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    Need help in ISLAND CAPTURE

    Hi everyone.
    im brand new to battlestations and just DLed the demo (PC).
    since there is no useful tutorial i am having big troubles in island control.

    i have no clue which units are good against which units... Sad
    not to mention i am not a WWII savee so i dont know what ship is doing what and what plane is doing what.

    also i dont know the basic rules of the game -
    so questions are as follows, and for the PC version:

    1) how do i take over islands? do i send ships? do i parachute men? do i send boats? what boats?

    2)how do i take over enemy control points (island)? do i need to destroy it and then follow instructions for answer 1? can i take over an enemy island without bombing it first?

    3) what ships are good against ships?

    4) what planes are good against ships?

    5) what planes\ships are best against ground bases?

    6) what ships are good against air units?

    7) can i set a rally point from my base so every unit coming out of it will, by default, go somewhere?

    8 ) how can i select multiple units on the map? if i have 4 or 5 planes circling my base and i want them all to engage an enemy, do i HAVE to select them one by one?

    9) how do i earn points to purchase more units? do i get these points when my older units are destroyed or over time if i have more bases?

    i hope that with your answers i can maybe beat the CPU on rookie.... since up until now i wasnt able to. i just dont know what do to


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    1)Build a LST, and tell it to attack the building via your map
    2)see 1
    3)BB beats CA beats DD
    4)Torpedo bombers are generaly best against ships. Also you may want to try dive bombers
    5)Dive bombers and Level Bombers are good against land targets
    6)Generaly the bigger the ship, the better AA it will have
    8)Planes are selected by squadron (3planes) Each one must be given individual orders
    9)earn points by killing the enemy and capturing supply depots

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    thanks a lot, crazy.

    10) but what is LST?
    what do planes that parachute ground units do? how do i use it best?

    11) i am pretty bad at bombing myself.
    with depth charges , how do i do it? do i need to bomb SSs directly? how do i see subs if they are underwater? im not sure how to use these planes :\

    12) how can i tell if my bombs\torpedoes hit the target? after i lunch them i want to know if i hit anything or how much health did my target lose. can i do this??

    13) lunching torpedoes seems like a difficult task, doesnt it? u need to lunch it from afar but a moving ship is very hard to hit. is there something im missing? also how do i know if my dropped torpedo sails right? what's the right hight, angle, etc?

    14) it seems like if i am taking the role of ships\planes than i am losing time in comanding the battlefield. it seems like i better leave the AI to control my units while i should stay in the map and issue orders and build units.

    what is the advantage of taking direct control over units?
    are there units that best be left to the AI or units that are best being controlled directly by the player?

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    10)LST-Landing Ship Tank. If you tell one of these to attack a structure, it will sail up to it and do its stuff.
    Cargo planes do the same thing, just tell them to attack the main bit of the island, they will para-drop troops. Then just give it some time, et-voila!
    note:Both of these are single use, for every new place you want to caputre you need to build a serperate one.
    11)Depth Charges should be dropped exacltly ontop of a sub. If you look on a map, the big green bits around a destroyer represent its sonar. Any subs in this radius will show up.
    12)After releasing payload, on the 360 you can hold down the right trigger and the camera follows the bomb etc.
    13)Torpedos launced from a ship will go in the direction you aimed. However it can take them some time for them to get on course
    14)Same, I spend too much time managing the map, rather then directly controling my units. It should be noticed that the AI is rather c when it comes to being left alone. All I can say is give units lots of orders to keep them busy