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Thread: What got you into KINGDOM HEARTS?

What got you into KINGDOM HEARTS?

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    Im a Game Designer... not much to say.....

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    Hmm...I'm not really sure what got me into it (seeing as it's been a while), but I'm pretty sure it's because my older brother started playing it, so I got interested and wanted to play it too. I was young back then, so I didn't really understand what it was about, but I probably thought it looked cool or something like that. xD Simple minds, man.

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    I started with chain of memories for game boy when I was young and got confused so I went back to see were the story started and got hooked.

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    actually, i got into kingdom hearts by accident. It was a random day when I was like nin and i went to the store with my parents and they wanted me to get something and i didnt know what to get. I saw it, not knowing at all what it was and I asked for it not sure if i would even like it. It is actually ironic that something i wasnt too sure about became one of my favorites!

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    My older sister when i was in the 4th grade. she brought home the first kingdom hearts black label edition the shiny copy and yeah she was playing it while i was watching. i watch her play throught the game but she stop and couldn't beat riku at hollow bastion nor she had to worrying about her school stuff. so thats when i made a new save data in proud mode and beat it. So i thank my sister for bringing it home and etc.

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    I actually started with the second game Chain of Memories since I had a GBA long before I got around to getting a PS2. I played a little on my cousin's copy of Kingdom Hearts before getting the game myself and I've been hooked since then.

    Haven't touched anything since Birth By Sleep, though.

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    Probably Utada Hikaru, a general appreciation for certain Disney themes, the level of artwork and that it was an action game.

    It was probably the best PS2 game I've ever played and I disliked that KH2 was even easier (and dragged in the end) in spite of the new additions. Unfortunately, I couldn't take it seriously after that.

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    I it was about one year ago and I saw a commercial for re coded and my sister was like I used to play that, but I fell in love with the song

    "Simple and Clean." Then one day my sister borrowed a ps2 from one of her friends since ours is broken, thats when she introduced Kingdom Hearts to me but we usally fought over the playstation because she was playing KH2 while I was playing the first game. But I never finished it but my sister did so when I saw the ending of the second game it was so good. Then after that I played Birth by Sleep, 358/2, and Re coded. Now I preorded the MoM edition!

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    From the moment I saw the first commercial for the PS2 game, I was hooked. Amazing music, wonderful graphics, the cameo appearances, and the original Disney voice actors, along with special guest voice actors. My friend managed to snag a copy, since at the time I didn't have a PS2. We spent hours finding every sticker and dalmation in the game and beat the pants off of Sephiroth!

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    I first got into it when I traded a neighborhood kid for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days. I had heard it was good, so I was like: What the heck. It might be fun! After I began playing it, I knew that this game was the best game I had ever played. Soon after, I got a ps2 and KH1 and KH2. Ever since then I have been addicted.

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    When I first heard of this game I thought it was going to suck, or at least be really childish and meant for a way younger audience. Then I saw a picture of Cloud and he looked insane in his new outfit, then I saw a picture of Sephiroth..... it was over. I had to get this game. Even if it sucked, I had to get it just to see updated 3d models of them. Got it the 2nd week it was out. Turned out the game was awesome. After only 30 minutes I knew that this game was going to be great. I played it nonstop and beat the game in a few days. Since then I've been waiting for every new title and buying them. Well at least up to BBS. I never owned a DS or 3DS so I can't play those. I actually played 358/2 days til day 30 or 40. I enjoyed it a lot but didn't want to buy the DS for just that title. Don't get me wrong, I've seen the DS's game library and it's amazing. I just prefer the PS3/PSP.

    Now I'm just waiting for KH3, I feel the reason why they're not making it on the PS3 yet is because they'd have to up the grapchics a lot and it'll probably be a lot of work... but let's face it, since KH2 the graphics have pretty much remained the same or have been slightly worse. Let's get on with it SE, everyone wants KH3!

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    So I was at GameStop (I was like 12 maybe? Have no idea XD) just looking around. Then I saw this little game called Kingdom Hearts in the PlayStation section. I looked at the box, front and back, it looked so cool. I even read the back XD So without hesitation, I bought it!
    I never finished it because of the stupid camelion in Tarzan. I also didn't equipped new abilities and keyblades because I just wanted to play and I didn't really read the instructions :P So now jump into the present, (now 17) I am trying to finish it (borrowed it from a friend) with equipped keyblades and abilities
    So as of this comment, I am were you fight Maleficent (yay me) :P
    *So without finishing Kingdom Hearts, I continued into Kingdom Hearts II :P

    -What happened to your copy? Traded it in for other games cuz I couldn't finish the game XD

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    funny story actually. i was in target and saw kingdom hearts 2 for 10.00 dollars on the bargin section saw the cover thought it looked gay, so then i looked on the back saw Hercules and Nightmare before christmas and thought what the hell. i bought the game saw the opening that looked amazing for ps2 standards played threw the game thought it was good but didnt understand what was going on in the storie. then i bought kingdom hearts 1 and instantly became hooked to the series.

