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RPG Ethics-lightning Returns

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    RPG Ethics-lightning Returns

    Yesterday marks the day I ever bought a strategy guide(collectors). this game is filled with lots of quest galore! Never in my life in an rpg was I forced to complete quests. And on a deadline. I said to myself I will try to ignore my guide and do the best I can. Who was I fooling. The inquisitor was not saved because of me and I wasted 2 days looking for those darn numbers. I found only 1. Hope kept on saying that he knew i could do it. No, i cant Mr Hope Estheim! I fetched the strategy guide and recovered the remaining 3. Yes, I cheated. However, if I did not cheat no one would be saved and this game would call me a loser indirectly. Even lightning kept on saying what the Hell-many times. I remember dragon Warrior 7 having puzzles, but not all puzzles

    In your professional opinion, do you think it is ok when it comes to this game to cheat by looking up the answers?

    To make you guys laugh, I have lots of schemata but I only received 1 eratia. I am not the savior. I have all the preorder schemata (cloud,tomb raider, and something else. I even bought 1 schemata with real money. Downloaded the free ones. And i just got a couple mages. If the game of was called FF XIII: Lightning Returns To The Mall, I would be winning. Look likes Serahs never coming back. Hope is my man anyway, and he is already saved.

    do I like this game? You bet I do. But I am a grinder. I love to grind. However, it looks like even the game may be secretly laughing at me with the little progress I am making. Its just very frustrating to be on the clock. I wish an in day game was the same. Thats right. I want a real 24 hours-not 2 hours. And always never lock the doors! And even if they are locked, I wish you could purchase keys! And always have the stinking Chocobo Emporium open!

    p.s what is this steelbook you guys are talking about?
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    Honestly? Using a Strategy guide is not cheating.... it is simply utilizing a tool that can help you understand and figure out what you are doing, should you need the assistance....

    One thing that I did learn however, is that you shouldn't get frustrated about the clock... it actually gives you MUCH more time than you REALLY need, if you properly use time management.... (haha, pun intended.) I.E.... the usage of CHRONOSTASIS, (one of the EP skills you gain) is a MAJOR lifesaver. If you manage your EP properly, you can use CHRONOSTASIS through the entire game, and pretty much take one day MAXIMUM (game time) to complete one story-arc in one location.

    When I was using CHRONOSTASIS alot, I was able to literately get through all of the MAIN QUESTS in the span of 4 game days... due to time constraints with certain missions. While I was waiting for the time to get to the other missions of the main quest, I would run off to other locations and jerk around, killing monsters and possibly even growing greens in the Wilds.... or Lizard Tail hunting in the Dunes....

    Just remember, if you're a grinder especially, once you get CHRONOSTASIS, you can grind monster battles over and over to obtain the EP needed to keep being able to use CHRONOSTASIS (It costs 1 EP per use, and it lasts 75 seconds in real life time.... (roughly would be about 2 hours or so Game, 12 uses of CHRONOSTASIS would be the equivalent to a whole Game day).

    Either way, sorry for the long-winded spiel, I hope you gleaned some sort of information from this, and I hope you have happy Soul Hunting.