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Thread: What are the NEGATIVES about LRFFXIII?

What are the NEGATIVES about LRFFXIII?

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    There are several.

    Time limit. It ruins the game, ruins the exploration and all the experience. Especially when there's no any quest markers and you magically should know what to do. you just run around without any clue what to do next and time is running. Or often you need to wait half a day and you sleep and waste that time.

    Graphics and performance. Ugly graphics and 20fps. I know that PS3 is a dead console, but seriously 30fps should be the minimum, but now i am forced to play on 20fps.

    No party. There's nothing to explain.

    Combat system. If i'd want an action i'd play one. FF became an action game not rpg.

    This game should be forgotten and buried deep. This is an abomination.

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    Criticism is hard. However, the first game was too prescriptive as the second was sublime offering more freedom. Square Enix reached apotheosis with the saga. Of course, Final Fantasy Lightning Returns is not a perfect RPG for a bit too short for my taste. The time limit is not really a problem if the Lightning powers that are not complex to manage it properly control. It must be really hard not to appreciate the graphics. 20 FPS? Are you kidding. I believe that this post falls within the troll than anything else. Finally, it is only my opinion. To have a more concrete opinion on Final Fantasy Lightning returns, I suggest you visit this page. For those who do not understand French, you can use Google translate.

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    OK, I saw this and just had to comment. I hated Lightning Returns...A lot...I mean, if Lightning Returns was a person I would go out of my way to stab it 50 times in the chest and defecate on the corpse. I hated literally everything about it from the garbage plot hole ridden story, the uninspired and boring characters, the atrocious battle system, the dull and lifeless music, the lack of actual bosses that weren't just old recycled characters, and Hope (I REALLY hated hope), but as much as I loathed this wretched excuse for a game I gotta ask what was wrong with the graphics? They were fine, in fact the only thing right with this game as well as the costumes were the graphics. You want a game that makes PS2 graphics seem welcoming, play Drakengard 3. I would literally play Lightning Returns twice over than that abomination.

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    Hmm point taken, to be honest I love the design, story, structure and breakdown of the environment with everything that you manipulate and choose to do. I don't feel let down by anything. Negative? nah I have nothing, I love it altogether. And its a worthy challenge for any rpg fan to indulge.

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    If you want Square to fix these issues I'm holding a petition:

    Almost 500 people have signed so far :-)

    Originally Posted by ValhallaChaos
    ^ I actually agree with the visuals being less great-looking. Not in game model cutscenes (though, yes to that. But I'm mainly referring to) the textures and stuff look bad. I've got lagging, frame rate drops and what I think is screen tearing. Is it just me or do the CGI cutscenes from FFXIII (all the cinematic cutscenes fromnFFXIII) and FXIII-2 (the start and ending only, everything in between is 'meh' I think) look better than the cinematics from LRFFXIII? Obviously the hair and eye physics are much better in LRFFXIII (as well the smoke and particle effects), but I still think the CHI from FFXIII looks much better. E.g the bit where Hope and lightning are being chased in the own, then snow and fang rescue them. Also when they're flying on fang's eidolon.

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    I would love to post a POSITIVE statement regarding Hope Estheim and Vincent Martella in general. I have no clue why people think he has a whiny voice in Lightning Returns. His voice has rather matured between XIII and LR. XIII, he did pout a lot. Although he was a boy again, I noticed his voice was less nasally and had a little bass to it. In XII, he sounds like a 13 year old kid. However it is normal of a young teenager boy to complain and blameshift. Especially if you are born in one of the states that does not have a specialized the default American accent is nasal, especially for a teenager. The specialized accents in the U.S are: southern,Texan,New Jersey,Bronx or New York,jive, Massachusetts---maybe more, I think Martella played Hope Estheim perfectly. In Lightning Returns, he sounds like a year old. If you listen closely, his voice would match a mature 25-35 year old third generation Asian American. Generally speaking, some Asians have a higher pitch to their voices. I do know Martella is italian. He does not sound whiny to me whatsoever.

    Now, that I got that rant out of the way, I would like to talk about the truly negative things that hinders Lightning Returns.

    1.) TIME RESTRAINTS: I love to grind. It is a natural thing for a person who has played Final Fantasy to want to grind. I think it would have been better, if the game actually gave you a real 24 hour day to complete a in-game day. I love to synthesize my abilities and to level them up. If you actually had 24 hours per day, then it would not really matter.

    2.) I wish you could have up to 25 potions. Having 10 slots maximum was sufficient but made me feel limited. And you really have to complete lots of side quest to get those few extra slots. Hint: if you complete one of the moogle sidequest, you will get an extra slot.

