Thread: Editing Deus Ex GOTY ini file

Editing Deus Ex GOTY ini file

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    Editing Deus Ex GOTY ini file

    Hi, all.

    I ran across a tweak guide (sorry, don't remember where I found it) and it says to add/edit these two lines:

    They're not in the ini file, but I'm not sure where to add them (or if it matters where I add the lines).

    Also, instructions for using cheats say to "change in the ini file 'Tilde=' to 'Tilde=type' and to do this for all occurrences of 'Tilde='." But that also is not in the ini file.

    Where can I add these lines (or, again, does it matter where in the ini file they're put)?

    Thanks for anyone's help!

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    It doesn't matter.

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    Originally Posted by Catman
    It doesn't matter.
    Short and to the point!