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Thread: Alternate ending. Lara's final journal entry II

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    Alternate ending. Lara's final journal entry II

    A dream?

    How long had I laid unconscious on the floor of that temple, Amanda beside me, the sword unsheathed resting at my side.

    I saw Alister’s face, but was it real, or only the apparition of regret.

    As I began to rise, Amanda stood over me, a look of anger on her face. We needed each other to escape from Helheim, but now the odds were even. She grasped the Entity stone in her hand, I drew my sword. Our eyes locked in mistrust, hatred and the promise of revenge.

    “Do you really think killing me will make us even?” I asked, already half knowing her answer.

    “Do you think killing me will bring back your Mother?”

    I reeled.

    I did not know whether to execute her where she stood or break down in tears. I wanted to strangle her, I wanted to chastise myself, I don't know what I wanted.

    The impulse to strike surged within me and I held my weapon aloft ready for some kind of final battle, some sort of miserable solution to the entire drama, when suddenly my PDA beeped.

    “Saved by the bell?”

    “I have to take this.”

    It was a video message sent from somebody in England...

    “Miss Croft, hopefully this message will reach you before it is too late. It’s about Alister, we thought you should know, he’s alive. Please forgive me, but my initial prognosis was somewhat inaccurate due to the fact that while I was reading his vital signs, I had forgotten and was still wearing my gloves and was unable to detect the faintest presence of a pulse. I should have known no English heart is so easily quelled.

    There is something else you should know. The fire.

    Its destruction has reveled an underground Dais similar to the one in Nepal. Apparently your father discovered a Dais right here in England, and he built Croft Manor over top of it to keep it safe.

    There are instructions with it. We are sending the files now.

    It’s Avalon.

    A set of files uploaded to the PDA. The status bar filled from left to right, then flashed “Upload Complete”.

    By adjusting the ring stone settings to these the coordinates, Avalon will be programmed into the portal device.

    It's described as "A place of healing".

    Should you receive this message, you should be able to with God’s speed finally solve this riddle, and once and for all put an end to all the hurt that has happened, and restore your family name.

    Zip and I shall be awaiting your return.

    Good luck.

    In your service as always,


    But of course. How could I have missed that. Not in any of Stella’s walkthroughs had there been a mention of a hidden underground Dais?

    I snapped the PDA shut and returned my attention to Amanda.

    “Well, you always wanted to visit Avalon, this is your chance.”

    “Good, because I really did not want to bloody well walk home from here. What do you need”.

    “We have to adjust these stones to this setting, come on, there’s no reason we can’t both go”.

    Amanda and I reset the stones and powered up the Dais. The portal sprang to life and a white shimmering vortex appeared.

    Together we held hands and jumped inside...


    My first impression of Avalon was that everything was sideways, until I realized I was laying flat on the ground with my face in the grass. Small droplets of dew refracted rainbow tinted rays of light between the blades.

    As I rose, all around me was an intense white blur. The light was overwhelming and it took several minutes to become adjusted to its brilliance and purity.

    Amanda stood next to me, speechless (for a change). Her mouth hung open as she looked around, not knowing what to say, or even in which direction to begin walking.

    Birds sang in the distance as I became slowly aware of a lush grass plain leading up to a tree-line on the horizon, and beyond, the gentle curve of forest covered hills, under a blue sky.

    As my eyes adapted to the light, a lone figure appeared walking toward us...

    “Lara?, is that you? Lara?...”


    I ran into her arms, and held her so tight as even Thor's hammer could not separate us.

    I wept openly.

    She held me at arm’s length and gave me a good look up and down.

    Then she hugged me again, and I could feel her tears falling on my shoulder.

    I am not sure how long time lasts in Avalon, but it felt like a hundred years. I stood there safe in her arms, as a little child again, protected from the world and all wants and injuries. I will never be cold again.

    “Well, look at you, all grown up now, and saving the world? Your father and I are so proud of you”.

    My Father.

    It was only then I realized a figure stood just steps away.

    A tall handsome man wearing a dark jacket.



    We hugged.

    No ocean in the world could have held my tears.

    I think even Amanda began to cry.

    We stood there holding each other until our stout British decorum finally intervened.

    With a few final wipes of my cheeks, I addressed both of my parents for the first time since childhood and was satisfied that it had all been worth it.

    They were safe now, and living in a world of peace and tranquility, but more importantly, they had each other.

    We walked upon the fair lawns of that realm for hours uncounted, and talked about all that had happened since the beginning of our quest.

    My father, after having been betrayed by Natla, had somehow managed to reach one of the portals and escape her wrath, but unfortunately, he had no time or the chance to leave a message as to his fate. Once healed in Avalon, a human can remain only for a short duration before they become too accustomed to its gifts to return to the mortal plane.

    He had been trapped, and could find no way to send a message, trusting only in the skill, and his instilment of perseverance and all his accumulated knowledge bequeathed upon his daughter.

    How long had he remained there, he could not easily determine, as one day in Avalon, is like a hundred days in the world, where there is no age or pain or the suffering of lesser needs. His time had been spent in study and the histories of the world and long conversations with others of his peer, including King Arthur himself. A surprisingly young man seemingly still in his twenties, yet wizened and grayed over the ages with the weight of duty and responsibility.

    As the days lingered, I was reminded that it would soon be time to leave. One cannot remain in Avalon and expect to return unaffected. As a mariner who returns from the depths of the sea, I would need to leave soon or suffer an agonizing acclimation at the end of my stay.

    It was with many hugs and tears, I finally bid farewell to my parents. I offered my mother her prized broach, but she wouldn’t have it, saying that I might need it someday, should the sword ever fall into disrepair. She wanted me to return eventually, and reunite our family forever.

