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Thread: What got you into KINGDOM HEARTS?

What got you into KINGDOM HEARTS?

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    I had no other games to rent at the video store but there was this offer rent 1 get 1.... so i got this one game and KH lementing the fact im getting a game with Mickey Mouse in it (yes i was a hater) ..... I didnt play the Kingdom hearts game until my last day with em' i plugged it in saying well "time to go to Disney land" I started to play found the story MUCH darker then i thought it would be, the action MUCH better then my other games, and the storyline much Better then i expected..... to say the least i was a week late returning it and i ended up buying it

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    I got into Kingdom Hearts way, way back in 2002 when it first came out. A friend of mine had gotten it and was totally obsessed with it, and wouldn't shut up about it. I had seen some commercials for it and thought "omg what a kiddie game", but my friend's rants about Sora and Riku finally got me interested enough to try it out. I got it, and my PS2, for my birthday in 2003, and I immediately related to Riku. It's all been downhill from there!

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    Well for me, I started playing when I was about 8. My sister had Kingdom Hearts II, on the PS2, So I got engaged. It was really fun for me, but I didn't get far cause it scared me a bit. I'm starting again and I got alot further!

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    First time I heard of Kingdom Hearts I was watching a trailer on the channel 'Game Network' on Sky. Awesome channel as it was all about games, it's too bad it turn into a chat room (where they chat about themselves and never talk about games). Now the channel is gone. The trailer show the intro to Kingdom Hearts (the one before the start screen. It shows you the different Disney worlds).
    I love the music that played. I love Disney (the old cartoons before year 2000. Those were great! Anyone remember the Disney Afternoon shows? I so want Darkwing Duck to be in Kingdom Hearts, he make a awesome party member!) and when I saw Cloud in it, I was so happy to see him. I didn't recognize Squall as I only saw his back but was so happy to see him when I finally played the game.
    I love Disney and Final Fantasy so Kingdom Hearts is a must have game for me. The only problem was that I didn't had a Playstation 2 (only had the first Playstation). When I finally got one I played it non-stop. I love the story, gameplay, characters and graphics.
    I still remember the first time I faced the secret optional boss, Sephiroth. I didn't know that he was going to be in it. I accidentally click the ??? as I thought that it was locked. Oh, was I wrong! I watch as Sora ran into the arena and then there were symbols in the sky (which remind me of Final Fantasy 10) and then Sephiroth appeared in a flash of light. I was shocked (and amazed by his intro) to see him. As soon as the One Winged Angel music played I just know that I was in trouble . As soon as the fight start, it was over. I didn't stand a chance. Only a second into the fight and I got knocked out. Took me about 15 times before I beat him. I had to figure out his moves (while hoping that I lucky enough to dodge his attacks). I had fun with the challenge (and beating him). Got to do it again when I playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I am happy to get the final mix.

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    I got into Kingdom Hearts when I saw my cousin playing it. Since I knew nothing about Final Fantasy, I actually thought it was about a normal boy who suddenly had the power to wield the Keyblade and got sucked into the world of Disney. lol So I had no idea it was a crossover of Disney characters and Final Fantasy through Sora. I thought it was so interesting that I borrowed his game. After I played it a few weeks, I gave it back to him. I hadn't beat the game then, I didn't beat it until I bought my own copy. At the time I shopped for a Kingdom Hearts game, it was 2005 and Kingdom 2 just came out and it was the only Kingdom Hearts game I could see so I bought it. It was confusing at first, having never played all the way through the first game and Chain of Memories.

    I have only the PS2 and now the PS3 Kingdom Hearts games, and I watched the walkthroughs of games I don't have on YouTube, so I can honestly say that I understand the series very well by now. I love Kingdom Hearts. it is my favorite game series next to the Dragonball Z Budokai Tentichi series and Batman Arkham series (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Organs)

    I now have 1.5 HD Remix and am eagerly awaiting the upcoming 2.5 HD Remix, but I still haven't decided whether to sell my PS2 versions of the game once I get them all on PS3 or to keep them as a collector's items, since no Game Stops are going to give me much money for 'em anyway....

    Kingdom Hearts seems to have a lot of people getting into it because they saw a friend, a cousin or a sibling playing it.
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    Not exactly sure, I think sometime during 2002 I was at the video game store and back when I was young you used to be able to tell if you would like the game or not by looking at its cover and the back of it. I saw Disney characters and who I now know is Sora with a keyblade. I thought how cool a fighting game would be with Disney characters. I do remember it was shortly after I had beaten FFX so I figured I'd give the game a try.

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    For me, it wasn't until 2009/2010 that I started playing Kingdom Hearts. Like most of you, it was the Disney characters. I didn't start with the first game though, but did start off with Kingdom Hearts II then back track to the first game. Ever since then, I've been hooked on the franchise. Now reliving those memories since Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, I just can't wait to do the same with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix coming next year.

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    I guess one day I was bored with nothing to do so I just turned on my brothers PS2 and put in the nearest game I could find. At first I didn't think the game was gonna be all that great but I was bored so I just started playing, then after a little while I couldn't stop playing and got hooked. Short story but it's the truth.

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    Ah, I was hooked in by the attractive, shiny cover and delightful artwork it sported. When I saw it was made by Square, I just had to have it. Unfortunately money was an issue and I had to wait to purchase a second-hand copy but I adored it! I still have that same copy safely in my possession today. I believed I've played all of them since.

