View Poll Results: Do you want a Lara's Shadow Doppelgänger Full game, on all platforms too?

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  • Yes! Doppel the fun!

    143 65.90%
  • No! Lara's going to be jealous!

    74 34.10%
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Thread: Lara's Shadow: Aura in the Dark

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    I would love one too. It would be amazing...

    Also 'doppel the fun'?! I nearly spat my drink all over my computer!

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    I didn't get a chance to play Lara's Shadow or Beneath The Ashes because I don't have an Xbox. It would have been nice to experience it and play as the doppleganger. So, I voted yes.
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    I wouldn't mind to have a sort of mini-game, for ALL platforms, about Lara's doppelganger. I didn't had the chance to play as her and I would love it! I fell in love with her history and herself. Of course Lara will always be our hero, but this girl is that supernatural side of Lara that we would like to enjoy too, I guess

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    Yes, it would of be fun a Doppelganger game, but for all platforms; so many fans wanted to play with her, but the X360 exclusive was so bad for most of us; I hope they don't do the same mistake again.

    Doppel rocks!

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    I'm playing TRU in Pc and look at this Doppelganger mod!

    I love her eyes!

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