and ramps damage slowly. Half of the damage it deals is given to the caster as HP (healing). It can be placed on a building, or behind line of sight, although it takes practice. It also has an unnaturally high z-plane, meaning it has a good height on it’s AOE. It often saps a few hits out of sentinels flying in.

    Disabling Curse: This skill is intimidating. Like Draining curse, this is an AOE, but that’s about where the similarities end. The damage here is a bit more consistent at 250. And it’s a burst effect, unlike draining curses ramped DoT. The best thing about this baby is that you can set it midway up a wall. It also stops ability usage for a few seconds to any vampires hit. For a Tyrant jumping in it could be a death sentence.

    Secondary Abilities

    Leech Life: The default tertiary skill for the Prophet, leech life is the more used of the current choices. It has a generous auto-aim and absorbs 200 life from a vampire, regardless of the distance used. That 200 life mid battle gives you time to shoot an extra shot and take an extra hit, which is HUGE! Expect a nerf on this skill in some form.

    Sacrifice: Sacrifice heals all allies in front of the player using it and deals ½ that damage to themselves. Let it be noted that 2 sacrifice users can completely nullify the adverse effects currents from this skill and negate the need for healing stations, outside of ammo consumption. What makes this skill better than healing mist is that you can use it with lower cooldown for keeping it active for less amount of time. It’s also fairly generous with the AoE for it, making it possible ot heal more than one player at a time. It’s also significantly faster than healing mist.

    Eldritch Guard: The aiming for this is similar to the leech life. However, this skill makes a teammate immune to damage for the duration (CC effects still happen). It’s worth noting that you can target allies who are already in a skill. Examples of this are using it on a teammate being carried by a sentinel, or a human in the arms of a tyrant being thrown.

    General Tactics and Tips

    Stay in the back: Prophets are a support class. If you don’t give them time to use their skills then they are useless to the team. If you manage to make it until your abilities return from cooldown you will probably finish off the vampire team without issue.

    Use Banish Shot: Seriously, it’s that good. Banish shot is the only CC with the same range as the warbow. Take advantage of that.

    Keep moving: Due to the small spread of the prophet you can fire while moving better than both the hunter and the scout. Use that to your advantage.

    Use leech life for finishing kills: Leech life has two awesome uses. The first is countering choking haze. Even if you get sloppy it will probably nullify it. Second, leech life is great for ripping a weak vampire off a wall to their deaths.


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    1) Don't attack alone.

    This is a common mistake a lot of newer players make. Vampires are, individually, more powerful than humans and if you combine that with their ability to climb buildings and jump from rooftop to rooftop you feel like a regular Superman. However, this could not be further from the truth. You have, and I can't stress this enough, VERY little HP compared to the combined burst of 3-4 humans. In fact , even as a Tyrant, if you engage recklessly by yourself you can go
    from 100% to "OH SH- awwww" in UNDER 3 seconds. That's how much humans can hurt you. This is where your snarly buddies come into play. Coordinating with your vampire friends and attacking together will a) divide the attention of the humans between the attacking vampires and b) disorient them enough so that
    you can lay down some hurt! Simple example: A Tyrant can just charge into 4 people and get some knockdowns so that the other vampires join in! But, he will take excessive damage in the process and will have to leave the fight for a while. However, if a Smoke Bomb is used first to blind and split up the humans, the Charge will get 3 , even 4 people and you will be able to follow up with attacks after that. Coordination is key.

    2) Be stealthy. Be cunning.

    If we were to assume there are basic skills to master as a Vampire player before moving on to more advanced/class specific strategies this is ground zero. Traversing the map in a stealthy fashion. One of the most fundamental skills that translates amazingly well in higher level play is understanding how to move around the map
    in such a way that you maintain visual contact with the human group while avoiding getting sniped from the distance. It won't come naturally to you at first because everyone is trying to get their bearings and understand what the game is about, but trust me it will be carved on your innocent body if you decide to just jump from
    rooftop to rooftop enjoying the blissful ambience. Scouts deal mean damage with Focus shots and love to poke holes in vampires before a fight starts. Avoid that at all costs.

    Accompanying a skillful traversal is clever positioning. When the distance between you and the Humans has become significantly smaller and you are approaching the combat zone, you need to make sure that, depending on the class you play, your claws in their face is the first thing they see coming. Whether you are a Reaver, a Sentinel, or a Tyrant make sure that before a fight starts you DON'T activate your RMB abilities while the Humans can see you. You are a LOT more predictable this way and depending on the startup animation of the skill, you might even die before activating it. You want to be able to surprise humans as much as possible. "
    cues!!!!!" you say. Yes. The growling reaver, the screeching Sentinel, I know. That's exactly why some skills are not meant to be used as initiating tools. You don't HAVE
    to start a fight with Pounce. Instead , get to a nice angle either on a rooftop or hiding on the side of a building ,throw a smoke bomb/Choking Haze or start your Charge and things will take their course from there. As you grow in experience while playing Nosgoth you will become more adept at reading situations and exploiting
    opportune moments like those. Know your role in a group and master it, young padawan.

    3) Know when to retreat. Know when to regenerate.

    Regeneration is a unique trait to the vampires that allows them to revitalize themselves for 20% (approx.) of their health after they have been out of combat for a certain time. Given this ability , it is imperative that, as a vampire, you hone your other unique skill of HAULING ASS when the situation calls for it. You see, unlike your very elegant, very undead tushy, the humans cannot regenerate their lost hit points. They can heal at a Healing Station, sure, but that is a) on a 2 MINUTE cooldown and b) very predictable as it leaves them completely vulnerable for the duration of the healing. Knowing when to retreat means that you respect the combined burst damage of
    a decent human group, you understand what the weakness of that strength is, and that you can also evaluate the situation quickly when a certain fight goes wrong and not feed yourself to the crows.

    Retreating allows you to gain back some of your lost health and then re-engage to finish off or further whittle down the Human players. It also helps you get a better idea of the flow of a fight, by disengaging and joining the fray soon after. You don't NEED to wait for your regen to complete or even start in some situations. Not getting slaughtered by the incoming fire of 4 people suddenly focusing you is good enough, and quite a relief.

    For example. You are a Reaver waiting to Pounce. Your Tyrant buddy is awesome enough to charge/jump in and give you that opening you are waiting for, and so you pounce. Pounce finds its target, but the moment it does an Alchemist starts smacking the unlife out of you because that Hunter is her boyfriend, and let's face it, the Alchemist is feisty. So, Pounce breaks and suddenly you find yourself in a 2v1 situation versus a VERY pissed off couple. You have 2 choices here basically:
    A) You try to finish off the Hunter and hope you at least get a 1 for 1 trade or B) You instantly use your Evasion (if you have it equipped) and run to the nearest rooftop/hiding place like a little girl who just saw a unicorn. Let me tell you now, option A will only work for you MAYBE 2 times out of 10. I'm not saying don't ever go for it, sometimes you need to take that risk! What I'm saying is, until you get used to the game, option B is safer and will help you grow into a better player to the point that you can calculate
    roughly when option A isn't a risk anymore.

    Remember, regeneration will shrug off about 315 points of damage, more if you are a Tyrant. That's a good amount of health to get back before deciding to go into a fight.
    315 points of damage is 5 bolts from a Hunter's crossbow, a Light bomb or 2 grenades from an Alchemist's cannon or 2 quickshots from a Scout. Those few extra attacks
    might be just what makes the difference between you dying horribly or you winning a fight and surviving to either execute or regenerate.In a worst-case scenario , these
    are attacks that will be used on you and not on your teammates who might end up cleaning up because of that.

    4) Your melee attacks HURT.

    Seriously they hurt a lot.And what's even more interesting is , they can be charged (by holding down the left mouse button) for greater range and more damage!This is also one of
    those very basic skills I talked about earlier. Understanding the power of your melee attacks and how to use them effectively to shred a human player apart or to grind them down slowly, whatever your preferred method of inflicting pain is. Melee attacks can also be used as a form of surprise attack. You don't always need to join a fight with Pounce/Kidnap/whatever your RMB skill is. Taking advantage of an opportunity, you can simply drop down from a ledge/rooftop on an unsuspecting/otherwise occupied Human (healing , trying to help a teammate, reloading, etc.), and just go one-two-three BOOM! 450-500 damage for free. And then either roll out (like the Autobot you are!) and hide again or proceed to use skills to finish him off!

    The most important thing to note here is, in my opinion, the psychological factor. Having a vampire open up a can of whoopass on you out of nowhere SERIOUSLY messes with your focus even if you are a true veteran. What that means is that whether you have 5 or 505 hours logged on Nosgoth, surprise attacks like that will dull your reflexes by 1 maybe 2 seconds which is more than enough to send you to an early grave.

    One last note on this subject: Learn how far you can travel with a fully or semi-charged attack. Two things are to be gained from this:
    1) You can attack someone from a longer distance where he might
    not expect it thus giving yourself the sneak attack "buff" I mentioned above.
    2) If something goes wrong while charging your attack you can turn around 180 degrees and use the boost to get out
    of a bad situation before it actually happens.

    5) Last but certainly not least. Know when to execute.

    This is fairly simple. You are given the option to drag a body before executing it for a reason. And no, it's not so you can practice your "Dark Arts" on it in an alley. It is so that you
    can securely heal yourself in a safe or protected location without running the risk of getting blown up while trying to place your funny straw in the humans neck. It can also be used to drag a corpse to
    a friendly vampire's location who is very low on hp and can't handle any more damage.

    One more thing!!!

    Unless you are severely wounded yourself, before executing a human, CHECK YOUR ALLIES' HEALTH. This is by far the most frustrating thing for newer players, and even some veterans who need that hp to help you. People will snack on a human in front of you for giggles at 80% health while you are standing in the corner holding your insides with both hands. You can regen 20% of your health, not 80% so always take that into account when there is another wounded person on your team.

    A few closing words.


    Dodge is an ability shared by both factions and does the exact same thing. You roll towards a direction, lowering your hitbox and I THINK there are VERY few invincibility frames at the start of it. Meaning you can dodge certain attacks/abilities (non aoe) if you time it just right. It also gives you a small boost in speed while dodging but has a small recovery animation at the end. Use
    it! Spam it! Master it! Knowing how to dodge mid fight and dodging in anticipation of a skill is the mark of a veteran player.


    Everything in this game is a skillshot. That means that anything and everything you do, from using Bola to attacking in melee as a vampire requires aim. There are some aim-assists in this game for
    LMB attacks but that's it. Understand the uniqueness of your favorite class' skills. If they travel in a straight line or arc like the the Alchemist's cannon. If they have long activation times or
    horrible recovery frames on miss, like the Reaver's Pounce. But most important of all, get to know all the skills from every class. I mean everything. I know it might seem like a lot right now, especially
    if you are just starting out, but you can simply try out all the classes while learning about the game at the same time. Having a rough idea of what a class can do means that you know what to expect from them both as an ally and as an opponent. It also means you can anticipate certain skills and roll out of them / interrupt them in time to outplay your opponent.

    If you have read this far into these guides I salute you, you are a champ! See you in game!


    back to intro

    The reaver is the assassin for the vampire race. Fast, hard hitting, and agile. An over-anxious reaver pounce can easily be abused by sticking his neck out too much. But, that feeling of spearing someone mid-air is exhilarating. The basic melee attack also has a little more range than the others.

    Suggested perks: Undying Wisdom, Bloodlust, Regeneration, Frenzy

    Special attacks

    Round house kick:

    Pounce: The default special attack for reaver. It takes 1 second to charge. Has an aim assist that makes it really easy to use, pins down the target for a short time once you successfully land on them. Landing damage varies between 225-450 depending on pounce distance plus around 250* damage for the duration of skill if left uninterrupted. So longer the distance, higher the landing damage.

    Savage Pounce: Pounce with higher landing damage and no aim assist. Hard to get used to but extremely good once you get the hang of it. 325 to 650 landing damage plus the 250* damage for the duration of skill. Highest damage in the game. This skill is not recommended if you just started playing the reaver.

