Thread: Deus Ex GOTY completely freezes system (not just to desktop)

Deus Ex GOTY completely freezes system (not just to desktop)

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    Deus Ex GOTY completely freezes system (not just to desktop)


    First, here are my system specs:
    Windows XP Pro,
    Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz
    2 Gig DDR2 memory,
    Geforce 6600 with 256 MB vid memory (just updated drivers),
    Direct X 9.0c

    At random intervals while playing the game (usually after a couple of hours in an extended gaming session), Deus Ex will freeze. This does not seem dependant on anything I am doing in the game at the time (once happened while I was saving, a couple other times when I was just walking). It also did not seem to occur in the earlier portions of the game (I think it started after I made it to the Vandenberg area and later). The screen completely locks, and the sound is caught in a loop. Any attempt to return to Windows fails (ctrl-alt-del, alt-tab, alt-f4 do not work). This has left me with no choice but to manually power down the computer, which actually once caused such a serious error that I had to run Chkdsk from the XP cd so I could even boot back into my system!

    At this point, I would be happy with a crash to Desktop, as it wouldn't totally crash Windows, but mine has been completely locking the system.
    Google searches for this exact issue haven't turned up much.

    Other than that, I have had no bugs/glitches whatsoever and find the game highly enjoyable. Please let me know if you need more info.


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    I've found this happens in a few limited areas. For me, it's usually on the lower decks of the Wall Cloud when I enter the control room that overlooks the helipad room, though I have had occasional lockups when entering the UNATCO headquarters.

    There is no fix so far as I know. The only solution is to save often, and when you encounter a problem area, either avoid it, or when you enter the area, look toward the floor as much as possible. Alternatively, you start Deus Ex in safemode to play through these areas.

    As for the lockup: I've found that usually, it's just the video and sound cards that are hosed, and the keyboard is still operational. You can tell this by seeing if Caps Lock still works.

    If so, Control-Alt-Delete will still bring up the Task Manager even though you can't see it. Tab twice and hit Enter, and your computer should do the software shutdown.

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    Thanks! I'll definitely give that a shot. I don't mind the game crashing so much as long as it doesn't damage my system. It is an older game after all, and it was probably coded with DX7 or something in mind.

    Thanks again.