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Thread: TR2 remake - Yes or No

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    Smile TR2 remake - Yes or No

    There has been so much talk about it so lets have a straw poll. Do you want the production companies behind TR to produce a remake of TR2 in a TRAish style?

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    For my vote I go 'Yes'. Think it could be real good seeing the new graphics combined with the originals levels like Venice

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    Absolutely Yes. Venice, Opera house, Floating islands. Would be great to see them in next gen graphics

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    I voted yes. I'm fine with remakes - As long as there r TR to play. However, I don't want a TRA-ish remake. I WANT A TRU-ishish REMAKE!!!
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    Come on Crystal and remake it. There are so many great environments in TR2 that would be so perfectly suited to a remake.

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    I voted NO... What's past is past... I want new games, not more remakes...

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    I voted "Yes", they remade Tomb Raider I for celebrating 10 years of Tomb Raider, I don't see why they souldn't remake Tomb Raider II. If they did though it would take quite a long time with the amount of levels, enemies and costumes/outfits.

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    Hmmm . . . Yes, but have costumes, and axe off TRU Lara. I miss Lara when she was natural looking.
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    I don't think it would work. Anniversary served as a reimagined beginning of the most recent Tomb Raider game series. Not only has that trilogy come to an end, it wouldn't have added to the story they were going for.

    Also, if they remake TR2, they'll have to remake TR3, and nobody wants that.

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    TR2 remake; NO! TR4 remake;yes!(but change the story so she's not gonna die at the end...)
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    I adore TR2 but I wouldn't be interested in another remake...that would just show a lack of creativity imo.

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    I agree with Katie on that one. CD should focus on the next TR and correct what needs to be correct. By the way, there is a project, a remake of TR2 using NG Level Editor.

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    It would be nice if it did happen, maybe in the future when they really have run out of idea's for any new game and the series is heading down the loo.

    That could be a good way to keep it afloat. I voted "yes" because i would love to see a re-make, but not right now. They have more important things to concentrate on and get right with TR9 and hopefully they will take their time and not blow it.
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    I voted no, I think efforts should be spent on creating new games. However that doesn't really mean no remake. I know its not the same as a full scale remake but some guys on the Tomb Raider forums...the other ones are doing some great work with different editions of Level editor. There is currently a remake of TR1 (TRA retold) and TR2 (TR2: Memories) in progress. The first part of the TR1 remake is already available. Here's a link to the TR2 page;
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    Yes. The 1st was amazing, a little but they could have made her jump a little higher and longer, any other human being can Jump better than that.

    I don't know what they have to add to the remake, i don't think they can add the mid air roll that Lara had in TR 2 original, her jump is short.

    They would add the Croft manor outside.

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    Nah, I voted no cuz I don't want remakes at this moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laralovernr.1 View Post
    tr2 remake; no! Tr4 remake;yes!(but change the story so she's not gonna die at the end...)
    and megs1120, welcome to the forums! :d
    yes you are absloutly right the 4th episode is the real tomb raider but i didn't like the end and we didn't find out how did lara survive of the pyramid.........we need explication


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    I voted no. It makes no sense to remake another game.

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    But we just had TR:A than underworld. OK to make a remake each decade, but please don't make a living out of it, give us something fresh :P
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    Yes, a Tomb Raider 2 remake would be awesome. However, I think that it would be good to wait a while... right now, Crystal Dynamics needs to work on the progression of the Tomb Raider series, not remaking the older games.

    I would love to see the Maria Doria remade, as well as the Tibet levels and "Temple of Xian." Just make the giant spiders a little more friendly-looking... they give me the chills!

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    TR2 is probably the scary one of the series with the yetis and stone monsters that came to life. With todays graphics a remake could just blow me away so I vote yes.

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    I mean I would not mind at all for a remake! But they shouldn't focus all on remaking previous games instead of making new ones. But Anniversary was very well done, I hope they could make TR2 well also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manx a million View Post
    TR2 is probably the scary one of the series with the yetis and stone monsters that came to life. With todays graphics a remake could just blow me away so I vote yes.
    Agree, but the thing that made the original series (1,2,3) so great was Core - Eidos ability to create atmosphere ......... CD (imo) from what I have seen has some very nice graphics etc .......... but there is something about the way the originals were put together, mix of music, settings that made them great to play, I seriously don't think the CD people have the ability to create that again .... in the same way that modern movies are alot of cgi and little substance .... this seems to be creeping into gaming as well.

    As much as I'd love a remake, I would be a little bit worried about CD - stuffing it up

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    Don't mess with the classics...make new ones

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    I voted yes but only if they hold true to the original and not do what they did with Anniversary. Some of the puzzles could be changed so it wouldn't be too easy for those of us who have played it more than once, but that would have to be it.

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