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    So I was seven when this hole thing started for me it was my birthday and I opened one of the perfectly rapped packages to find kingdom hearts 1 sitting on a pile of ps2 games my mom randomly picked off of a self at target when she got my ps2. That was the first game I played out of the whole bunch and the funny thing is that I hated the game.... The shadows scared me so bad that I had nightmares for weeks.... And then when I was done being afraid I battled darkside and had more nightmares. So a couple years have passed and my aunts friend let my aunt borrow kingdom hearts 2. I played that game forgetting that I had the first one still and beat it in 2 days (stayed up all night too) and then soon after that I was hooked! Every time I see something kingdom hearts I have to get it! I still haven't beaten kingdom hearts 1 till this day but I came close once. I own all of the english version games and working on getting the final mix versions. I recommend also staying close to kingdom hearts becuz it can teach you some stuff and its really somethin that can make your hearts sore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    For me it started in 5th grade. My friend and I were riding the bus to school and he had the strategy guide for KH1. I was looking at the cover, and at first I was a bit skeptical, but Chriatmas was coming up and I decided to try it. We were vacationing in Florida at about Christmas time and my cousin's over there had it so I decided to try it out. I was instantly hooked, but all I got to play through was the first part of Traverse Town and finished up at the Leon fight. I finished KH1 around the time KH2 was going to be available to pre-order so I convinced my dad to pre-order it for me along with the stradegy guide. When it came out during the week my dad secretly got it from the GameStop(I had school) and on Friday he suprised me with it. I thought he wasn't going to get it or that he had forgotten so I litterally burst into tears of joy. It was one of the only times I ever cried over a video game. Ever since then I've played every game in the series one way or another(including all 3 Final Mix versions that have been released )

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    i got started by the fact it had final fantasy in it and square enix had a part in it so hey it couldnt be that bad to try. i played the first one for a while and got hooked on it. i coulda spent hours fighting tidus and wakka t the beginning. i never did quite get why they called squall leon instead of squall.

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    Originally Posted by imported_aaron
    i never did quite get why they called squall leon instead of squall.
    According to the journal in the first KH, Squall adopted the name Leon because he felt he failed to help protect Radiant Garden and so decided he was unfit to bear his original name.

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    Kingdom Hearts came out when I was 12, by then I was already hooked on the Final Fantasy Series. Knowing that it was mix with final fantasy and disney, I thought I had to get it. So ever since then I've been hooked on Kingdom Hearts Series.

    As for my boyfriend, mwhahahaha....he was iffy at first, thought it was some childish game. But I got to him with it. Same with Final Fantasy.

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    A ad that was sent to my e-mail about two months before the game even came out by ... Disney.

    When it finally came out I didn't have money for it, but I was sort of envious of my friend who got it when it was released. She really didn't like it thought.

    After a few months I was able to find it for rent. Though I found out through another friend that I should have been at the Hercules stage. It was only after I was able to buy my own new copy did that open up. I guess the rental disk was flawed or something.

    I loved this game since I first got that e-mail. If just looked awesome!

    Now I wish they do a little less Disney and more Final Fantasy in the games. Though I was happy to see Zack in BBS.

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    I never really thought about how I got into KH until I saw this thread.

    I had a friend who lived down the road from me who was in love with Final Fantasy, as was I, and constantly told me stories of a world where FF and Disney were one. I was maybe 8 at the time, so I thought it was made-up, but the idea sounded interesting. Not too long after that, a game called Kingdom Hearts was announced, and had commercials on channels like Cartoon Network and Disney, which the latter was majorly endorsing. I heard the music, saw many characters I recognized and knew I had to have that game! I can clearly remember the dance Belle and Beast shared on the commercial, that's how obssesed I was!

    I had gotten a PS2 only a month prior, and Kingdom Hearts was at the top of my want list as soon as I saw it.

    Thank goodness I didn't have to wait long. Two weeks later, my mom took me into the Gamestop at the mall where she worked. I saw Kingdom Hearts and would not let her leave the store without it! She gave in, and I also got the guide with it!

    I've been a fan since the very beginning, and have had very few gripes with the series. The only let down for me was Re:coded, but I guess that's cause it was originally a mobile game. Either way though, my love for this series is high, and probably always will be like Final Fantasy.

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    I got the idea on another one of my forums that we needed one just for talking about how we started playing it and to find other KH players.

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    There's a thread called "What got you into Kingdom Hearts", where what you mentioned is (was?) already discussed.
    One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

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    Originally Posted by Zench
    There's a thread called "What got you into Kingdom Hearts", where what you mentioned is (was?) already discussed.
    Meh, this is for whatever, I don't care

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    my mom rented it for me when i was 14, at first i saw the disney characters and was instantly turned off, but after turning the game on, i was emersed into a world of deep emotion and longing, it changed my life honestly, soras naivity and heart of light equals that of jesus, in a kick-ass kinda way.

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    I saw commericals of the game and my friend told me about it. He said that some of the characters of FF and Disney were in the game. So i eventually picked up the game and i fell in love with it. As a kid back then, i remember coming home from school and playing it as soon as i got to my room. Now that time past, i haven't really been up to date on what's going on. The first KH took me forever to beat (the last boss was a pain for me). I've recently started looking up videos about the series and yes, i'm gulity for watching videos that spoil some of the games (couldn't help it).

    In other words, i'm getting back into the series again.

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