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Thread: favorite tomb raider anniversary outfit

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    favorite tomb raider anniversary outfit

    my favorite anniversary outfit is the catsuit(TR3,TRC) camoflauge(TRAOD)

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    catsuit, doppelganger.

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    my favourite outfit is camoflauge, then legend, then croft manor.
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    definately the Catsuit,Legend,and the Golden one

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    The Antarctica one or the camo shorts one I suppose.

    The PSP version has two extra costumes you see:

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    My favourites are Camouflage and Catsuit. Next come the Legend outfit and the standard Anniversary outfit.

    Does anyone like Scorched Natla, Doppelganger or Classic?
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    My favorite TRA outfit is definitely the Camouflage one It's so cool!

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    In order:

    2)Camo Shorts
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    i like natla and doppleganger

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    I like the classic outfits the best in this one but the gold one is good too.

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    My favourite Anniversary outfit is Legend

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    The classic outfit =)

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    Legend Outfit overall
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    Wetsuit and Croft Manor Sport. I also like the Anniversary, Classic, and Catsuit outfits.

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    I like the Camoflauge.

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    Anniversary Outfit. It's perfect.

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    Legend. Tho I'll admit it was funny for a bit to run around in the classic old school model. All these highly detailed enviornments and Lara looks like $hit in comparison. Was good for a laugh for a bit.
    The gold one looked cool, but I found myself humming the theme from "Goldfinger" alot, so I had to switch back to Legend.
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    Croft Manor Sport =)
    just love it

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    the catsuit and wetsuit is my favorite outfit....

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    Sink Or Swim

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    Legend, Gold, and Doppleganger
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    defently main outfit..
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    Classic 100%.

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