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Deus Ex:IW freeze problem

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    Deus Ex:IW freeze problem

    so, I do have a problem. My DX:IW always freezes, when i start New game. I can get to menu, but after Eidos animation and choosing portrait and game difficult, the game just... freezes.
    I already tried to re-install all my drivers, apply all patches, but no success.
    I also tried to assign only one core of my CPU to DX:IW (by using taskmanager), because i heard something about DX:IW problem with CPUs, which has more than one core (my CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo). Not success too.
    Any advice?

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    Hi Vahisht.

    Double and triple check that you're restricting it to one core, because as you've already heard, it's the common fix to this common problem.

    Other than that, try setting the compatibility mode to 98/ME, AFAIK it also works for some people with this menu freeze problem.

    Best of luck.

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    Thanks for advice

    so I double and triple checked that core restricting. It is set right, but it still doesn't work.
    Compatibility mode was setted for Win 2000, so I tried to set it for 98/ME, but game reports: Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected, so it won't even start.
    I'm using Alcohol 120% for virtual drive and i setted number of virtual drives to 0, but game still reports this error.

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    Sorry man, never used or needed those virtual drive programs myself, so I can't help further.

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    Stopping the disc emulator completely might solve the problem.