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Thread: Dopple Action Figure?

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    eBay is always your best bet.

    I took these a while back, when I received it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelus0901 View Post
    Yes, that would be awesome!
    But, guys, tell me! Since I'm not a fan of action figures, where can I find figurines, or busts of Lara, if there are any?
    Think you are going to need auction website's. I got 6 Core Lara figures in different costumes from a normal toy shop a few years ago but I think you would need an auction website to get them now.

    The best budget CD Lara figures are probably the player series. I got mine from a collectable shop called 'Forbidden planet' (other good collectable selling shops are available) though again auction websites could be used.

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    I really want one of those

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    Yeah I would love a Doppleganger action figure. Someone customized one on the forum I used to be on. It was made from the TRU Lara Croft action figure. Yeah, it's the one Treeble posted.
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    Wish they would make a doppelganger figure. Would contrast nicely with my Lara ones

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    A doppelganger action figure would look great so would be very cool if someone made one. I would buy it.

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    I don't think they release new Doppelganger figure now, but... I seen Tonner Fan made that is very good

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    I love TR action figures so if one exsisted at a reasonable price I would get it. A Doppel with tons of fierceness would be brilliant.

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    I want to have Kick Armored Action Figure for my children . Please suggest me which one I should buy? Also let me know about best version of it please.. Thanking inadvance.

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    NECA Series 2 Kick 2 Armored 7" Scale Action Figure is best action figure for children and it comes in original blisters.. This was my favorite version of Kick 2 armor, so I knew I had to get it, and I hope he keeps it for the third film. The articulation is great and isn't hindered by the armor at all.. This figure was pretty good. I would highly recommend.

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    Sounds a really good idea.

    Don't see it happening though so may just have to buy a normal Lara figure and paint some darker highlights in the hair.

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