    Leap Attack: This is an agile version of pounce; instant use, full speed movement while holding RMB down, less damage and doesn’t incapacitate. Lower damage, but lower cool down time as well. Leap attack is also GREAT as a movement tool.

    Sweeping Kick: Instant roundhouse kick with a forward motion. Causes knockdown and 350 damage in the affected area. Unlike the others, this can’t be used as a movement tool, but it’s way fun. And, has many uses in its own right.

    Note about pounce and savage pounce: You don't have to finish that pounce. If someone is shooting at you, it is going to cancel anyway, you can just stop by pressing E.

    Primary Abilities
    Smoke Bomb: The default skill. Pretty self-explanatory; it’s a smoke bomb, makes it hard/impossible to see the inside or through to the other side. Leaves an one second de-buff on humans that continues the effect after they are out of it. Humans in the smoke are highlighted for the vampire team. Like humans, vampires also cannot see behind the smoke bomb from outside but once they step in it, it gets clear.

    Note on smoke bomb: Avoid throwing it onto traps and turrets, as your team wont be able to see them until it's too late.

    Choking Haze: Area denial skill. A big poisonous cloud once it explodes. It takes one second for the grenade to explode after it hits the ground. 150 damage over time if you are caught in the initial explosion plus the increasing damage from haze. Longer they stay in it, more damage they take. Choking haze is a great tool to flush humans out of houses/small rooms or to deny them the supply stations.

    Secondary Abilities
    Evasion: The default skill. The best defensive skill in the game. While it’s active; reaver will break any control abilities, evade all aimed fire, and gives a reduction bonus vs area damage. Cannot attack or use any ability while this is active, and can’t be cancelled early.

    Haste: This ability trades defense for a stronger offense. It gives a 25% attack speed and movement speed increase. Also increases the speed for charged attacks. Although useful (and super fun), this isn’t a good ability for those who don’t have full control over the reaver. You need a good grasp on when and when not to engage humans, since you don’t have that protection from evasion.

    Shadow Step: Turn into a mist form and travel quickly. Slight charge-up time (about 1 second) and a quick cooldown. While in mist form you negate all damage dealt to you, but anything stuck to your body stays afterwards unless it detonates while in mist form. This ability was created as an initiation/retreat tool. The movement ability and versatility of this skill is rivaled only by leap attack.


    General Tactics
    Play Sneaky: You don't want to be seen before a pounce, it’s just so easy to avoid it, especially the long distance ones. You are an assassin. Strike swift, deal your damage, and get out. Only tank damage if you have evasion.

    Play as a team: Wait for your teammates, even if you get the chance for a perfect pounce, it won’t mean much when your team isn’t ready a mile away. Don't watch your teammates die just because your skills are on cool down, you can still help.

    Combo the attacks: Reavers work best when there is a tyrant and/or a sentinel in the team that can initiate. Choking haze on stunned target(s), pounce on the ones your teammates missed works great. Be cautious not to make sentinels blow their abilities when you pounce.

    Pounce angle: Pounce from right angle can "carry" the victim away from his teammates. While it won't do any fall damage, it’s still extremely good to divide your victim from his team.

    Offensive tactics

    Defensive tactics


    You are a Turelim. You are a deathbringer. You are the first to jump into the fray. You are an apocalyptic horseman. Your arrival on the battlefield spells the impending doom of your enemies.

    Tyrants are the big initiators of the vampires. They are the first to draw the enemy fire onto them, and by doing that they will create some free space for the other vampires to close-in and ravage the humans before they can react.

    Depending on your playstyle, and your choice of abilities and perks, the Tyrant can do that either as an unstoppable meatshield. One who is able to soak up tons of damage for your teammates; or a devastating, however reckless, berserker who has probably the biggest damage potential in a teamfight of any vampire class.

    Compared to the other vampire classes the Turelim (Tyrant) feels much slower and is a bigger, easier target for humans. The Tyrant has an easy-to-medium difficult learning curve to learn and shows fast improvements as you grow accustomed to his playstyle. There is, however, still plenty of room if you want to master him.

    Suggested Perks: Undying Wisdom, Berserker, Bloodthirsty, Regeneration

    Base Special Attacks
    As a Tyrant, these are your invaluable initiating abilities. All of them grant you, in one way or another, high speed that enables you to breach right into the enemy forces. Because of their rather low cool down (Marathon Charge excluded) they are, however, useful to re-engage and escape fights as well. They all have a small cast-time window, during which you can be interrupted, as well as a very small window at the end of the ability, during which the Tyrant slows down and is vulnerable.

    Cool down: Up to 12 seconds
    Damage: 325
    Duration: Up to 3.75 seconds

    Charge is the default special attack for a Tyrant. Just like the name suggests, this ability will allow you to charge forward with heightened speed. If you hit any enemy while charging, they will be knocked from their feet and dealt damage. People who are knocked from higher positions in this way will take fall damage as well.
    Additionally, the Tyrant is immune to any kind of crowd control (CC) abilities while charging, but he will still take full damage. You can change the direction while charging by simply using the mouse and/or the “a” and “d” keys and stop the Charge earlier by releasing the assigned button to activate Charge. If you cancel Charge this way it will have a partial cool-down. The percentage of cool-down is in direct correlation to the amount of time Charge is used.

    The knockback and the damage of Charge makes it an excellent tool for initiation. While the damage assures that every target you hit is already weakened at the start of the fight, the knockback delivers enough time for your teammates to rush into close combat without the victims being able to react until they are close. Needless to say, a good Charge alone can contribute a lot to a victorious engage before it has even really begun.

    Marathon Charge:
    Cool down: Up to 24 seconds
    Damage: 290
    Duration: Up to 5.5 seconds

    Marathon Charge shares all the mechanics with the Charge ability. The most notable difference to the Charge is indeed only the cool-down and duration. Although the cool-down of Marathon Charge is shortened by canceling the ability earlier, it will overall still have a noticeably higher cool-down than Charge does.

    This means that Marathon needs to have a little bit more planning ahead, but in return will give you a much higher pool of opportunity because of its increased duration.

    Benefits that you can draw out of the bonus-duration:
    1. Starting your Marathon from a safe and surprising place, that would be too far away for the normal Charge.
    2. Getting to a safer place out of the line of sight of the enemies after you’ve just rushed through them.
    3. Save time and join an ongoing, far away fight without being too late by simply using the bonus speed of Marathon.

    Jump Attack:
    Cool down: 12 seconds
    Damage: 500
    Radius: 500

    Being totally objective, the Jump Attack is the most fun ability in the game. Jokes aside, the Tyrant will indeed do a very high and very far jump when using this ability. He deals his damage to every target within 500 range when he lands. But, be aware that the damage from your exact drop-point to the range-area around you will fall off quickly. That means that you really have to pinpoint a human (thus landing on the human’s head) with the Jump Attack if you actually want to deal the full 500 damage to him.

    The range of the jump itself is adjustable by using your movement keys before you've reached the peak of the jump. This means: hold forward to jump further and hold backward to do a shorter jump. It will also slightly react to left/right-movement. Unlike the two “charge” abilities, Jump Attack won’t incapacitate your enemies or give you immunity to crowd control. It will instead leave you vulnerable to everything the human arsenal has to offer. Jump Attack is, however, the overall fastest of the three abilities.

    Because of its speed, the Jump Attack will give the humans less time to react IF they hear it. The possible damage-output of this ability is huge. It does however need a generous amount of practice before the player is able to use it effectively. Having a large range and by being able to overcome obstacles, a Tyrant running Jump Attack can start his attacks from a dozens of places where a charging Tyrant would be useless.

    With raising experience it will become more important to jump from places that leave little counter play to the humans. Otherwise, better human players will often be able to simply shoot a Tyrant, who is flying in a foreseeable curve, out of the sky repetitively.

    Primary Abilities
    Being effective in both damage and crowd control, these abilities highly improve the Tyrant's effect in teamfights as well as in skirmishes. They can be activated while falling, earlier than typical, which allows you to finish the activation when landing on the ground. Also note that if you start to cast these abilities to early in the air, they will have cool-down, but won’t be cast at all, thus wasting the skill. Just like with the Base Special Abilities the Tyrant can be interrupted during the initial casting time of Primary Abilities.

    Note: Jump Attack does no count as falling in relation to ability activation.

    Ground Slam:
    Cool down: 15 seconds
    Damage: 250
    Radius: 250

    Ground Slam is the default primary ability of the Tyrant. By using this ability the Tyrant will slam the ground and deal damage, as well as stun any enemy that it hits, in a circle around him. It’s a great tool for stunning multiple enemies in a teamfight. However, because of the relatively small radius, it’s not that easy to pull off and it requires good teamwork to be efficient. Fear not though new players. It is still a good ability, as it allows the Tyrant to hit an ability fairly easily on an enemy and thusly have an assured effect. To most experienced players Ground Slam, in its current state, feels inferior to Shockwave in terms of range, damage and overall usefulness.

    Cool down: 15 seconds
    Damage: 350
    Range: 350

    Slamming his fist into the ground, the Tyrant will send out an aimed shockwave in a straight line in the direction you're facing, dealing damage to any enemies struck by the Shockwave and knocking them backwards. Sending players flying from higher positions with a wave will cause severe additional fall damage to them as well. While the casting time of this ability feels rather long, it is useful in that you can turn your Tyrant during activation, and also the direction of the shockwave. However, the wave does have travel time so the enemy's movement still has to be predicted.

    Just like all the other AOE-abilities, it is devastating when multiple people are hit. Because of the fact that this is fairly difficult to pull off with just a line to aim don’t hold on to this ability for too long in the hope of landing it perfectly. It's damage and displacement is strong enough to be already very effective on a single enemy. If you decide to focus single targets in teamfights, this ability is useful in damaging, killing or shortly taking an enemy out of the fight as well. This is the only ability that the tyrant can currently use to effectively “hit and run” with.

    Secondary Abilities
    Although looking like simple buff-abilities on paper, these abilities will affect how you play your Tyrant greatly. In fact, they are the single biggest influence. Both abilities are cast instantly. Even though they are cast instantly they still have a cast animation, in which they can be interrupted by something else. They can also be cancelled by another ability you use, however in this situation the “buff” will remain. As of now, those abilities can’t be interrupted or de-spelled in any way once they are active. Playing with Ignore Pain usually shows more consistent results and is more forgiving than playing with Enrage. That's why it is recommended to new Tyrant-players to start off with Ignore Pain.

    Ignore Pain (IP):
    Cool down: 25 seconds
    Duration: 6 seconds
    Damage-Reduction: 80%

    The default secondary ability, and the most recommended by most players for a tyrant. Additional to the mechanics already described above, Ignore Pain is also able to destroy a Hunter's Bola upon activation, if you're affected by it. Also be aware that, as will all other defensive abilities with a duration, you won’t be able to attack or use any other abilities while Ignore Pain is active.

    With that in mind, try to utilize that time to maximum effect. Although Ignore Pain is indeed a very good tool to get yourself out of dangerous situations, it is strongest when used proactively instead of reactively. In other words, it is strongest when you want to use it, not when you have to use it.

    A good way to utilize Ignore Pain effectively is to, for example, initiate into an enemy group and, by using your Ignore Pain immediately, bait out a lot of their damage and CC abilities while being not harmed too much yourself. Needless to say, successfully doing this will give your team a huge edge in the upcoming engage. Another possibility is to straight-out body-block the line of sight of a human while having Ignore Pain active to effectively save your teammates from any damage that human would normally deal. A good example is protecting an executing friend. One last bit of advice, while this ability gives you great damage reduction, you are not invincible! Many-a-Tyrant have died while Ignore Pain was being used. This means that having Ignore Pain active still doesn’t justify staying in hostile AOE-effects.

    Cool down: 20 seconds
    Duration: 7 seconds
    Damage Buff: 29-50%
    Movement Speed Buff: 10-29%

    Enrage’s strength scales conversely with your current HP. That means that you will get the most out of it when you're using it at low health. However, don’t be afraid to use it at the start of a fight as well, because the minimum of almost 30% bonus damage is still a huge deal. It will also continue to strengthen as your giant target-body takes damage. As of now, Enrage increases any kind if damage you're doing, including fall damage. Unlike Ignore Pain, Enrage will not free you from bolas. In fact you won’t be able to activate it while being affected by a bola.

