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  • Peru (Caves - Tomb of Quolopec)

    14 36.84%
  • Greece (St Francis Folly - Tomb of Tihocan)

    11 28.95%
  • Egypt (Temple of Khamoon - Sanctuary of the scion)

    5 13.16%
  • Lost island/Atlantis (Natla's mines - Final conflict)

    7 18.42%
  • Croft Manor

    1 2.63%
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Thread: Best set of levels in Anniversary

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    Best set of levels in Anniversary

    Just wondering which of the sets of levels everyone liked most

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    Lost island is my fav set of levels. Very dark in the mines and lots of tough swings and shootouts

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    Peru pour moi! I love lushesness of lush!

    And waterfall.
    A refrigerator- when you open the door, the light goes on, but when you close the door, the light goes off... or does it?

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    It's got a massive waterfall and T-Rex,what more can you ask for?

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    I voted Peru... There aren't many creatures who jump on you from behind a corner and you crap your pants... like Cat mummies in Egypt... Brrrrrrr..
    And I really love those levels... Especially The Lost Valley... Beautiful!!!!

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    I voted Peru because it's really interesting. Egypt is next, but I don't know, I love green levels more than sandy ones.

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    Oh I loved the lost Island/Atlantis levels! Great ending to Anni! \+_+/

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    they're all my faveys but i have to say peru, it'd have been better if she had worn a coat and roll down trousers/roll up shorts for the later parts of the level where it isn't snowy... it's just un realistic. but i love em all.
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    depends on which element you mean.

    for puzzles i would say Greece(St. Francis' volley)
    for looks definitely Egypt. i really like the Sphinx in SoTS
    for overall i would say... ummm... the whole game???

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    The first set is best as it has Lost Valley in it which has always been my favourite level in the game.

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    My favorite one is the Lost Valley, but after that one, I choose in the poll for Tomb of Qualopec, it's so epic, specially the earthquake at the end.

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    I went for Greece as I St Frances Folly has always been one of my fav levels. I thought they did the main room justice and added some new elements with the columns and gates to put a fresh spin on it.
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    Probably i like more the Greece levels, specially because of St Francis folly challenges
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    Peru for the Lost Valley level as it's probably the most iconic of all TR levels.

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    Egypt as they were the most improved set from the original and I liked the scary mummies. The jumping between pillars bits with the crushing walls were challenging but that's what makes a game fun.

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    When I find myself replaying Anniversary I tend to gravitate towards the Egypt levels, so I guess that means I enjoy those most. The obstacles and puzzles there are terrific, as is the whole atmosphere/scenery.

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    I actually like all of them, but I chose Croft Manor cause it had no votes xD All were designed very well!

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    Peru. Especially The Lost Valley

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    Greece as it has my fav TR of all time St Frances Folly in it. Just so much fun in that main room climbing up and down.

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