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Thread: Square Enix - PC

Square Enix - PC

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    Your missing out on soooo many games with only being a PC gamer... and I think ninja said it the best out of all of us. It is hard enough to get companies to localize games. Which should be easier than a port.

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    Hmmm Long time thread.

    Still nothing change.

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    Of course, now they can't use that idea, because you guys own the copyright.

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    The title sums up the point of this post pretty well. I'm a longtime Square fan. Started with FF III (VI) in the mid 90s, and done my best to play as many of thier RPG titles since. Around the end of PS2/ start of PS3 time period I found myself migrating to PC from consoles. From this point on I've done the vast majority of my gaming on PC. However, I've found myself having to pick up a console to enjoy Square RPGs, along with a few other series published by other companies.

    As time has gone on though, I've seen the PC get more attention, even by Square Enix. Tomb Raider being a good example. However, when I looked into the info about FFXV and KH3 from E3 I see that they're being developed for Xbox One and PS4. I find it bizarre that they have aknowledged that they have a PC fanbase, released some games on the platform, and are even designing these games with DirectX 11. I'm just wondering why 2 of their biggest franchises are being left as console games. If they had decided to keep both series as Sony exclusives of the years I'd get it, but they seem to be branching out to reach as many fans as possible.

    Now I'm not saying I won't purchase the games if they don't hit PC, but I'm feeling pressure to buy a platform that I would give very minimal attention to outside of S/E games. I find it even more odd that the pressure is coming from a 3rd party company, and not one of the first party studios that Sony and MS have.

    I'm posting this here because I'm hoping I'm not their only PC fan. If I am I can totally see why they wouldn't be releasing them on PC. However, I would think I'm not the only one, so whoever feels the same way please post in here about your interest in PC jRPGs.

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    Cool win 32 a 64

    bonjours a tous comment je peu passer de win 32 a win 64 car j'ai regarder dans le dossier du jeu est il est en win 32 alors que je suis en win 64
    y at'il une manipulation pour changer sa car impossible d'aller sur le jeu ?

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    restification pour les francais car la traduction est minable.
    je veux changer le dossier du jeu en windows 64 comment puis je faire .j'ai regarder le dossier il est en windows 32 et mais impossible de me connecter au jeu, merci d'avance.

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    Bring more to PC

    I read this article the other day, and I would just like to say this is an amazing idea.

    I absolutely want to play Final Fantasy XV, but I can't get a PS4.

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    Please Square.

    I know that must be this in some place, but, for the sake of gggggaaaa , put all ur games as soon as posible on steam, wanna get there all ur games...

    I dont have any ps3 or ps4 , with my age 32yrs old , the last console was ps2, and now almost all time im on the PC, one day i found the title of final fantasy on steam, and im was fascinated, but you must put there all your games, disidia, ff.

    Please Hurry up, as a customer i demand it. !!!

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    I NEED Kingdom Hearts III, FFXV, and FF-Type 0 HD on PC! This generation I will not be buying a PS4 or XBONE. It's either PC or Wii-U or 3DS or Vita for me. I hope they are listening. I will buy their games on PS4 if I can find a good used one in a pawn shop someday, but that will be years down the road after all of their games they made for it are out of print. I have been a LONGTIME fan since the NES and SNES days. Don't ditch the fanbase where all the fame started....

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