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Thread: Collector's Edition or Standard Edition?

Collector's Edition or Standard Edition?

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    Two firsts for me with this game. First ever game I've ever pre-ordered and first ever game I've bought the collector's edition of cause I have a feeling this will be the greatest game ever.
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    Yeah, I'm getting the Batarang.

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    Originally Posted by Ryuuie
    Plastic and it's fixed to the stand.
    What kind of plastic? Because there's still no information on what the heck it's exactly made of? I mean, you gotta be crazy to think you can justify 40 extra dollars avoiding the question of the quality of focused item, thus why I'm still in torn between standard and CE (aka still haven't pre-ordered).

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    Originally Posted by BBboy20
    What kind of plastic?
    If I'm not mistaken it's this:

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    Originally Posted by Henke123
    So it's cheap plastic then? Great...

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    CE on PS3
    I liked the Joker before it was cool

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    standerd. not swayed to pay an extra £20 on stuff I don't really need...
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    Standard Edition

    I'm not a huge fan of Batman, and the CE isn't available where I buy the game

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    Collector's Editions seem aimed at the hardcore fanbase.

    But, then again...whenever a new IP of a new franchise (not Batman, since he's an established property) comes out the gate with a CE or gotta wonder.

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    Standard Edition...can't get the CE

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    Why not?

    CE is the way I'm going, I dont have the $$, but overdraft here i come!

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    I say standard because there are too many other good games coming out this year

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    Originally Posted by KillerCroc
    Most people will get the collector's edition because this may very well be the first well-done Batman game. And most of us are comic book geeks and piss our pants at the thought of playing the game, and flipping through the cool leather journal (US), and the nifty batarang that most of us will put in a display case. *looks down at pants* Aw crap.
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    Originally Posted by DarkCrusader67
    CE! just another item to add to my collection! but if the batarang is heavy enough ill use that as a weapon lol
    heck yea

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    Collector's Edition. The extras are just too cool to pass up. Also getting the strategy guide with the Joker cover, but only using it to find the Riddles I can't. God, I can't wait.

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    CE for me. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Getting standard, but who knows, maybe I'll be able to get the collector's edition for the PS3 in teh bedroom.

    I want CE though...
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    standard. because money is tight this month
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    First time I've ever reserved a game. It'll be the first time I purchase a CE and this has been the only time I've traded in games towards another one. I've almost got my reservation paid off and I can't wait until the 25th. Now I just have to figure out if my store's gonna have a midnight release.

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    SE for me. CE seems nice, but not worth the money.

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    c.e. bay bee!!
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    standard edition for me, not pay the extra for a piece of plastic . if it was metal there no doubt as to the CE, but alas its not

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    Standard, seeing as for some dumb reason they aren't making the collectors edition for PC.

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    after playing demo i've preorded and paid for: PC Collectors Edition :]

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    CE 4tw =D

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