    Just like with Ignore Pain you will want to make the short buff time count. But while Ignore Pain essentially buys you and your team time, Enrage instead focuses on killing the enemy's time and, quite obviously, the enemy itself. Being able to only deal damage at short or melee range playing as an “Enrage Tyrant” demands a good oversight of the battlefield, as well as experience from you, to make him effective. Otherwise you might experience yourself simply running into your death again and again.

    Try to avoid the two following behaviors when playing as an Enraged Tyrant:
    1. Dont fall into a super-safe playstyle because you are too afraid of your Tyrants vulnerability. If you only follow your teammates when you are sure to get a kill, you won’t be of much use for your team overall.
    2. Do not forget about your teammates and don’t get deceived by the Tyrants high damage-output. Even if you have the impression you can continuously almost kill three guys in a 1vs3, it will only benefit the enemy team when they're getting the kill for you and can heal up afterwards. Like with any class in the game, teamwork is key. But, it's not that easy to have a clear head when being enraged. It’s similar to a charging bull.


    General tactics/advice
    The right time to attack: Always notice where your teammates are and where they're headed. If you're seeing your teammates near you, or in a similar range around the target, that you want to attack, and facing in the same direction as you as well, you are pretty much good to go! Flying Sentinels are a bit excluded from this, since their huge mobility allows them to close in on the combat real quick, even from higher distances. Still, even they shouldn't be on the other side of the map.

    The right place to attack from: Although Tyrants have about a third more health points than other vampires, you still take as much damage from attacks as they do, and are a bigger target! That means that you want to avoid starting your attack from open places. Instead search for places that will allow you to:
    1. Keep your enemies in sight by using the 3rd Person camera.
    2. Stay safe from enemy fire while you wait for your team to assemble.
    3. Be aware of the range of your Base Special Abilities.

    With time you will want to explore more points to attack from, which will either have the advantage of giving the enemy little to no time to react to your attack or will have a good angle to heighten the chance of hitting as many enemies as possible with your initiation.

    The right intel to attack with: When going for a big engage, any information beforehand will help you to plan your initial attack strategy. What classes are played in the enemy team? (The scoreboard helps) What abilities are they using? Do they all have full HP? Where is each individual positioned? Who is stationary, who is moving? Are there any traps laid out by Scouts? If there is a trap, can I make it useless by charging over it on my way into the enemy? Or is it something I should avoid to land on when I'm using Jump Attack? etc.
    The list of information you can use to plan your attack seems endless. Using it can help a lot to make your initiations more successful. Of course you often don’t have time to gather all that stuff, or are otherwise not in a position to check that out. Experience will make you an even better Tyrant (or even overall, for that matter) player. You will begin to notice important things in the middle of the fight and react to it accordingly in the matter of split-seconds.

    When playing as an IP-Tyrant:
    Almost every new Tyrant player will try to pull off their Primary Ability after they just positioned themselves in the enemy team. Many of those Tyrant players die quickly. While it is reasonable that your AOE (either ground Slam or Shockwave) attack has the biggest effect in the middle of the enemy team, the humans will also have the biggest damage-potential on you (and larger than yours) at the same time. Of course there are still situations where you can indeed use your Primary Ability before Ignore Pain, but the ability to judge it properly is something that you will acquire with more experience.

    For beginners it is advised to immediately use Ignore Pain after their Base Special Ability has come to a halt in the midst of the enemy team. In the following chaos of battle you still should be able to pull off a good Primary Ability after your Ignore Pain runs out. Depending on your playstyle Unholy Wisdom, Bloodthirsty and Regeneration are all very useful perks to play with when running an “Ignore Pain Tyrant.” While Unholy Wisdom (-15% cool down of abilities) allows you to re-engage still ongoing fights faster with refreshed cool downs, the other two perks basically help you with regenerating life between fight. With Bloodthirsty you'll always get to full health when executing an enemy, while Regeneration increases the regeneration amount and reduces the delay of time before the vampire-regeneration kicks in. Depending on personal playstyle and current situation in the game, any of these perks might be best suited for you. Never be afraid to switch the perks according to your needs.

    When playing as an Enrage-Tyrant:
    Playing as an Enrage-Tyrant is a risky matter. Even more so as you benefit from having low health. Also, engaging as the first one into the enemy team will often still be your task to do. To not simply plop like a sausage in a microwave you will want to constantly abuse the enemy line of sight and terrain while re-entering the fight whenever there is a breach in the enemy defense, or when you are sure to overpower the humans with your superiority.
    While charged-attacks (not speaking the ability but of your normal hits here) are very strong and useful for any vampire, their effect is greatly increased when using them while being enraged. Even more so if you're playing “Enrage Tyrant” with the Berserker perk, which increases your dealt damage by 20% when you're below 33% HP. All that stuff together enables you to surprise your enemies with exceptional high damage and to win fights that didn’t seem to be in your favor.

    Offensive tactics

    Defensive tactics


    Plux, I read through all of it but still suck with Tyrants
    Many new players (me included) need some time to be able to see through the chaos of battle. Using all of your abilities on enemies, disengaging and then re-entering with fresh cool downs will probably be a playstyle for you to have first success with, and should be fairly easy to execute. For this playstyle the Undying Wisdom-perk is most useful, as it reduces the cool down of all of your abilities.

    If this is working for you, try to slowly improve by gradually gaining more oversight on the battlefield and add normal hits on enemies when you see an opportunity.

    The sentinel is arguably the strongest class if used properly, the issue is that it’s easily the most punishable. They have the best map visibility, most mobility, and can easily isolate a human. The downside is that you stick out like a sore-thumb if you don’t play effectively. This class if known for having the highest learning curve of the vampires. The tradeoff being the massive rush you get from snagged a person from a doorway and out the window before the humans can even react. Don’t expect to lead the board for your team in K/D/A with this class, it’s not likely to happen and that’s not your role.

    Suggested Perks: Cooldown, Bloodthirsty, or Acrobat

    FLYING: Flying is an ability unique to the sentinel class of vampires. While airborne, press the space bar to deploy your wings. You do not have to jump. Anytime you fall you can fly, with the exception of falling while climbing. Touching the ground will automatically cancel flight, alternatively, pressing the space bar again will cancel it as well.

    Base special attacks
    Beta Update: Kidnap and Abduct now have an activation time. Hold down the right mouse button until it activates. You then have about 3 seconds until the ability cancels on it’s own. You can also force activation of the ability during charge-up if you fly into the ground. The Abduct and Kidnap skills can be cancelled mid flight by traversing a wall.

    Kidnap: This is the default special attack for sentinels. Activating this will give a slight speed burst for about 1 second. Any human you fly into at that point will be picked up off the ground. You will maintain holding them until you are either shot out of the sky or 4 seconds (whichever is first.) After 4 seconds you drop the player. The higher you fly the more damage they take when they fall.

    Abduct: Abduct is the “sidegrade” for Kidnap in a sentinel’s arsenal. The trade-off is that you carry for less time (thus lowering drop damage) while harming them while being carried. Abduct is typically more consistent, typically around 500+ damage, but kidnap can have damages for about 600+ if it’s done right.

    Note about kidnap and abduct: Often, newer players find their skill getting “cancelled” and them landing on the ground. This is because of the post-activation damage threshold. After activating the skill you can only take up to 205 damage before having flight cancelled, and thus landing right in the middle of all the enemies. DO NOT use this skill if you think you have a good chance of being shot.

    Primary Abilities
    Wing Flap: This is the default, and typically more-favored, primary ability for a sentinel. This causes 300 damage to players in a 180 degree radius. The real benefit of this ability is that it causes a stun and knockback for all enemies caught in the skill too. It’s typically a perfect set-up for a charged melee strike of another 400 damage. The major flaw with this attack is that many players spam it, thus knocking enemy players out of friendly combos.

    Puncture: Puncture is the other choice instead of Wing Flap. This attack is a little harder to use as it has a higher activation time and is a little harder to aim, but can be targeted while activating (in case you need to change directions). It’s a very consistent 450 damage and only has a 10 second cool down time. It also tends to synergize well with teammate attacks.

    Secondary Abilities
    Divebomb: This is the default attack for the sentinel’s secondary slot. It’s insanely strong and easy to aim. Activate this ability during flight. You will spin while diving, immune to all stuns except the war bow, dealing 250 damage to all enemies near the impact radius. While most players like to lead with this, it’s much better as a finishing skill. This skill loves double kills.

    Echolocation: This ability allows you to see through walls around the entire map. Any enemies hidden via cover, buildings, stealth, or in smoke are visible to the player using this. It’s great for finding solo players, but without a second damage dealing skill, it’s kind of lackluster in all honestly. But, it looks cool as crap and style means a lot. Some members of the development team have expressed a lot of praise for this skill, although the community, so far, doesn’t find it worth giving up the options that you would get from Divebomb or Take-off.

    Take-off: If there is any skill that signifies the abilities of a specific player’s role on a team Take-off is that ability. First and foremost, Take-off is your ONLY defensive skill. It will break any stuns/control skills enemies used and send you flying into the air, dealing 175 damage to all players in your immediate vicinity. There’s one major flaw with this skill though. You go ALL the way up to the top of the map. Using this at the wrong time will leave you as a seagull in the sky saying “I’m right here, shoot me!”

    Airstrike: Throws a ranged bomb that detonates with a rather large AoE. The bomb doesn’t bounce when it lands (acts like a sticky grenade). This skill is also good for stopping on a dime and changing directions, or cutting off a path of retreat. As the sentinels only ranged tool, it’s useful to many players. It currently does have it’s flaws, as you are vulnerable to opponent fire is misused. For this reason it may not find much use for most players, but it’s fun enough for everyone to try.

    General Tactics:
    Be Aware: You tend to be the first target that takes heat from the enemy as you are the most obvious target in the air. Your wing flaps and diving are also very audible and you will be tracked in flight by sound alone. Always listen and be aware of where sounds are coming from and don't be afraid to 'Not Fly' as foot-falls don't carry as far as wing flaps. It is also useful (and risky for you the Sentinel) for your team as it'll let them know where the enemy is just by their attempts to shoot at you. So many of the abilities that you use create so much noise that you need to be aware of it to maintain any element of surprise. Re-spawning humans are your worst nightmare as many Scouts are more than happy to shoot you while you are circling your prey.

    Utilize Cover: Being the glorious death dealer from above, that you are, when the location of the enemy is known take advantage of the terrain to keep it between you and them till the last possible moment. It’s a fine line between staying low and soaring above and what tactic is right at which time. If the enemy is engaged, go up and prepare for fast dive to rejoin the fight quickly. If NO fighting is going on, stay low and 'feel' out where the enemy is before making a decision. An easy thing to remember is If you can see them, they can likely see you (and shoot you) too. Don't be afraid to 'Drop' out of flight by just hitting the space bar and reactivating shortly afterward, it is probably your best way to dodging enemy fire.
    Don't get Greedy: If you see the enemy from a heightened position, they likely see you as well, avoid contact immediately with a dodge+dive and come in from a different angle (Never underestimate your ability to catch an arrow to the chest). Always use misdirection and the terrain to your advantage and it ends up helping others. While the enemy was focused on 'Where you were or might be coming from', you and your vampire brothers can seize the opportunity to come from a different angle. The 'Long Dive' is tempting, but it is a huge risk and prepared humans will shred you instantly. Try to refrain from the 'Long Dive' only when re-engaging after a death or an opportunity to help a fellow Vampire in trouble. You can make a big difference by engaging smart and not just the nearest person or the easy kill.