    3.) graphic clipping and NPC's running into each other. Random NPC get out of my cutscene!

    4.) I wish there was another way to cast haste besides drinking potions and stealing it from enemies. I wish the ATB bars sped up faster all the time.

    5.) Limit Break should have been allowed on a first playthrough and not just a +new game. I did not even know LR had limit breaks! That's awesome. Why does one have to solve the game before obtaining it? LAME.

    6.) The game trying to auto-connect to the internet at the beginning of the game. I do not have a direct connection to the internet that is always on. I already downloaded my pre-order stuff using my 4G Hotspot connection. It is annoying to have to see this screen every time saying that it could not connect to otherworld services.

    Other than those 6 things, I think it is a great game to play. I do miss the turtles (toises). However, if they were not extinct and in this game, they would have been hard to beat.


    1.) Enemies drop gil. This was a relief.

    2.)No continuous game over screens. If you get hurt, you just ESCAPE.

    3.) Open world. You can do things in any sequence.

    4.) You can become stronger. in xiii, it was just a matter of choosing the correct weapon. You could upgrade in XIII, but it was a long painful process. Some players did not know you could upgrade a weapon or how to use their transformational catalyst. LR, simplified the process. Synthesizing and Level Boost is a better method. Plus, you do not have have to barter things to upgrade your weapons. However, level 3,4, or 5 tiers are cutoff from those on normal mode in LR. Still the weapon upgrading system is less painstaking than XIII, which literally could take you a month to upgrade all your weapons.

    Small disclaimer:
    I am actually half-asian (cantonese chinese), and I have a nasal voice. In fact, I am 35, and it is a strain on my trachea to go 2 octaves lower--a fake batman voice or superhero voice. I can do it for a little while, but it is just not natural for my voice-box.
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    I don't really mean to be negative about this game. But, "Lightning Returns" is one of those titles I would place on my "After List". What I mean by that is, back in the '90's "Final Fantasy" games were always a priority for me. If there was a different title out there that I had interest in, it would have to wait 'till I finished my FF playthrough. So, the game would be placed on my "After List". Personally, almost every single RPG out there today is an "After List" game. <sigh> It bums me out sometimes. lol Oh well...

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    Better later than never. Here are my negative critiques to LRFF:

    The graphics are almost identical to XIII-2, and honestly, in these days, I can't say they look as good as they used too. Some textures and npc models are pretty difficult to watch. Artistic design isn't very good either. Personally, I liked almost none of lightning outfits, and the 4 big worlds that you can explore lack uniqueness and charm. Actually, they made me crave for that time when FFXIII used to be all about straight corridors but at least they were all beautiful lol

    Multiple choice XIII-2 style dialog is no longer here. Why?

    Another thing that annoyed me, is that I'm a big fan of Majora's Mask Zelda, so I expected a lot about the "everchanging world". It didn't fill my expectations. First because the worlds are so big, that you won't be able to know what's going on the cities, and second because npcs do not actually have a pattern of behaviour that you can study. I mean, they are not "alive": they do not go from their houses to the school, from the school to the park, etc. They simply appear at certain moments in the day, and vanish again at another hour. Really, Square? At least you could have played a little bit of Majora's Mask, or even Skyrim, to learn how to do an "alive world" properly!

    But the worst of all things, was that when I reached like day 9 (you have 13 days to save the world), I was like: ok, now what? I had done all main quests and almost all side quests by then! So I spent 4 days doing practically nothing. I know you can simply go to the inn and sleep till the final day, but still it sounded flawed to me, specially while in the previous games I had the completely opposite feeling: I ended the games, and still had tons of things to do.

    The side quests, by the way, aren't memorable at all. I think they should have made less "rubbish quests" and focus on doing a few ones properly.

    And that's all

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    Terrible battle system, terrible battle system, and also terrible battle system.

    The time mechanic is stupid--it's extremely difficult to do time well in a game, particularly if it's a limit like this (you have 13 days, but each day only lasts 2 hours).

    Not much party time. You get a little bit of time with each character but not much. And of course poor Light and Serah don't get a reunion until the ending CGI.

    I personally didn't like the story direction. Not only with the whole "god is really evil, but can't see the hearts of men" but just in general the whole "world is ending!" aspect of it. I prefer a game world that I can explore pretty much at my leisure, which is where most FFs more lately have been (XII most especially).

    Edit: Also, graphics are okay, not good but okay, but the framerate. That framerate is absolutely unacceptable.
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    @ValhallaChaos i understand that you hate hope he's is just kid he is kinda boring i give you that but the rest of the character are quite interesting,

    I cannot however agree with all this ranting in the end i had my fun and the story was very good for not speaking of the OST.

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