Thread: Wouldn't re: 358/2 days be great!?

Wouldn't re: 358/2 days be great!?

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    Ok, so I think the game kingdom hearts 358/2 days was super fun and it was easily my favorite.
    Id like to see a remake on the 3ds. I'd love it because they can add all new stuff such as a new world such as pranksters' paradise (a world that was going to be added, but wasn't due to time constraints), even more detailed visuals, and a cool online wifi mission mode.
    Am I the only one?
    If you want a remake of 358/2 days, what would you want added?

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    I liked this game too. I think it would be cool to have a 3DS remake, but I would personally prefer a remake on a console like the PS3 or Xbox 360. They have better graphics and it'd have better online play. I really like the idea of having an online mission mode. I'd like to see a bigger range of commands too because we had the basics in that game like fire, blizzard, ect.

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    not possible no offence.

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    Ohhh no, dont you go putting ideas in their heads.

    We finally took a step in the right direction by actually going forewards in the story.

    The DS games were a nice distraction but I would rather see more of "what happens next".

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    And then there was Kingdom hearts 1.5 HD REmix. WOOT!

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    My bad, I wasn't aware that they're apparently only adding the cutscenes for the 1.5 HD REmix

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    They also remaking all of the important textbox cutscenes and voicing them, so there will be much more than just the 12ish cutscenes in the theater mode of Days.

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    Originally Posted by Basho

    They also remaking all of the important textbox cutscenes and voicing them, so there will be much more than just the 12ish cutscenes in the theater mode of Days.

    Really?! That's awesome!

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    Yeah, really lol. The scene at the end of the trailer is the one where Adelaide promises to take them to the beach.

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    *Axel. The mobile site really needs an edit button.

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    Omg! This gives me another reason to buy it xP

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    A remake would be amazing. If they made the combat system like the one in KHII and put it on the PS3 instead of the DS. And included live conversations all the time. This would be by far the most successful and one of the best games ever made. But they had to go multiplatform.

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    No, I think this game is being passed over for a ReMake, as evidenced by the lack of one in 1.5 HD ReMix, and I can sort of see why. As overwhelmingly important the story is to the overall series, the gameplay is not good enough to warrant a ReMake. The game is incredibly fun to play through once or twice, but any more and the mission-based combat and lack of exploration and freedom to play your own way really take its toll. Not to say I'm happy about the fact that there's no gameplay in 1.5 HD ReMix, I think it's pretty lazy of them to do that, especially considering there aren't any fight scenes in the movie at all. Including the final two.

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    Roxas, would stick up for Re:coded but pout on this GREAT game? shame.... Xion won Best chacter award that year too...hmm ...yes its going to be the closest to a kingdom hearts movie that us nerds will get... 358/2 days will be made into a movie format i believe it was said 2 hours of footage....

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    No way, I love this game. I've played it so many times I know every mission backwards and frontwards. Proud Mode, Challenge Mode, Mission Mode. But that's exactly why I don't think it should get a remake. It gets significantly less and less fun the more times you play through it, seeing as it's the exact same game every time. Unlike other Kingdom Hearts titles, where you're able to go anywhere and do anything you want with whatever abilities you want to use.

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    in some respects i will agree with you...heh the first game in Neverland's world i flew around that clock tower just cuz I like the fact i could fly....i was there for at least 20 mins......and chain of memories I enjoyed going around finding those secrets.... but even after that you get 2 games for the price of 1 with reverse/rebirth.... alas 358/2 ya get missions and challanges then your done....but i beat Re:coded in 1 day!!! unlocked everything in 1 week! ....358 took a month at least....i still loved #2 and Birth by sleep most and the original

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    Sadly I'd have to say that 2 is one of my least favorites in the series. It's a great game and the story is totally awesome, but I just don't like how easy it is, and there aren't any puzzles or platforming or sidequests or secret bosses in it like in the first game so I was just really disappointed. And I didn't really like the drives, they were cool as anything, but you could honestly beat the entire game without using them once. And it's the only game in the series that doesn't have dodge roll and it just upsets me to no end. The Final Mix apparently fixes all of these problems and I am so psyched for 2.5 HD ReMix once it's announced.

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    well sephiroth made a sweet boss.... but I thoughly enjoyed 2 more then any other game... true though those secret bosses were awesome in 1.. kuta zisa and the phantom.....Play the sucker on hard with the weakest keyblade "sweetdreams" and dont use any armour see how "easy " it is

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    "Sweet Dreams" is one of the strongest keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3D. I assume you mean "Sweet Memories" from Kingdom Hearts 2, and yeah without MP Hastega I'd imagine you have to be a lot more defensive while fighting him, but he'd still be a lot easier than in the first game. Unfortunately you can only fight Sephiroth once in Kingdom Hearts 2, which is what kind of upset me the most.

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    Now i will admit my mistake but i did get a keyblade i was kinda mad that i only get one battle with Sephiroth..... hardest boss and i beat him at lv81.... with Oblivion..... i'd like to use Ultima

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    I usually go for the secret bosses immediately after beating the game, so I'd say I thought he was pretty east at level 65, especially with the Ultima Weapon. Though I hear he's easy to beat an any level, so he might be scaled to your level. And yeah, I only caught it because the Sweet Memories was my favorite keyblade from the second game. I usually use it for the whole game as soon as I get it. I actually may have even beaten Sephiroth with it... Now I'm not sure!