    The Snatch: The hardest thing to get good at as it is the core ability of the Sentinel and the most unforgiving in failure. There is almost an art to using Kidnap or Abduct that will take much practice to truly get skilled with. You have to 'Commit' to the dive in most cases as being cautious about it likely only leads to death. Activate the ability just before you are on top of them, as the sound effect for it is very loud and obvious. The faster you are moving when it is active, the more upward momentum you'll receive afterward as well. One advanced (and very risky) benefit is that while active, you won't land. Using it this way will let you fly into a doorway and grab someone and squeeze out the other side if you're moving fast enough. Higher is usually better as well; most humans tend to be only looking slightly above the plane of the field, keeping as much of the area in their line of sight for vamps on the ground or vamps on the roof top. You have to come from even higher above! Hop down the edge of a building and free-fall, activating both flight and the Kidnap at nearly the same time for some super-sneaky snatching. Make the diving snatch as difficult as you can for yourself and you'll snatch and grab before anyone even knows you were there, it is a very satisfying feeling. Go for the weak ones, watch for life bars, take advantage of the third person camera to peer around corners or watch healing stations. This is how you really make a difference, being a vulture that shows no mercy nor honor.

    After the Snatch: This depends on the abilities that you have and the situation you are currently in. You always have to react quickly and decisively. If you snatch and are taking fire as you ascend, drop your snack and break off the attack, you won't help your team being dead (Extra Dead?). You've also distracted them with your mere presence and someone might actually chase you.

    Don't get Greedy. Some tactics are take them up to a roof top and then blowing them off for two times the fall damage (Once from the Snatch and once from the fall off the building). Other tactics are to use Puncture to take them on, Man vs. Vamp and snack at your 'sometimes' safety atop the building. If you’re not being attacked, feel free to drop them on your fellow vamps, they're more than happy to gnaw on them. Or just dive in to finish them off with your bare claws. Try to put a piece of terrain between them and their human buddies though, it forces them to choose between helping their friend and dividing their forces and or leaving him to his grisly fate. In general its always wise to break off if you're taking fire from enemy forces not within your reach, even more so for the Sentinel with your only 'Escape' being a very obvious path and easy to predict.

    Offensive Tactics:

    Defensive Tactics:


    As a member of clan Zephonim, you will sow chaos and confusion amongst humans on the battlefield. They will begin to question every sound, step, and even each other as you silently stalk your prey.

    Deceivers create chaos. Your duties will vary on what the situation requires. You may choose to infiltrate the human's ranks and relay information to your team, take control of a key opponent, or perhaps a simple assassination will do. The deceiver is capable of all these and more.

    Your strengths will lie in your ability to trick your opponent. Playing the deceiver is more of a mind game than the straightforward brutality of the other classes. The deceiver lacks abilities that allow him to travel quickly, so you must plan your actions in advance. Adjust your skills and perks to reflect on what you wish to achieve. The Deceiver has an intermediate to advanced learning curve.

    Suggested Perks: Undying Wisdom, Regeneration, Feast

    Special Abilities

    As a deceiver, these abilities are crucial to your successful infiltration of the human ranks, separation of opponents, or combinations of attacks with your teammates. Each ability will change your play-style. So keep that in mind when choosing which ability to use.


    Cooldown: 15 seconds (cooldown activates upon disguise break)
    Damage: none
    Duration: Up to 5 seconds of invisibility, followed by indefinite disguise (Until disguise breaks)

    Disguise is your bread and butter. It allows you to move across the battlefield undetected. Activate disguise when you are near the enemy team by pressing and holding the necessary key. When activating, try to be outside of the human's line of sight. Use the duration of invisibility to place yourself either directly behind an opponent, or outside of their field of vision. You can cancel invisibility anytime by releasing the button. Once the invisibility ends, you will be disguised as a human. Doing this properly will allow you to choose when and how to engage the enemy team. See a scout by himself? Walk up and backstab him. Is the enemy team heading towards a healing station? Relay that information to your teammates. It is important to note that you cannot maintain your disguise while climbing walls, attacking, or dodge-rolling. So try to position yourself where you will not need to do those things. A simple but effective tactic is to climb onto a rooftop above the human team and then activate disguise. While invisible, drop down from the roof behind the enemy team; they won’t have the slightest clue that you're now among them.

    Dominate Mind:
    Cooldown: 20 seconds (upon activation)
    Damage: 50 per second (while in use)
    Duration: 6 seconds

    Dominate mind will allow you to control the battlefield at your discretion. To use this ability, hold down the appropriate key while facing a nearby human. Your movement speed will be slowed, a charge up circle will appear along with an icon above the humans head if they are within range. Once the circle is completed left click (if using default keys) to take control of your opponent. Once you have successfully taken control, your vision will be shifted towards the humans point of view. Use your movement keys to move the enemy player where you wish them to be. You cannot use the humans attacks or abilities, or make them sprint. It is important to note that you cannot control your own character while controlling a human. It is best to use this ability when you are around a corner, on a rooftop, or slightly in cover. Taking severe damage will cancel the ability. The ideal use of dominate mind allows your team to combine their attacks on the person you have control over. Try combining this skill with a reaver's choking haze, or a tyrant's shockwave. Another useful tactic is to separate a human from the rest of their team, by walking it around a corner or off a ledge.

    Primary Abilities


    Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Damage: 300-510
    Duration: instant

    Backstab is what allows you to assassinate an enemy player. It's potency depends on the position that you strike your opponent. As the name implies, backstab does the most damage when striking an opponent from behind. To use, face an enemy player, and press the appropriate key. Your character will draw his blade, and lunge forward, stabbing your target. The best times to use backstab are in two situations. Either to initiate your attack, or to finish off a wounded foe. Using Disguise or phase will allow you to position yourself behind your opponent. Keep in mind that once you activate backstab, the humans will be alerted to your presence. Backstabbing when the humans are all grouped together is an easy way to get yourself killed, so use this ability wisely. Your easiest targets will be scouts who are too busy focusing on drawing their bows. Beware alchemists with fire skills. A backstab on them might only be rewarded with a bounty of flames to the face.

    Secondary Abilities

    Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Damage: None
    Duration: 5 seconds or until killed.

    Illusions are a fantastic way to confuse the enemy team. They can be used to cover your retreat, create chaos within an engagement, or to draw attention from the human team. To use, press the appropriate key. Two illusions will appear next to you, that will walk around randomly. Depending on what you are using the skill for, you may wish to behave like your illusions do in order to confuse your opponent. The best times to use illusions are right after back-stabbing an opponent, or when you are trying to cross the battlefield in less than perfect cover. Illusions will not climb very high surfaces, so do not perform behaviors that your illusions will not do in front of the enemy team. Illusions are best used when on the ground. Using this ability too soon may give away your position rather than obfuscate it!

    Cooldown: 25 seconds
    Damage: 100 per second to nearby enemies (20 damage per “tick”)
    Duration: 6 seconds

    Phase is the token skill to the stealthy approach. To use, press the appropriate key. Your character will instantly turn invisible and begin to damage all nearby enemy humans. You cannot attack while phased, and the damage to enemy humans isn't very high; so do not engage a group of humans expecting them to wither away and die. Phase can break bolas, however you are susceptible to enemy attacks while phased. This skill is best used when advancing your position or when retreating. Phase does not make you completely invisible, so beware staying in a human's line of sight for too long. The damage phase deals can reveal to smart players that you are near, so beware standing near humans while phased unless you intend to attack them once the duration is over! Conversely, using phase to damage human players can be a great way to distract them from your teammates. Beware alchemists with fire skills. Even the greatest invisibility cannot obscure incineration!


    General Tactics:


    Crowd controller:

    Using the dominate mind skill, this play-style will involve standing on rooftops, or around corners. Your goal will be to control key human players while concealing your position. You can initiate with this skill by taking control of a straggler, opening up the human team to an assault. Sometimes you may wish to wait until the engagement has already begun. Slink around corners and crawl on rooftops as you find the perfect position to control your victim. Keep in mind that sometimes you will have to jump into the fray yourself to help finish off wounded foes. It's best to inform your team which target you intend to take control of, so that they may act accordingly. A reaver's choking haze works really well with this style, along with a tyrant's stunning abilities.


    Using Disguise while coupled with phase allows you to get behind enemy lines. Reveal key information to your team, and, most importantly, eliminate VIP targets. Typically you will be targeting scouts in this play-style, since they are the most susceptible to being distracted. Never be the first to engage with this style! You'll typically be in the thick of the enemy team, with little chances of survival if caught. The best targets to look for are the humans that separate themselves from the team. Typically a scout or an alchemist trying to cover his/her teammates. Use your Disguise/phase to sneak behind them for a backstab. A reaver's shadow bomb couples really well with this style. The more cover, the better!


    Furbz, you deceived me, I still struggle with the Deceiver!

    It will take time to learn and fine tune your skill and senses when using this class. Always remember that when playing the Deceiver you are playing a mind game. It is up to you to be as many steps ahead of your enemy as possible. The deceiver also requires significantly more coordination with your team compared to the other classes. Keep experimenting, and see what works best for you. Vae Victus!

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    Counter guides

    Accurate as of: August 7th (new skills)
    Note: Deceiver and Prophet are both beta characters, and may be subject to heavy changes.
    Feedback can be sent to me (Razaiim) via Private message, or posting on the Nosgoth-Counter Play Guide thread (you’ll get a mention if it’s considered and added )

    Ricky The Reaver is perhaps the most troublesome class in the game. It lacks any specific disadvantages like the Tyrants large frame and low speed, or the Sentinels visibility at altitude. With the holy pounce trinity he can effectively take cover in many places the other vampires can't. How do we take on a Reaver, and deal with an army (read 2-4 of em)

    What do we know?
    We know that the Reaver, despite the number of skills available to him, actually has a very limited toolkit in terms of how his skills function.
    The Reaver will have one of the mechanically identical pounce trinity skills or sweeping kick. Discerning which one will take some observation but it is typically easy to figure out: If he is crouched and moving at a crawl, he will have Pounce or Savage Pounce. If he is crouched and moving at standard speed: it is leap attack. If he is doing neither, and is going to great lengths to avoid your shots, then he will have sweeping kick.
    In his primary skill slot, the Reaver will always have a thrown AoE grenade, either Smoke Bomb, or Choking Haze.
    In his secondary skill slot, the Reaver will have an ability that recolours him and gives stat tweaks, or a limited range teleport.

    General Tactics
    (Removed statement about Sweeping kick being less powerful)
    Expect that the Reaver is going to throw one of his bombs before he gears up for the attack. To prepare, you need to pick a wide open area for the initial engagement. You will need room to navigate around the AoE. Indoors are not ok, as it is a simple matter for a vampire to roll in front of the door, or down through a roof, drop the grenade, then pull out. Your team should be spread out so that only one of you can be hit by these bombs, but it is also key to keep each other in line of sight and easy firing range.
    Keep your eyes on the sky-line, as the roofs are the favourite lurking spot. If you see a small black ball coming in, dodge out and sprint until you’re clear. Now you have a snap decision to make: If you saw where the bomb came from, you can stay trained on that spot and be prepared for when the Reaver sticks his head out, or maneuver so that you cannot be pounced from that angle and support any team-mates that may have been assaulted in the chaos. If a teammate has been pounced and is pinned down, use standard attacks to dislodge the Reaver quickly. It may be tempting to use a more powerful skill, but these are best used for the big brawl.
    When the bloodsuckers finally commit you again have a judgement call to make: Unload all of your skills right away, or fight it out and use your skills more strategically. Both are viable, and are worthy of weighing the pros and cons. The large burst of damage available can vaporize a reaver if he is focus fired. However, the Reaver's secondaries give him tremendous leeway with his fights. I typically advise saving your skills for when one of these appear. Evade turns a reaver blue and makes him immune to most standard weapons. Saving AoE damage skills will be crucial to bringing down the reaver before he can escape and haunt you with more smoke, poison and pounces, and be sure that if he turns blue, do not bola him for pete's sake. DO. NOT. BOLA. THE. BLUE. VAMPIRE. (Sorry, had to say that). You should also take the fact he cannot attack to reload, as shooting him will do nothing. Haste on the other hand, colours the reaver purple and makes the reaver dramatically more powerful, granting him higher attack and movement speed. CC skills are more appropriate here, causing the reaver to waste this ability. Shadow-step is a trackable blink, and simply keeping it in sight is all you can do until he re-emerges. Another quick note about Shadow step is I have seen players use it near the edge of a smoke bomb, and travel unnoticed to land behind human players firing into the smoke. Remember to keep some space and watch for any tendrils of smoke rapidly shooting off.
    Once a Reaver's cooldowns are spent, he is left with only his auto-attacks, running and climbing. Which is relatively easy to clean up. just constant fire, mixed with opportune dodging will be enough to polish him off if he stays to fight.

