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Thread: Lara's Shadow: Aura in the Dark

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    Cool Lara's Shadow: Aura in the Dark

    Ok, really, I want a full Doppelgänger game. She needs the elegant original Lara walk back, but other than that, she is perfectly what I like. She jumps far and high, she is fast and beautiful and deadly. That is not to say I do not love Lara Croft in the Legend, Anniversary and Underworld games, not by any means. But I want my cake and eat it too.

    And I want it for ALL current platforms.
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    Doppelganger was fun, but Lara will always take the throne.
    I would not like a full game of DG replacing a new Tomb Raider.
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    it'd be nice, but what they could do, is have a main game, but there will be two discs, one for the dopple on her journey, and then the other disc is the main story, so the main cover would say:


    With two discs! Experience life
    as the dopple lara on a 4 level disc!
    Or play the main story on the 25 lara croft

    Lol! i would LOVE that! Maybe someone could do it, but make a dopple lara game on trle and transfer to a disc. then make another game of lara in her own game on another disc, put them both in a case designed on xna lol then make a few more copies, one for yourself and the others on sale on ebay!

    THAT would be awesome!
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    I have voted yes.

    I don't know if it should be a full game, but I definitely want to play some more levels as the Doppelgänger. She is awesome!

    Maybe they could implement her in the next game (so for every platform). For example when Lara visits a place that is so toxic/cold or whatever it would kill her instantly, she could ask her twin sister for help....
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    I would like a full Doppelganger game, but as a realist I don't think we will get more than one or the other, so I regretfully have to vote no. I don't want the dopple replacing Lara, and, well, as a superhuman ability type, that's quite possible given the current market, IMO.

    That said, I would like to see the doppleganger appear in a major way in a future TR title, I'd even go so far as to say half Lara/half Doppleganger. I'd like to see the D figure out who/what she is and develop as a character in an interesting way. And yes, I do agree, she needs to learn to walk gracefully instead of with her current near-simian swagger.

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    I would like Lara's doppenganger as her final enemy in the next game. It can be like Lara has discovered something powerful that divides her soul into two pieces, evil and good. The doppelganger will be the evil and Lara will fight her to save the world. How is the plot?

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    although lara's shadow was fun and the hand to hand was the best damn thing to happen to tomb raider in a long time, but seeing as how this doppelganger only existed in underworld so the story would be a bit limited for an entire game. however including her in a future game would be nice. i would want her to die by the end though, the fact that she's just walking around in normal society creeps me out. but really want some of that hand to hand incorporated into lara's gameplay

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    I want that the two DLC should come on all platform , but a full Tomb Raider game replacing Lara Croft with Doppelganger is not acceptable to me ,A Tomb Raider game should always be with Lara Croft and not any one else

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    I guess it depends on the consequences to the main TR series (the one with Lara in it). So long as we still see our Lara in great adventures, regularly, then I don't think it would be such a bad thing to see the Doppleganger in a full game available for all consoles. I have not been able to play the DLC, but I hear that it is great fun to play as the Doppleganger.

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    I agree. I never got to play as the doppel but I think it would be fun--it certainly did look neat.
    As long as Lara stays in TR then it's all good.
    It would be nice to see the doppel getting her own story--she's just such an interesting character to me...I dunno

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    I voted no because I feel it that happened, our actual Lara would be overlooked.
    Id prefer it if something in the next game caused Lara to act like the doppelganger with her powers and such. Just not Doppel's own game.
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    just go and play god of war....
    tomb riader is for lara

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    What load said
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    I'd like to see the doppelganger in future Tomb Raiders, but not in her own game. Maybe the next Tomb Raider could have one third playable as DoppelLara
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    I wouldn't mind if they keep the doppelganger as an extra character for REPLAY purposes in the next game (much like an unlockable outfit, but keep her properties and powers as well), but I don't want to see her have any important role again in future installments -- neither as a minor character nor as a mandatory playable character.

    I suppose a spin off game would have an impact on the actual Tomb Raider games, so I vote no.

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    I voted no because I think a full game just for the doppleganger would overshadow Lara and to me Lara is most of the game. The games are great in a lot of aspects but the character of Lara Croft is what makes TR to me.

    But the dopple sounds and looks fun and because I can't play LS I would like maybe a level in the next game where you can play as her but I would also like Lara to defeat her in a final battle. I agree with BlackThor that she shouldn't be walking around in society.

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    Yes!! It would be really cool to find out more about the doppelganger... She is a very interesting character with a lot of depth to explore... Her story would be an interesting one... But, only, as long as it doesn't affect Lara Croft and her story.... No one can ever beat Lady Croft!!! She's the base, core and sole foundation of Tomb Raider... That's irreplaceable... That, is a fact!!
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    No way! I don't like Doppleganger. Lara should kill her in LS.

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    I do think that more than one version of the game might be a great idea. Release a Lara only version where you take a more heroic path through the adventure. Then latter release versions where you play some Lara or Amanda levels and some unique levels with the doppleganger.

    I would quite like to see a game where you can play a villians side of the story with Amanda and the doppleganger and have a much darker angle to the.story. Wouldn't want it to end with them turning out good and helping Lara in the latter levels though.

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    I voted no. I wish that the developers would tone down the amount of fantasy elements in the game. Legend and Anniversary had a good balance of magic and realness. Underworld on the other hand was dominated by magical elements. I agree that maybe there should be a little blurb about what the doppelganger is doing now, but not more than that.
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    omg YES!! i love the doppie gameplay , but i dont like thralls... im scared of them, and bunnys..... have her more emenyless xD

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    Wow, the poll is tied 22 for and 22 against as of this post.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the Doppelganger playable in a future game, but I'm not sure about a starring role. I think it would be interesting for a future game to tell the same story from two different perspectives (Lara and Doppelganger), possibly at odds with each other at certain points. Kind of like the earlier Resident Evils but a bit more like Sonic Adventure 2. There are probably other games like that that I'm forgetting.* Completing both scenarios would unlock a grand finale where they team up.

    *Oh yeah! I just remembered probably the best game that tells the story like that, Legacy of Kain: Defiance. How could I forget that? It also shows CD is quite skilled at telling the story this way. But it was technically one scenario that switched perspectives at set points, not two separate ones like I was thinking.

    Edit: wasn't going to vote since I can't play LS, but couldn't resist breaking the tie, so I voted yes.
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    It would be fun and that's why i voted yes but i think the doppleganger gameplay would feel a bit generic after 7 or 8 levels. Climb a wall , punch a thrall , climb a pipe , punch a thrall , climb a box , punch a thrall.

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