Thread: DX:IW - VIKTORIA Error and Crash in Trier

DX:IW - VIKTORIA Error and Crash in Trier

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    DX:IW - VIKTORIA Error and Crash in Trier

    After a struggle to get Deus Ex:Invisible War on my PC I managed to get it working and played through a good chunk of the game. I got up to the bit where I rescued Her Holiness and Donna Morgan from the Templars in the Black Gate laboratory. But as soon as I leave the area to go back to Nine Worlds Tavern it crashes while loading Black Gate Ruins with an "Exception 0xC0000005 Access Violation" VIKTORIA error message.
    Here are my specs:

    GIGABYTE GA-MA770-S3P Mainboard
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ ~2.8GhZ
    3.25GB RAM
    512MB Galaxy Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT(180.48 drivers installed)
    Realtek HD Audio(Latest drivers installed)
    Windows XP SP3
    DirectX 9.0c(Nov 2008)

    Can anyone help me get past this annoying crash?
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    This likely results from a corrupt save.

    Try replaying from an earlier save, ideally before you enter the Black Gate Ruins the first time.