    Hunter Loadouts and Tips
    I would recommend any crossbow except the multi-bow. Due to the lower fire rate, and the potential to miss 33-66% of your damage because of a reaver's high speed, this crossbow just doesn't put out the damage fast enough. Which bola you use is more for personal seasoning than anything. I use standard for a longer stun and faster cooldown, but poison persists through evade and shadow-step. Whip can also be used, as it deals moderate damage, and the stagger allows a few more shots to be fired off. Note that the whip has a short range, and using whip to yoink a vampire off a wall is more effort than it is worth. Explosive shot and Blinding shot are from my experience the better secondary skills. I find grenades easy enough to dodge, and evade prevents sticky grenade from sticking, but they can be used to bring the hurt if an ally has been pounced

    I would suggest saving Bola for emergencies, or for when a reaver goes super-saiyan with Haste. With blinding shot you can burn out haste and be more liberal with bola use instead. If you know the reaver is packing evade, then reserve your explosive or blinding shots for when he uses this, to squeeze in that extra bit of possibly fatal damage.

    Scout Loadouts and Tips
    For scouts, I would suggest either swiftbow or stormbow, but the compound bow is serviceable. The warbow's low clip size and slow fire rate won't cut it, even with the knockdown. The Swiftbow's large clip and higher fire-rate make it useful all around, while the stormbow with proper planning is effective against evading or hiding reavers with it's splash. Throwing knives should be your go-to primary, as the close ranged nature of the reaver lets him track camo with relative ease.
    In the Secondary slot, I would recommend volley, as it can be thrown to flush out a hiding reaver, and has a decent sized AoE. It is also unaffected by vertical movement, so using it near an escape route ensures hefty damage. If you insist on fighting near an indoors or cramped space, turret does higher damage, while volley does not work inside. Traps are easy enough for a vampire to avoid unless you hunker over them, or if they are hidden under a smoke bomb, and grapple leaves you too exposed, and being pounced on a roof means you can't be aided by team-mates, leaving him free to do full damage.
    Scouts should be doing wide sweeps of the surrounding rooftops, and a scout heavy team can throw volley to clear out roof tops. Knives should be used as soon as the reaver gets in your face. I find the first attack can be dodged with some ease unless the reaver is right next to you, so dodge 1, knife 2, and fire through swings 4,5,6,7... Swiftbow will let you get some decent numbers on him until he pops evade if he has it. Stormbow is more dangerous to use up close, but it’s explosion does full damage against evade. Again if volley is ready and the vampire moving to escape by climbing, toss it just above him. He can either fall down and maneuver sideways, or climb upwards and then get out of the AoE. Either way he takes heavy damage.

    Alchemist Loadouts and Tips
    Alchemists can take just about any launcher, although the viscous launcher might be the weakest, due to evade and not exploding on contact. Fullbore can be considered as it dislodges reaver with one shot, while the others take two shots. Sunlight vial is more appropriate against haste, as the blind helps mitigate what he can do while super-charged. Light bomb is more effective against Evade for AoE damage reasons.
    Any Secondary is also useful, and has different applications. Flame wall is a good reliable reaction to an in your face vampire. Just practice turning to the side so that the reaver has to go through the whole line, rather than the narrow width of it. Flamethrower is handy as reavers have no way to cancel it post-sweep kick nerf, but is weaker against evade as vampires tend to combine evasion with running like pansies. Toxic mist can be used similar to a scouts volley to roof check. Healing mist can be used to counter choking haze, and the healing is strong enough for anyone to face tank a reaver by just sitting in it.

    Prophet Loadouts and Tips
    Prophets can use any pistol, Heavy Pistol is the best overall currently, but hurts you the most for a miss, so the others may be more desirable if your aim isn’t awesome.
    For your primary skill. Hex Shot or Drain curse will be stronger. Hex shot let’s you cripple a vampire for an easy kill, or can be used to waste Haste. Drain curse can help squeeze in some extra damage and health, especially if you can nail two reavers in the AoE, but can be dodged out of relatively quickly. Life leech is the more powerful secondary, and can be used for a quick damaging shot, and the self heal is always handy. Sacrifice will help a team-mate recover from a choking haze, as it is a stronger heal than alchemist mist. Keep in mind that this will also damage you, and should be coupled with drain curse. A vampire will also be able to follow the tendrils back to you, and may decide to focus on you. Eldritch Guard also has good friendly-saving potential, if used quick enough. Disabling curse is not recommended since the reavers more threatening skills are used before they ever engage. Fighting as a prophet is straightforward. Shoot, dodge, and use skill when appropriate. Be aware that Hex shot does have a delay, and cannot be used as an emergency skill.

    Sentinel Steve is the Vampire’s flyer. He can be quite swift and deadly, and has quite possibly the most varied skill set of all vampires. A couple loadouts also lend themselves to devastating kidnap combos.

    What do we know?
    There is actually very little that can be anticipated from a sentinel load out. There are very few tells that show off an ability until it is used. It is known that the Sentinel will have an aerial kidnap spell, either Abduct or Kidnap and a ground attack, Wing Flap or Puncture. Even basic movement can vary greatly between some players. Some prefer to stick to rooftops, using the flight as an extended jump. Some Fly high and proud. Some weave around the geometry of the map. I personally duck and bob higher up, and cancel flight to rapidly drop before resuming flight.
    Puncture can be aimed while casting, and has a more notable casting animation, while wing flap hits pretty quickly and does an AoE knockback.
    The secondary skills are also highly variable. Dive-bomb turns the flyer into a bona-fide homing missile, Air Strike throws a sticky grenade from on high, Echolocate turns the sentinel into a hunter-seeker and vulture, and take-off gives him an up-close-and-personal Razielim quick get-away.

    General Tactics
    Despite the uncertainty about what a Sentinel will have in his toolkit, all of his skills except his Primaries, Wing Flap and puncture, operate best in the air. This leads to two potential ways for handling a sentinel heavy composition. An indoor or outdoor approach.
    With the indoor approach, Kidnaps and abducts are much more difficult to pull off, dive bomb and airstrike are much harder to aim effectively, and take-off indoors will cause a sentinel to clunk his head and collapse. At this point it is a matter of keeping the entrances covered until the other team is forced to switch classes, or someone gets really good at indoor kidnapping.
    The outdoor approach is harder to pull off, and relies on the fact sentinels will need to spend time in the air. This will involve watching the roofs, and the skies. Right now the sentinel’s flight skills can all be activated while falling, allowing for surprise kidnaps, grenades, dives etc.
    The most worrying part of a sentinel is a kidnap combo. You get abducted, carried away from the team, dropped, and the sentinel circles back for the kill, often with a dive bomb. Once you have been dropped off, the best thing to do is run directly towards the sentinel. If he immediately turns around and does a follow-up dive bomb after the recovery animation, it will typically shoot right over your head. If he tries to land the forward momentum will still carry him just out of reach of your raggedy face. These are both excellent opportunities to snag a few shots on him. You will have to weather out his melee attacks, and do your best to dodge puncture/wing flap, typically by rolling forward and to the side, to put you behind the sentinel yet again. If you can pull this off, then you are all set unless he has take-off, which will blast you for most, if not all of your remaining health. Thanks to the buffs to the other skills, and nerfs to take-off, this should be less frequent but still, if you survive his blast off into space, a few more bolts should ground him for good. Unless you’re an alchemist. Then you run before he circles back for you, as his skills should be nearly off cooldown.
    Another one of the sentinel’s strengths is picking off regrouping players. A sentinel with echolocate can seek out a freshly respawned player, keeping them locked down for some easy kills. You should take the quickest route through buildings, and other geometry that prevent him from getting a good kidnap angle.

    Hunter Loadout and Tips
    For the indoor approach, anything goes. Any crossbow, any bola or whip, any explosives. Hide just to the sides of any doorway or other entrance as being directly in front of it lends yourself to an easy kidnap. Keep some distance from these so you can’t get nailed by air-strike or dive-bomb.
    Outdoors is a little trickier. The multi-bow shines here for its extra precision, while the siege bow is probably the weakest due to its heavier recoil and lower clip capacity. The repeater and bolt thrower are also serviceable tools of death. Bola will serve you best by interrupting an incoming kidnap if you can’t dodge it. A sentinel bola’d at the wrong time is easy prey for anyone, even with take-off. Whip is not recommended due to it’s short range, awkward aiming and appears to have no effect on flight besides doing damage. Again, any secondary skill will work. If you can aim then Explosive shot, blinding shot and sticky can wreck an airborne bird-man, while standard grenade can take a hefty toll on the ground.

    Scout Loadout and Tips
    If you’re hiding inside, then a swiftbow will prove the superior weapon, but the stormbow works too if you want to brave the friendly damage. Trap is good for rigging doorways and other entrances to blow. Turret gives some hefty damage indoors, and knife lets you hold them in place. Volley is not recommended due to having no effect under rooftops. Camo is also a no go as the rather personal nature of the indoors makes you easy to track down. Again just hide out with clear view of an entrance way, while staying back and to the side to make it as hard as possible to get snatched or forced out by explosives.
    For a more ballsy outdoor approach, Pick up your dusty warbow. The knockdown goes a long way towards keeping Sentinels away from you. Keep in mind that at higher elevations, the sentinel player can spam spacebar to recover before hitting the ground. However, any longbow is again useful. Trap and auto-turret are weaker outdoors, but can be deployed against a dive-bombing sentinel if you want to risk a little damage to yourself. Volley is useful against take-off, and for creating no fly-zones, as well as just raw damage. You can exchange knives for camo, which is useful for escaping a sentinel after you have been dropped off, as a camouflaged scout is difficult to find while in the air Mark target helps allies keep track of a sentinel, as they can be quite pesky if unchecked, and also amplifies the damage from a team that understands how to focus fire a flying sentinel. Grapple is handy for line of sight as well.
    As a scout just keep your bow charged and sweep the skies all around you. I wouldn’t bother waiting for a money shot, I find spending a long time lining up makes me miss just as much as snapping around and firing, and gives him time to duck out of sight if he spots you.

    Alchemist Loadout and Tips
    Indoors, anything goes. Flamethrower can be stopped by wing-flap however, so wait until that’s been spent.
    Outdoors keep an eye up and be ready to dodge, as you can’t bring a sent out of the air like a hunter or scout. You can pop a couple grenades off him when he flies closer, but until he lands you’re just a magnet. In all honesty, you should maybe switch classes if you’re an alchemist against a sentinel heavy team, and your own teammates insist on being in the open.

    Prophet Loadout and Tips
    Any pistol is good, again Heavy is best if you can aim it. Hex shot is also possibly the better of the primary skills, as it can be used to save a team-mate from being carried too far off, or just keeping him out of the fight until everything else is cleaned up. Drain curse has some utility once he lands for damage and heals. Disable is going to be weaker as the Sentinel’s major abilities (except take-off) are more useful from the sky, way away from this curse. Life Leech’s high aim-assist makes it quite easy to snipe sentinels at range with this skill for easy damage and more heals. Sacrifice will do little to help you in a fight, but can save a teammate who is being harassed by a sentinel, as will eldritch guard, which can mitigate most of the damage from being abducted, as well as the usual invulnerability from attacking vampires.

    Tony the Turelim Tyrant is a big burly behemoth of a vampire. He has much higher hitpoints, and his attacks are devastating, with Leroy Jenkins levels of recklessness, but he is much larger and a tad slower normally.