    Someone from a forum was kind enough to restore my journal, and that she said would suffice until then.

    My father left me with many words of sound advice and with a final kiss on my forehead, he held my hand and said how proud he was, and that there is one Relic that transcends all manner of achievement, accolade, awards, artifacts, riches and fame, and that is love.

    It is the one thing that cannot be lost, found or forged.

    “I love you daddy”.

    “I love you my child”.

    As I approached the portal I could hardly contain myself. Again the tears flowed freely, and I was just about to turn and wave goodbye, when suddenly a familiar voice fell among us.

    “There you are! It’s about bloody time! I’ve been waiting here for a millennium!”


    “Those stodgy bastards at Oxford are going to have Bengal Tigers when they discover all I have to say about this place!”.

    A chorus of laughter all around.

    I rushed up to Alister and was about to throw my arms around him, but again, decorum dictated that a lady simply does not... oh shag it... I grabbed his nerdy little head and drew him to my breast, kissing him on top of that fact filled noggin of his. Three big fat noisy kisses.

    He pulled away somewhat startled, his glasses steamed and sat crooked on his face. He ran four fingers through his hair and took a deep breath.

    “Well, I say!”

    His knees seemed weak and they buckled ever so slightly.

    Amanda giggled.

    “Right well, wonders what this place can do for a man, I feel right as rain and can’t wait to get back and tell Zip all about it. Make HIM ride in the back seat for a change, ay-what?”

    I composed myself, picking three specks of lint from Alistair’s jacket lapel, then gave it a bit of a dusting off with the back of my hand as if he had just passed inspection.

    “Yes, well, it’s good to see you. You look none the worse for wear. Fit to return to work are we?”

    “Yes ma-am!”.

    “Good, well carry on, let’s go home, we have an Estate to reclaim”.

    I turned toward Amanda,

    “Are you coming? There’s room enough for you at the Manor if you’d like. We could always use another good man- I mean good person on the team. The pay isn’t terrific but the perks are wonde-“

    “I’m staying”


    “I’m staying in Avalon”.

    “Amanda, if you stay here you can never return”.

    “I know that, and it’s a decision I’ve already made. There was something I didn’t tell you about Paraiso. The reason I survived. That thing didn’t touch me. It took me. What you don’t realize is I was already dead. The Entity reanimated me. It brought me back to life, and without it, I can't survive in the real world. I'm dependent on it and bound to it forever, unless I stay here. I don’t want that kind of life anymore. I never did.”

    So it was with a heavy heart I said goodbye to my parents and my best friend whom I had known ever since College.

    Alister and I stepped through the portal, the last images of Amanda my Mother and Father faded into white oblivion, as the sight and sounds of the portal consumed us in a swirl of vacuum and infinity.

    When we awoke, Winston and Zip stood over us. The crumbled remains of a forgotten antechamber lay in ruins around us. Broken stones and burnt timbers. Some still smoldering as if I had just been there yesterday.

    Off to one side Winston had set up a table and chairs with folded towels, refreshments and his best tea service, just waiting for our arrival.

    “Ah, miss Croft, shall I be packing or unpacking your day bag?”

    I opened my hand, still clasping my Mother’s broach.



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    "Not in any of Stella’s walkthroughs had there been a mention of a hidden underground Dais!!!"

    Great job, I especially love your Amanda plot. The parents scene might be a little overly dramatic if they would have showed it literaly, but it would be alright if they did it like this: they slowly walk towards eachother, do a mugshot of them both, then they embrace and the screen zoomes out and fades into black. And no sound, only silence. And then the endcredits roll. That would be perfect to me.
    Still I think you should definatly solicitate at Crystal D to do the scriptwriting.

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    That's not really much of a journal, its more a fan-fic. I liked most of your other one, but I'm not into this one at all!
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    Hmm, good but a bit sunshine and rainbows in avalon for my liking. Why was Alister in Avalon if Winston said he was alive? Some great metaphors.

    Overall I prefered your first one a lot more.

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    I don't agree with any of the people who have posted a reply...

    I am very impressed with this post and love it just as much as the previous journal entry! Keep writing ... I loved Amanda's storyline in it, how she wanted to stay in Avalon because she was already dead ... that is amazing!
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    Wow...the explanations you put seemed great, especially about have potential dude! nice work

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    Finally, Avalon

    "You never have to be cold Lara"

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    Awesome!!!! I love it!!

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    awww tht was touching finally it over wow wat an amazing story it must hav took u long

    poor amanda
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    Wow, i wish i could write that good

    Great job though!!!!! You have some realy good ideas, you should consider like contacting eidos with them
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    DUDE!! go apply at cd/eidos!

    it is awesome! i loved the amanda part! very impressive!
    Oh yes, I've always found your ignorance quite amusing...

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    OMG I had goosebumps! It was so lovely, and credible (in relation to TR )

    I absolutely loved it. I think that the actual TRU ending should be how it is, and then Avalon and some more areas and this amazing story should be a DLC area full of peace and zen and beauty. Finally a beautiful landscape to move around in! Waiting for this since the beginning! Perhaps something like Kameo; the Enchanted Kingdom Beautiful water and luscious grass and saturated skies... Lovely!

    Perhaps the point of the levels could be to at first configure the stones (a nice puzzle), and then finding your way (optional co-op with Amanda ) to civilisation, and Lara's parents. Then a few side-quests and such, with a few treasures (A few, CD, being about 10 and NOT 50 ) and then, at the end, Lara must trek to find the dais across rolling hills and beautiful cliffs and structures

    Lovely storyline!

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