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Thread: Meaning of secret message? *spoilers?*

Meaning of secret message? *spoilers?*

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    Maybe they'll make a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD FINAL ReMIX just to spite us...! D'x

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    No i dont think they'd remix a remix..... but for the sake of cash who knows what evils companies will do? but if they final mixed KH3 even on the Japanese public i think them more THEN us would be sick of it and be totally waiting from that point on cuz they wont buy the next KH game until the final mix comes anyone else getting tweaked like this GAME is a addiction and i need my fix?

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    um... i'll raise my hand to the addiction thing...

    I have spent a little to much time around KH since it came out 11 years ago and I cant go a day without it... reasearch playing, you name it....

    Though it is funny... when i first found out about the KH Final Mix when it came out years ago.... (through a few random sources) I always said I would get my hands on it even it i had to import it.... now thats kinda coming around to fruition....

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    True... I play it or read something about it every day..... How did they make a drug into a videogame?....

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