    What do we Know?
    We know that a fully equipped tyrant will have access to the charge twins and Jump in his special skill slot. Charge equipped Tyrants will often be on the ground or on shorter rooftops, very near the fight. You can also expect charge if your team is hard camping inside. Jump Tyrants will spend more time on higher rooftops so that they can jump further.
    His primary skills will be either Shockwave (a linear AoE), ground slam (a circular AoE), or Throw (A single target skill). His secondary skills are recolours of the character model with stat tweaks.

    General Tactics
    In general you want to be outside against tyrants, with lots of room to move around their large attacks. Indoors will protect you from jump, but leaves you little room to avoid them otherwise.
    In a well coordinated team, the Tyrant will be the first thing you see, with reinforcements coming swiftly behind. A charging tyrant has a distinct start-up, and once he drops his shoulder he is unstoppable during the skill. Trying to CC a shoulder checking Tyrant is like trying to CC a blue Reaver. DON’T. DO. IT. (So many wasted bolas). You should stand your ground and pepper him until the last second, then dodge sideways. If you see him Jump, or see him in the air, don’t stop to shoot, he actually comes down much faster than you think. Sprint out of the area. Towards where he started his jump and to the sides are you’re safest best. If the Tyrant has a nasty red glow, he’s used Enrage which boosts damage and move speed as he loses health. Shooting him will elevate him from hitting like a truck to hitting like a truck with rocket boosters, and a spiked grill.
    Once the tyrant is in the fight strafe sideways and back while shooting him. This distances you from his ground slam, or gives you time to react to shockwave if he chooses to follow up. Make sure to keep strafing him as long as possible, as his standard attacks hurt like nothing else, but are by far the easiest to dodge, even after patching to bring them up to par. This is will also help against throw, as the grab is near identical to one his first melee attack. You will also want to be away from walls and ledges, to minimize the damage from being shot-put into one of these hazards. If he pops ignore pain (75% damage reduction) with a anything over a sliver of health, leave him be and bring down anyone that followed him. You still need to keep an eye out for him, as he might be back once his stone skin turns squishy again. If he goes super-saiyan with Enrage you should gauge his health and decide whether to crowd control him to waste the skill, or pummel him to death. If he has 40%ish health or greater, attacking him just won’t kill him before he wrecks face, so you want to use a crowd control or blind to waste the skill. If he’s weak enough it is possible to finish him then and there.

    Hunter Loadouts and Tips
    The Hunter can take up any crossbow. Bola is again more of a personal taste. Whip is also useful here for damage and stagger. The same can be said for Secondary skills. All have their merits in this case. Sticky Grenades are pretty easy to land on that mass of meat. The Tyrants slower speed makes it easier to nail him with the standard grenade. Explosive and blinding shots are also very viable for damage or blinding.
    Overall, duking it out with a tyrant is similar to the reaver. If you can avoid getting trampled by an initiating skill, and keep back enough to avoid his primary skills then you are in good shape. You do have to be careful as with his larger health pool and heftier melee, he can still clean up house. I’d recommend reserving Bola until he uses enrage to lock him down, unless you absolutely need to. Feel free open up with your damaging skills, as the fight can easily last long enough to fire them again for a kill.

    Scout Loadouts and Tips
    Any bow is serviceable in this case. Warbow is handy for plucking Jump Attack Tyrants out of the air. Having one of these guys fall like a sack of potatoes in the midst of you and your allies is a huge win for the battle. Knives is probably the best bet for it’s stunning capabilities. Mark target is also a solid choice as it can help burn down a targets health even faster. Camo can be used to avoid being picked out by the tyrant as he engages, but has little utility once he’s in your face, as camo is obvious enough to follow at melee range. Any secondary can be used, and each has their merits against a Tyrant. Volley is good for a larger AoE. Turret packs a bit more punch in a smaller area. Trap is best used in the center of rooms if you want to be indoors, as a charging Tyrant will rarely be in the door way long enough to be hit, while they do like to stop in the middle of a room to hit with ground slam. Grapple is useful for high ground line of sight, as the Tyrant will have the hardest time closing in of all classes. If the Tyrant lands on a building near the peak of the jump, then there is no damage effect, which can be a saving grace.
    Over all you will want to keep back pedaling and strafing, deploy your secondary AoE, then use knives to lock him on top of it for an extra couple seconds, and keep shooting. There is little you can do if he uses Enrage except try to dodge a little bit harder, or reserve your knives for when he uses it to buy that littlest bit of time.

    Alchemist Loadouts and Tips
    Fullbore Cannon is recommended. There is little reason why you should miss this chunky monkey. Much like reavers, sunlight vial is good for wasting his Enrage, while Light bomb helps squeeze in that extra damage that can make or break a fight. Caution should be taken with Flamethrower, as shockwave and throw can cancel it, and it supercharges an Enraging Tyrant hella fast, but otherwise any secondary can deal out enough damage to put a dent in a Tyrant’s health pool, or in the case of Healing mist, let you and your team handle him enough to bring this giant down.
    If a Tyrant uses ignore pain then quit firing, as he can huddle right up to you, and you will do more damage to yourself than to him, but otherwise just strafe and spray for the win, with applications of skills as needed.

    Prophet Loadouts and Tips
    Heavy pistols or piercing pistols are the way to go if you got it, though all weapons can work. Each of the three primaries have their merits against these flesh mountains. Hex shot can waste an enrage, or just take an unlucky Tyrant out of the fight. Drain curse is good for heals and damage, as Tyrants move slightly slower and will be in the AoE longer. Disabling curse can be crippling to a Tyrant who suddenly has to fight without his main skills. Life Leech is good for self preservation, while sacrifice is intended for the friend in need. Eldritch Guard usually only gives one extra attack in terms of protection, due to the heavy hitting nature of skills, and does little to mitigate a Tyrant`s stuns or knockdowns.

    Deceiver Dave is a tricky corpse to deal with. Like the Reaver he doesn’t have any inherent disadvantages. A couple of these can pretty effectively bippity boppity boop a team into splitting apart, wasting ammo and other nonsense that leads to death.

    What do we know
    The Deceiver currently has a limited toolkit but has more skills on the way (hopefully). As his Special skill he is going to have Disguise or Dominate Mind. His primaries include backstab, which can also front stab and side stab, or Infect, which plagues one person, and can transfer the DoT to others . He will also be packing either illusions, or phase, both of which make him much harder to isolate and bring down.

    General Tactics
    You need to pay more attention to your teammates if you see these guys shambling about. If you see 4 friendlies on your screen than one of them is a fake. Or 3 friendlies but the upper left portrait says one of them is dead. Just keep doing a head count and make sure the right number of living teammates are present. Also if any one appears to have vampire repellent, that’s another give away. Or if one of them materializes suddenly, also a strong indicator of treachery. If you shoot a disguised Deceiver, you will be rewarded with a damage indicator (when your reticule shows an “X”) and damage numbers, so it is worth it to take a couple pot shots at your friends now and then. It is also worth noting that disguise allows for up to 5 or 6 seconds of invisibility before the disguise is actually assumed, which is pretty handy if not more handy than the actual disguise.
    If a teammate is wincing or flinching horribly, that’s sign he has been dominated. Humans taking damage over time have a notable flinch with every tick. If you see this, that means there is a vampire with glowing voodoo hands in line of sight of where the dominate started. In order to save your comrade you need to find the deceiver and break his grip with damage. This requires watching the roof-line, as the Deceiver will want to be hidden, but needs to maintain line of sight long enough to engage the mind control.
    A deceiver will try to use his primary skill backstab to nail you in the behind for near double damage, but will take the be-front or be-side too if he has to Note there is currently an issue that makes it very hard to determine whether a stab will deal standard or extra damage regardless of direction. Be wary as this skill cools down fast enough to be used twice in a prolonged fight. Dodging sideways is the most effective way to avoid getting hardened eldritch energy shoved through you. Infect on the other hand is equally effective from any angle, and has a wider sweep than Backstab. If you are hit by this, or if you see anyone else with insects buzzing around them, avoid them like the plague. A Deceiver in distress will use Illusions to distract you, or use phase to turn into translucent toxic smog to try and finish you off. Illusions may attack, climb or run in straight lines, but disperse after 210 (1/5th of 1050) damage. If any of the three vampires starts rolling, or moving erratically, then that’s the actual one. It is possible to be under assault by the clones and the head honcho all at once, which can make things tricky. Phase is a bit unpleasant to shoot at, so Splash damage will be needed to try and ward the Deceiver off. Deceivers may also use phase as an opening skill, dropping into a pack of humans to crank out some high damage numbers. Be warned!

    Hunter Loadouts and Tips
    Spurn the multi-bow as the added precision does not offset losses in damage and attack speed while aiming at such a wiry lanky frame. Any Bola can be used, and whip can be considered for damage+stagger reasons.
    Any Secondary is adequate, but explosive shot and blinding shot are the easiest to use well.
    The idea is to take a couple pot shots at any allies to check for a disguised deceiver. Whip and bola will also cancel disguise if it hits. Also keep any eye up in case you get mind controlled. If you see him first, you can aim a controlled shots to force him back into his hidey hole. If a deceiver gets up close and personal you can elect to dodge or bola the primary skill. I prefer to go for the dodge, then bola him to remove his combat. At this point he will activate illusions. Lobbing grenade or explosive shot fast enough can dispel the phoney vampires, leaving the original. Blinding shot can also single out the real one as he will be running around like a fool. If he uses phase then you can sprint out of there, bola to remove the phase effect, or be patient and fire at his outline, and season with explosives.

    Scout Loadouts and Tips
    If you must play scout, then the swiftbow or stormbow should be the go to weapons against deceivers, for rate of fire or splash damage reasons. The deceiver will be in hiding too often to make good use of the warbow, though the knockdown will remove disguise. Knives are always a handy skill to have. Camouflage isn’t terribly helpful against a disguise equipped vampire due to the close proximity, but will allow you to move unnoticed if you think a deceiver is sizing you up for some mental domination.
    Any secondary is helpful except grapple, which leaves you exposed to dominate, which can then send you off of your vantage point for some hefty fall damage. You can also be snuck up on rather easily by a climbing deceiver. Turret and trap are great for close range encounters, while Volley’s throw ability is good for forcing a lurking deceiver out of his hiding spot.
    Due to the large zoom from charging the scouts’ bow, they really aren’t the best suited class to fighting a deceiver, as it leaves you very open to backstab or plague, and increases the chances of him disguising right up to you. But the general pattern is similar to many other vampires, dodge the major skills, drop the AoE skill, knife him to stun him inside the AoE and pop him full of arrows. Also due to the scout’s slower rate of fire, Illusions give the deceiver more than enough time to escape, and Phase will kill you before you can get too much more damage in. So in all honesty, it is better to switch classes.

    Alchemist Loadout and Tips
    Any alchemist weapon does enough damage to dispel Illusion in one shot, except for the multi-cannon. The viscous cannon also has the potential to detonate only one illusion, as it does not explode on contact. The alchemist is indeed best equipped to hammer on deceivers. Light bomb is always a good damage skill, while sunlight vial can blind the vampire. Any secondary is helpful against a deceiver, while healing mist may be the weakest.
    Roof check any nearby roofs to search for a deceiver waiting to dominate. Use melee to ensure allies are actually allies, as the grenades can be a bit awkward to shoot that close. Once the fight starts, dodge the stab, and hammer on him with damage and your AoE skills. The constant splash damage is very helpful against both Illusions and Phase, especially flamethrower, as the deceiver has no way of disabling it.

    Prophet Loadout and Tips
    Any pistol will do the trick. Like the Tyrant, all three primary skills have their strengths. Hex shot for lockdown, Drain for damage+heal, Disable to cripple the corpse. Life Leech has lifesteal, and sacrifice or Eldritch Guard can save someone from being mangled. You will need to back off if Phase is used and try to nail him with Hex, as prophets lack both AoE and clip capacity to deal with it effectively.

