Thread: server 267295. problem with rejoining

server 267295. problem with rejoining

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    server 267295. problem with rejoining

    so as I started to play the game, after few seconds I was crashed. Before the crash there was a box saying can't receive client status or server status or something like that. Internet was warking perfect. Ffter restarting the game, my friend said there was one slot available and invited me. I when I joined the box said 'host's game is full' we tried few times. there was 7 players in the game according my friend's words, but I was unable to connect.
    Thx for the great game, hope it's vital info

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    well guess what. After some time I started a game. just after the start, one of my teammates had gone. I looked to the server number and it was same 267295.EU. for the rest of the game on one joined, which is strange, cause in the middle of the game we were 3v3 and usually someone comes. after change of race, I got a BSOD with "kernel stack page". Please disable that server at least. thx for your time

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