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Hands-On Preview on X-Play

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    Hands-On Preview on X-Play

    Just in case some of you have G4TV, X-Play is advertising a hands-on preview with Arkham Asylum this week which usually means live gameplay footage. Should be interesting to watch so look out for it on their official website if you don't have G4.

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    I'd like to know what day so I can keep an eye out for it

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    They didn't say. Just that it's "Coming Up" on X-Play this week. They are trying to get people to watch everyday I guess.

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    Big Grin

    I would love a hands on preveiw of the game... and of Ms. Morgan Webb!

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    Thanks . I think it's coming Today or Tomorrow Becuase they said "Coming Up" this week and we are in the end of this week .

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    Well...will someone post a link to the video when it comes out...Im to lazy to find it......

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    Which show (date) did they mention it on?

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    Originally Posted by angleslam99
    Which show (date) did they mention it on?
    Well, they first mentioned it last week but mentioned it again yesterday. So they should do the hands-on today or tomorrow because there is no more X-Play for the week after that.

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    Did it come ?

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    Did the Hands-on come ??

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    Hasn't come yet. Will have to be today as they mentioned it again yesterday and today is the last day of GDC.
    In the meantime, check out Gamespot's hands-on and videos.

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    Ok but the day finish now . What time in your country now ?

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    Originally Posted by CrashxUae
    Ok but the day finish now . What time in your country now ?
    They are showing it right now and it was a disappointment. Usually, hands-on previews mean they interview a rep while another rep plays it in the studio. But since Adam (one of the hosts) played it at GDC, he only really told us what it was like playing it while they showed snippets of the same videos we have already seen (including the new Silent Knight vid from

    Hopefully we will see more soon but this was a disappointment. They hyped it for a week to just have Adam tell us what it was like. Lame.

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    Ok when it's finish can you put it in B:AA Forum .

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    I wasn't able to find the video on the site. But to be honest, it's not worth watching. There was nothing new revealed. Adam just went through some stuff we already knew and they showed old footage. It lasted about 1 minute.