    This guide is accurate as of: August 7th
    Note that the Prophet and Deceiver, as well as several abilities, are beta features and can be subject to substantial changes.
    Any feedback can be sent to me (Razaiim) via private message on the website, or steam (SirShua).
    Harry the Hunter is a lean mean stake-shooting machine. He’s the bread and butter of the human armies. He is well equipped to bring the hurt on vampires from near any distance. His highly sustainable damage, moderate accuracy and repertoire of whips bolas and explosives are not to be sneezed at or taken lightly. Follow these tips if you want to survive against several of these vampire hating goons.
    What do we know?
    A hunter is going to have several items that make vampire unlife mildly difficult. His crossbows boast huge rate of fire, pack enough damage per clip to clean up the lesser clans (barring the Tyrant) and with some practice can nail a vampire at even the far edges of what can be called medium range. The crossbow also allows the hunter to occasionally face tank a vampire if he so chooses that route. Hunters may be packing one of the bola twins, which disable attacks, dodges and traversal, or Whip, which can stagger you or rip you off your perch to a pokey death. Every hunter is also going to be packing an explosive of various strength, range and radius, but all are assuredly anti-vampire.
    General Tactics
    A hunter heavy team is not going to be fun to approach. Plain and simple. A skilled team will be too spaced out to nail with a single AoE, and still close enough to lend instant support and firepower to their teammates. Straight rushing them, even over rooftops, will reward with several bolts to the general body region. You will need to hide your approach and yourself until it’s time to head in, find ways to split them off, and keep them from supporting each other, and ensure you get the first hit in. The instant AoE available means that if multiple vampires gang up in large fight, they are going to get roasted with some big damage numbers. So the ideal situation will be: Everyone pick a target, and engage at once. Everyone on your team should have a skill to eliminate or mitigate bola, as it is still the popular choice, and these also help to mitigate damage taken from his crossbows.
    After the initial engagement, be sure to dodge around the hunter as soon as he recovers from whatever you trounced him with. The average hunter will attempt to disable you with bola first, then pew-pew you into oblivion. If he misses the bola at this stage, and you are mildly competent in the art of WM1 spamming, then the fight is in the bag. However some players will elect to shoot you and not try to disable you immediately. In this case they are either saving bola as an OH (censored)! Ability, or have Whip equipped. Dodging after every couple swipes will put you just behind the hunter, and make it harder to land one of those skills on you. Again avoiding one of these is crucial to survival. If the hunter has explosive or blinding shot, there is little that can be done to avoid them up close, so you will have to weather at least some of the damage. If you see a Hunter launch a grenade, haul out. Those things deal more than enough damage to swing a fight if you are too close to the blast radius. If the Hunter hasn’t used any of his secondary skills late into the fight, then expect him to drop a grenade at his feet to try and martyr himself. If this happens roll away immediately, as you cannot count on the splash to kill him, but it will roast you into next Tuesday.
    Reaver Loadout and Tips
    As a Reaver you are going to have a few options at your disposal. Human teams come in two varieties, indoorsy and outdoorsy. Against an indoorsy team, it is safest to use choking haze to flush them out, and then use pounce/savage pounce to lock em down or having at it with sweep kick. An outdoorsy team will require good use of smoke bombs to keep the hunters from supporting each other. Choking haze is better used once the hunters are occupied, so that they can’t avoid it as easily. For the average player, Evade is useful as it breaks bola and renders you immune to a hunter’s primary weapon, and negates the risk of being stuck by sticky grenade. Shadow step is great for repositioning if you are in a sticky spot, getting out if you are bola’d and getting in if you are forced away. Shadow step also works great in tandem with Sweep kick. If you are feeling confident about your bola dodging you can run haste for the boost to movement and attack speed, which will give you more than enough firepower to clean up house, and the speed will also help you effect a get away.
    Tyrant Loadout and Tips
    As hulking Tyrant, you are going to have to evaluate. The Charge duo is good for clearing out buildings, and generally knocking people about, and leaves you immune to bola during the duration. Jump Attack is good when the humans are in a position where getting a good charge is too difficult, and hits a fair bit harder, however the recovery leaves you with a brief second of not being able to use any skills. Ground slam can be risky to use as it means you will need to place yourself in the middle of bola happy hunters to be effective, and throw leaves you mighty vulnerable if the rest of the team isn’t occupied, as well as being interrupted by bola and whip. Shockwave is then left as the best answer with its range, okay(ish) damage and knockdown. Ignore Pain is handy for mitigating damage damage, busting out of bola, and huddling up to a human to so that they can’t gang up on your teammates while you’re disabled. Again if you are feeling like you can dodge a bola regularly than Enrage is going to burn through a hunters health like nothing else.
    Despite your boosted hitpoints, you shouldn’t engage unless your team is sure to follow you in, and should wait until you have smoke for cover. 2 hunters can rip you up in a cinch, 4 even faster. The general idea is again to dodge around to avoid the bola/whip, and the worst of the explosive skills in the secondary slot. After that it’s just a matter of more WM1 and hope no one tag teams you from behind.
    Sentinel Loadout and Tips
    As a sentinel you have the boon of flying. Against hunters this becomes a bit of a curse as you close in. More skilled hunters can get off a couple shots while you’re moving in, so I would suggest sticking near the buildings and using flight as an extended jump for a time. Abduct and kidnap will be trickier to pull off in the open as hunters can bola you during flight and during these skills. Your best bet for landing these skills is to make a note of where humans are roughly, and then charge the skill out of sight to swoop around for a quick snatch. Wing flap has uses for being an AoE, and can knock hunters into hazards such as off ledges, poison and walls. Puncture lets you get off some quick damage with your wing-pokes. Take-off is useful for blasting a hunter and escaping bola. Divebomb does murderous damage and gets you right into the fight. Airstrike lets you do some damage before you expose yourself, and Echolocate lets you track humans through geometry to make those around the corner snatches easier, or spawn camping a player.
    If you have Airstrike, you can generally harass with that until you’re ready to go in, under the cover of your teammates assault. Any earlier will just get you peppered out of the sky. Once you have a successful grab, try to carry a human up and around geometry for separation and fall damage. If you have puncture you want to avoid rooftops as you want that higher fall. If you have wing flap you can drop a hunter onto a roof then blast him off for more damage. Once a Human has been dropped off, swing around to close in with divebomb, or just land and begin the assault. If you use wingflap after landing, dodge to the side once the hunter recovers, as he will desperately bola after taking so much damage. After that the fight is yours. Puncture should be saved until you’ve maneuvered closer to him so that he has less time to react to the skill. If you get bola’d run in circles until it breaks or use take-off. If you managed to land all of your skills, then this alone should polish him off. If it didn’t, circle back to finish him off and feast. In the case where you missed your grab and left your victim in the melee proceed to land in any fashion and wreck face with your fellow underlings.
    Deceiver Loadout and Tips
    The Deceiver is moderately effective against hunters. A watchful player can spot a disguise, so the invisibility part is more useful. Hunters are also accurate enough to break Dominate Mind if they aren’t otherwise occupied. So indeed you will need to wait for some distraction to make full use of these. Backstab will be better against a skilled and spread out team for the higher single target damage and cools down quickly, but tighter teams will fall to Infect quite handily. Illusions is a decent escape tool, so long as your prey doesn’t accidentally pick the right deceiver to shoot at. Phase is downright murderous, so I’d suggest this skill above Illusions (600 hundred damage over 6 seconds, and all you have to do is walk around, come on).
    The general idea is to hide somewhere near the humans and when they are distracted use the invisibility part of disguise to get behind them and rematerialize as a hunter. Then lurk some until your buddies join the fray, and unload with a backstab or infect. You can then either melee the hunters until dead, or pop phase to crunch out some solid damage. Illusions is also handy for disorienting humans and then continuing the attack, especially if the illusions themselves join in.
    Sammy Scout was the human’s resident sniper (*cough*Prophet*cough*). His charged longbows pack a mean punch, and the scout is the slipperiest of the human classes to duke it out with, and possesses excellent tools to position himself, or any vampire baddies looking for a tango. Here’s how to avoided finding yourself stapled to a wall by some Hawkeye level tomfoolery.
    What do we Know?
    Scouts are the human version of the Sentinel for versatility and variability in their toolkits. Scouts are going to be packing a hefty longbow, all with meh rate of fire and some OUCH! Damage, which when charged, escalates to HOLY CRAP! Damage. The scout is going to be equipped with one of three very different primary skills: Knives throws a trio of daggers which impale and interrupt attacks and many primary/secondary skills. Mark Target will lase a vampire, outlining him and boosting any damage done by 10%, and for 10 seconds. Camouflage will make a scout near invisible for a period of time. In the secondary slot, a scout will be having either Grapple to ascend to new vantage points for boosted devilry, Volley which calls down a rain of arrows, auto-turret which sprays bullets in a radius, and Trap, a proximity mine.

    General Tactics
    Scouts are going to be outdoors where they can use the long sightlines to shoot down incoming prey. Currently most scouts will be equipped with Swiftbow for up close damage, or Stormbow for the delayed explosion damage, and running knives + volley. However any other combination is equally viable given the proper circumstances. Generally approaching scouts will be similar to hunters. Stay hidden as much as possible until you are ready to engage. Scout’s aoe skills and damage aren’t as powerful as a hunter’s so it is safe to gang up on single scout if it’s a scout heavy team. It is also important to get the scout to waste as much ammo as possible, due to their low clip size and healthy reload times. Once opportunity comes knocking, make the engagement and get in his grill. A scout won’t be able to charge his bow for max damage, and will take healthy damage from his AoE skills, just watch out for the AoEKnife combo, especially with auto-turret. Also any scout using grapple should be approached by two people form below, preferably one of you should have some skill to send him to the ground for fall damage and privacy from other scouts. Many scouts will also hug trap, so with practice and swiftness, you can run and roll past the trap to detonate it on the scout while taking little damage yourself.