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    It was actually the first game i ever got for the PS2 and ever since ive been addicted

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    It came bundled with my PS2. It was a complete fluke. Best damn fluke of my life. <3

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    Unfortunately I never had a PS2 so I didn't get to play KH until the remix came out for PS3. Once I started playing though I instantly fell in love. Seeing all the Disney characters really felt nostalgic. You know that something is good when you can relate to the characters because it almost feels like you are there with them, especially in this game. I really haven't been able to stop playing it and I can't wait for KH 2.5 and 3 to come out.

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    The first time I laid my eyes on KH was when I went home to a friend. As I walked into his room he was just about to start the platinum boss fight in Coleseum against Sephiroth, and I remember I was totally blown away of how friggin cool it looked and the first thing I did when I got home was to buy it the next day for my PS2. I was so in love with the game, and the wait for KH2 to release felt long and painful.

    I Actually never knew there was other games between KH1 and KH2. Just finished KH1.5 and I am very excited for 2.5 and KH3. I am a huge KH fan.

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    Seeing the commercial for the original KH1 on PS2 with Utada singing had me so pumped for the game I had to have it. I was also a huge FF fan and enjoyed Disney in general. I wasn't sure it was going to work but I am super glad I gave it a chance because it turned into one of my favorite gaming experiences growing up.

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    Wow I can't believe I never answered this. Well when I was little, I saw one of my family members playing KH1 and saw Mickey Mouse which sparked my curiosity. A few years down the road, I found a copy of Days at the library of all places and rented it. I was instantly hooked to the storyline, totally disregarding the fact of Mickey Mouse that had sparked my curiosity years before XD. Later on at the store, I saw that Chain of Memories was on sale and it looked interesting so I picked it up. Found out it was totally different from Days but I still liked it. So I started playing all of them out of order and then stopped, brought the other games I didn't have, and then began playing from KH1 an continued (or at least tried to) in the right order.

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    I first heard of it via Disney Adventures Magazine, which had the botched description of making it the RPG version of Villains' Revenge (another game by Disney Interactive from 1999). Not much was said about the game, other than a hint on defeating Lord Ombra/the Phantom. Then "Disney's Secret Lab" on Disney Channel ran a preview of the game, including a translation of Nomura's refelections on developing the game.

    The real kicker was when the game finally came out. As I did not have a PS2 (grew up with Nintendo) the only way I could read about the game was through GameFaqs or through the Brady Games guide (conveniently located along with other Disney material at my local Blockbuster store) This continued into Nintendo Power's cover of CoM (also featured on Secret Lab) and the eventual release of KH2, which I found out via a Disney 411 and because the Brady Games Guide was at Blockbuster again! One Fourth of July I played a friend's copy of KH2. I was blown away by how flawless the integration of Disney and Final Fantasy was (I didn't get through much on his copy, so I was still going around as Roxas).

    And then I finally got 358/2 Days along with a DSi system. I could finally experience Kingdom Hearts through the eyes of Org. XIII. And to my amazement, I went through every emotion that Roxas went through during the climax: fear, confusion, greif, rage, happiness. I had come full circle from that one Fourth of July BBQ. And I have come to that loop again now that I finally do have a PS2 with copies of the first two games.

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    Awhile back I tried to hunt down a copy of KH. Bring it home and share the adventure with my mom and grandma (also disney fans). But as luck would have it I never could find a copy years ago. Until recently. I snagged KH1.5 & 2.5 after so long in my search. (To be honest it was also a birthday present for my mom). I recently finished kh1fm and watched the beginning +ending with her, surprisingly she enjoyed it. But for me its been a long road. And I hope that we are all along for the ride.

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    I hate kingdom hearts because i hate disney and disney is just trying to ruin final fantasy

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    Watched my brother play and got hooked immediately. Gooooood times

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    Bought Kingdom Hearts 1 from a friend of mine for a bargain because I liked the shiny case it was in (I was a lil kid back then). Seems like I didn't only like the case.

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    The semi-gothic design on the cover of the game. I thought it was really edgy when I was a kid, and I ended up learning with life lesson at the end of it.

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    I got into the game when I was 8 and it started when my mum bought a ps2 and it was the first console I ever had so I was really excited but then my mum said to me I couldn't use it which made me very upset until one day when my mum got kingdom hearts and I looked at it everyone morning wondering what it was like so I kept asking my mum when it got to one night my brother was looking after me as my mum went out for her birthday and when she got in she was drunk and I mean really drunk so I thought to myself "hmmm if I ask her if I can play kingdom hearts tomorow while she is drunk and she says yes then she can't say no tomorow" so I sat there and zoned out thinking about if I should ask her and then I did I went up to her and asked politely "mum please may I go on kingdom hearts in the morning tomorow" she replied "........" I asked agian she replied "whatever" it was at this moment I ran up stairs and tried to go to sleep so that I could play it faster and then when I woke up I sat there for 5 minutes like always just to wake up, then it hit me and I ran downstairs started up the ps2 put the disc in and BOOM there it was, the first thing I saw was sora on the loading screen I clicked start new game and then the music started, oh the music was the best thing I had ever heard I was sat there playing until the moment I discovered the deep jungle which is when my mum came down and said to me have you been good this morning I carelessly replied "yes mum" she then provided to tell me to come off but then said she trusts me with the ps2 and that I can go in it for a maximum of 3 hours a day and now here I am at 14 with my own PS3 my ps2 and I have both kingdom hearts and kingdom hearts 2 on both of the consoles and that's how I got pulled into the world of kingdom hearts

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    in 2003 my best friend in 4th grade owned this game and played it alot, so i eventually kept on renting it from the video store until i bought it myself and played enough of it to get hyped enough to buy the next game when it came out, i already had knowledge of final fantasy games and disney stuff so its not like i was confused by who anyone were. so to me the cross over aspect was enough for me at the time to enjoy the game

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