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Thread: TR2 remake - Yes or No

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    I certainly wouldn't say no to a TR2 remake. Although tbh i'd much prefer a remake of TR: The Last Revelation, as i love that game to bits and it's hands down my favorite TR game.

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    I vote no because I'd rather see the new linage, especially if it could in some way reference discretely the old raids. However I would not say no to an AoD remake even though I know it will never happen!

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    TR2 is often touted as the best TR game. I wouldn't mind an Xbox version to play. It would be nice if CD had the opportunity to have a small team "Anniversarise" it.
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    I have to go with a No. I loved it, and I loved the Anniversary remake, but I think that was enough. On with the new games. TR2013 was a great improvement over Legend and Underworld. I'd rather see more of that.

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    I'd definitely like to see every TR game before Legend have a HD re-release like the Final Fantasy series does (I think) which can be dealt with by other teams aside from CD. It's a good way to keep the franchise relevant with the fans and help them with the wait during CD's work on the newer TR games.
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    Why not. It's probably creepier than TR(2013) in the shipwreck level and the dark Yeti ice chambers so could be gripping with modern day graphics.

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    Going to have to go no on this one as I don't believe CD will have the time with making the LCGOL/TOO series and main series.

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    I have to go with yes as it's the best of the classic and the shipwreck levels could be very scary with better graphics.

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    Sure thing. Of al the original titles TR2 is my favourite for cool vehicles and environments so it do with a remake. The thing I liked but also never got was he crazy green islands levels as it seemed so random but was good with those scary stone guys that came to life.

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    TR2 is a just the most brilliant game. Is so creepy in the boat levels, Venice level totally rock and I love driving snowmobile. I am going for yes to a remake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelus0901 View Post
    I voted NO... What's past is past... I want new games, not more remakes...
    Dunno about remakes being bad? Wayforward a small studio did an awesome job with ducktales, didnt change much about it at all which is what made it so awesome. Just updated graphics with a way to play old school retro looking and added some stage select stuff and bonus stuff like the new Mega Man legacy.

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    Yes i think they should remake tomb raider 2.It would really good to see it with better graphics and i would love them to do a collectors edition with all the videos,art etc.I‘ve loved and played all the games on playstation since the first game came out so i would love to see them do a second remake.

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