    Reaver Loadout and Tips
    A scout team will stay relatively spread out, relying on their superior range to assist each other, and to cover more angles of attack. Any special skill can be utilized. The pounce trinity make excellent gap closers, while sweep kick gets some quick damage on the target. While haze will be able to get some ok damage in, Smoke bomb stops scouts from supporting each other with their weapons, due to the need to make each shot count. Any secondary is equally useful against scouts. Evade negates knives and most bows except the Stormbow, and can be used to charge right up to a scout. Shadow step is another useful gap closer and positioning tool, while Haste will bring on the hurt.
    When Engaging, you will want to lob a smoke bomb to disorient the team, and be snappy with getting up close and personal, meaning a quick and decisive pounce or shadow step. After you’ve opened up with a major skill or a couple slashes, dodge to the side to avoid incoming knives, step out of any AoE, and pummel him. A memorable fight was when I ran leap attack back in alpha. Scout and I were duking it out, both of us getting low, and he managed to separate us with Volley. I fired leap attack and nailed him on the other side without a single arrow from the sky in my back. OK /tangent.
    Tyrant Loadout and Tips
    I would advise against Jump Attack if you want to lead the team to victory. The amount of time being exposed in the air makes it extremely easy to get peppered on the way down. Or worse, get cranked by a Warbow. It’s not the hardest shot to pull off, if I can do it with my jerky jumpy mouse, than anyone that ever played a shooter can do it too. So either wait for a distraction from other teammates, or lead the charge with…Charge. Any of the primary skills have their merits, though Throw leaves the least time for your prey to react, and can dislodge a grappling scout nicely. Ground slam is possibly the weakest due to its longer activation time and short range. And take enrage over ignore pain for the secondary. The only reason not to is if you don’t have it. A proper engagement should leave little necessity to need a pull out skill, and a bad engage will mean death for your teammates and leave you all alone, regardless of whether you feel pain or not, and the scout has no lasting disables.
    As tyrant your biggest worry is going to be the Trapknife combo, or the auto-turretKnife combo. If a scout drops one of these and hasn’t used knives, you need to get out of the radius before you’re stuck there. Many a Tyrant has fallen because I dropped my auto-gun, under a tyrant, knifed him, and backpedaled shooting. I have also died as a Tyrant in this manner. Clear these obstacles, hit em with your choice primary, activate enrage (actually activating enrage at any point in the engagement process is handy) and then WM1 as usuals.
    Sentinel Loadout and Tips
    You are a brave man playing sentinel against anything more than one scout. Yessir. Not even I a Sentinel Lord would do that. Charged arrows and L33T snipes + mark target will be your nightmare. So will Warbows. Note that if you are hit by a warbow, spam the spacebar since if you are high enough up you can recover before you take any fall damage. High Flying should be done scarcely, just enough to peek then swoop back down to building level. Kidnap and abduct are near identical so it doesn’t matter which you pick. Wingflap can be combo’d with roofs to knock down any scouts whether they like to grapple up, or you just plunked him there. Puncture makes for great stabbing damage. Takeoff is not advised against scouts as it’s easy enough to charge a shot and follow you up to plunk you back down again. Dive bomb should be used once a distraction has been made, or once you’ve carried a scout away from his comrades. Airstrike is good once you have mastered throwing it over buildings so you don’t expose yourself. Echolocate is as always useful for locating and spawn camping, or some tighter clutchier snags, and grants you sight of camouflage.
    It will be handy to know some evasive maneuvers so you don’t get riddled. A and D will dodge you left or right, and following the dodge with your mouse will let you boost in that direction. You can also use space bar to drop out of flight, fall a few feet, then hit space again to re-engage.
    Making a grab is going to be similar to the hunter group. Make a note of approximate positions, charge around a corner then swoop around for a target, or just fly away if you can’t find one. If your team engaged during this period and you missed, re-enter the fray with dive-bomb or airstrike if you can, then land to maul some face. A successful kidnap will lead to the standard kidnapdive bombwingflap/puncturedodge knifepummel until win combo, unless he has camo. If he activates it before you hit the ground then he’ll already be too far away for you to hunt him down, take to the air and wait for him to stick his head out, or return to the rest of the fight.
    Deceiver Loadout and Tips
    The Deceiver seems to be made to break a scout team. A scout charging a shot will have a greatly narrowed field of view, especially on the left, allowing for easy use of disguise to sneak up to them and lay down the hurt. Again backstab will be the greater skill for raw damage, but if the scouts then feel free to plague them up. Dominate mind is riskier to use, as you will be left exposed to another charged shot, and other damage sources, but can be rewarding if combined with other vampire skills or hazards. Illusions will take two of their precious arrows to dispel each, and a great deal of time, so that’s viable. Phase also brutalizes a scout as they do not have the clip capacity to unload into the area, the time to line up a shot on you, and their AoE skills have enough of a tell that you can roll out of harm’s way in short order. Mark Target might reveal you if invisible (pending testing by me or confirmation from another party).
    Alice the Alchemist is not a nice lady. At least not to vampires. She packs a grenade launcher, and is stocked up on liquid fire, bottled sunlight, poisons and some heal-y goop. A cluster of vampires can get absolutely melted for ganging up onto a single person, or being in close quarters. This makes her excel at area denial, positioning vampires, and supporting teammates facing imminent mauling. How does one avoid getting their bacon fried?
    What do we Know?
    We know that the alchemist is decked out with AoE damage. All of her grenade launchers do area damage, and can be shot for a fair distance, and can also be bounced around corners, excepting the Viscous Cannon. Fortunately there is little other variation in how they work besides stat tweaks, unlike the Scout’s weapons.
    In her primary slot you will find Sunlight Vial, which blinds vampires briefly, or Light bomb, an AoE damage skill. Personally I feel names should be swapped but oh well. The secondary slot gets a little tricky. Firewall does immense damage in a line across the using alchemist, and you need to be careful to make sure you’re not going to go swinging into one. Flame thrower is also incredibly evil, and peppers you for even more damage than firewall, but has limited range and can be disabled by knockdowns. Toxic Mist works exactly like Choking haze: it gets thrown, ugly looking goo spreads out and damages any vampires stuck in it. Healing mist is not going to hurt you directly, but can buy enough time for alchemists to clean you out, or negate a decent chunk of damage that you and your team can do.
    General Tactics
    Don’t gang up too hard is rule number one. Every single shot does splash damage, and good alchemists will aim at their teammates, allowing them to get more reliable damage and dish it out to all attacking vampires. So if the whole flock is going to bear down on a single target, make sure they are alone, otherwise your carcasses will send an alchemist to the top of the score board. On the approach it is less necessary to hide yourself as the projectiles travel fairly slowly and have a limited range due to their arc. This arc does mean a team of alchemists can check roofs to clear you out of the area. This can also be achieved with Light bomb and toxic mist, though her throwing arm is no match for a vampire’s. If the alchemists are hiding indoors then the best bet is to pack whatever AoE you have, duck in, launch it and duck out. This can be a bit of a grind if they have healing mist, but done properly you will eventually pull ahead. If they are out doors then make sure that you all have a target in mind, and you’re not going to get blasted beside a buddy. Typical fights against an alchemist include a lot of dodging behind them to distance yourself from the explosives, and throwing swipes at them until dead, If they raise their arm to do anything, dodge backwards, at best they’re only throwing sunlight vial to blind you. At worst they’re dropping a firewall. If this firewall does appear, take a step back to ensure the chemist doesn’t roll forward, trying to juke you. If they do, then they are now stuck on the same side of the flames as you. If they don’t, you need to find a way around. If they start diddling with their launcher than you are going to eat a flame thrower, and should back off or bust out a disabling skill.
    Reaver Loadout and Tips
    As a Reaver you are going to want choking haze. Smoke bomb’s obscurity does little since alchemists have so much splash damage, they can follow the tags over their teammates and spam shots in the general direction and most likely hit you. There is also little need for evasion as it provides no protection from any of the alchemist’s weapons or abilities. Shadow step is handy for moving about with out taking damage, but haste is probably best due to the huge boost in attack and move speeds, allowing you to punish an alchemist’s small clip and slow rate of fire by dodging and attacking stupidly fast. You can back these up with the special skill of your choice, leap for speed, pounce/savage for damage, or sweep for flair. It should be noted that the usual strategy of poisonpounceevaderun is weaker as alchemist’s can remove a reaver from a target quickly, and again evade provides no protection. Also be aware that you’re only way to disable flamethrower is to hit an alchemist with pounce or savage pounce, so you will need to back off if this appears.
    Tyrant Loadout and Tips
    Tyrants get pretty free reign over their load outs. Jump attack can make a tyrant near unassailable while closing in, due to all the alchemist’s skills having an arc. Charge or Marathon are also good engagers, and can stampede over alchemists hiding in large houses and indoors areas. Any of the hulk’s primary skills are also valid. However if you are using throw, be careful. An alchemist can drop firewall or toxic mist at their feet just before you grab, and the long animation will result in you taking near fatal damage. Ignore pain is especially useful for hunkering up to an alchemist and causing their shots to detonate on themselves. Firewall and flamethrower are also excellent for supercharging you if you are toting enrage. Note that shockwave, charge, marathon charge and throw all disable flamethrower.

    Sentinel Loadout and Tips
    Sentinels rock alchemists hard. A high flying sentinel is untouchable by any alchemist’s attacks, and even low flying ones are tricky to hit. You have perfect leeway with your loadouts. Kidnap and Abduct are near identical so take your pick. Wing flap can knock alchemists into their own AoE skills for damage, disable flamethrower or just bounce them around. Puncture is a good stabby and impalement tool. Any of the secondary skills also have their uses. Dive bomb for getting in close and wrecking face, air strike for harassment, Echolocate for hunting down hiding alchies, and take off for making a quick getaway and getting a final hit in.
    Deceiver Loadout and Tips
    The Deceiver is not too stellar against alchemists, due to the very close ranged nature of many of his skills. Even Dominate Mind frequently leaves you in attacking range. If you insist on playing Deceiver, Dominate can be called the better skill as it can be used in conjunction with an alchemist’s own AoE skills to lay down the hurt. It is all too easy to spot disguise and drop firewall at the last second for some speedy incineration. A single alchemist shot from anything but the multi cannon will dispel Illusions as soon as you use it, and Phase leaves you dangerously close to get blasted by skills dropped at the ground. Honestly you might be better off switching classes if there are a hefty number of alchies.

    The Prophet (no good name as yet) is a lean mean pistol packing blood magic totin’ machine. The pistols are highly accurate, shoot fast, reload faster, and will wallop you hard. Prophets are also backed up with curses and hexes to hinder your abilities, and strong support skills to bolster their friends. Read on if you wish to know the secret to altering your fated death at the hands of these witches.
    What do we know?
    The prophet is going to be wielding a pair of quick-firing pistols, which are often considered to be the best weapons in game once all is taken into account. In the primary slot, the prophet will have two placed aoe skills, or a disabling shot. In the secondary you will find either a life steal laser, healing tentacles, or single target magic shields. The life steal is the most common skill out there, but Eldritch guard is frequently used.
    General tactics
    Prophets are the mid-ground between hunters and scouts, and fighting them is very similar to the former two. Spacing is still beneficial for prophets, but due to the difficulty in gauging the max range of their skills, they tend to stay fairly close together. Fighting prophets is actually the most straightforward of the human classes, as their biggest threat will be hex shot if they have it, their pistols, and their teammates. Hex shot has a healthy wind up where the prophet stops firing and line up the pistols, which is your cue to vamoose out the way, since Hex will disable your attacks like bola, but with the added bonus of slowing you, and disabling even your defensive skills. Disabling curse does moderate damage, and will remove your skills briefly, but you will be able to attack, run and climb unhindered. Draining curse causes a pile of nasty tendrils which deal damage to you and heals the witch. The latter two really have minimal impact if initially hit, and dodging out the way clears of you of Drain’s small AoE. Life leech is a quick beam of 200 hp from you to the prophet, which amounts to two extra attacks from a reaver, and one extra from everything else, except odd situations where it is used and the prophet is so weak it is still less than your vampire’s attack. Eldritch guard can be used to shield an ally, and is no threat to you if you are engaging the prophet directly, and Sacrifice will actually weaken the prophet for you, but it’s short range means an ally nearby is in pain-delivering distance too. Two-prophet teams can also use guard to negate Sacrifice damage, or just heal each other since sacrifice heals more than it does damage.

    Reaver loadout and tips
    Any of the pounce skills or sweeping kick are useful, and not even prophets can predict what you’ll be using. Smoke is handy for obscuring line of sight and complicating the aiming of skills. Choking haze is also viable due to the aforementioned relative tightness of prophet groups. Evade has uses for dodging life steal, hex, or standard pistols, but does not break hex if you are already struck by it. Haste is powerful for delivering pain, and shadow step is an all-round awesome movement tool.
    Tyrant loadout and tips
    Any Tyrant special is viable, but bear in mind the Hex shot if aimed well can negate your jump attack and leave your stunted carcass amid trigger happy vampire slayers. Any of your primary skills will also work. Ground slam can usually nail one or two prophets, as can shockwave with aim and positioning. Throw is actually quite mighty against a prophet, as only hex will meaningfully affect you. Keep in mind that if throwing a shielded enemy, almost all damage will be absorbed by the shield, so you have essentially distanced them form you, with little gain from it. Ignore pain is useful to mitigate heavy damage, but enrage is the better skill, as not even life leech can heal through the damage at higher enrage levels.
    Sentinel loadout and tips
    Sentinels are also fairly straightforward. You can really take your pick of any skills. A couple things to bear in mind: Eldritch guard will mitigate almost all damage from kidnap and abduct. Also be aware of flying out in sight for too long, due to pistols’ high accuracy. Otherwise the odds are in your favour. Your speedy movement will make hex shots and life steal hard to land, and the other abilities either affect your teammates or need to be placed on the ground and don’t reach you.
    Deceiver Loadout and tips
    The Deceiver is actually well equipped to battle prophets. The cooldown on Hex shots and disable curse are too long to waste on a potential disguise. Prophets can be tricky to dominate as they can pepper you reliably in that range. Infect is good for dropping Eldritch guard and breaking up a group with a prophet. Backstab has its usual place for assassination. Illusions take a healthy amount of time and ammo to dissipate, and shooting a ducking and weaving deceiver with phase is also going to be time consuming, as well as very painful. Keep in mind that Hex shot will disable phase, and disabling curse might as well (I haven’t seen this skill used enough to say for sure).
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