Thread: Broken Achievement on 360.

Broken Achievement on 360.

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    Broken Achievement on 360.

    I've tried to get the scorched earth achievement 5 or 6 times now. The last 2 attempts I have with out a doubt cleared at least 95% of all destructible objects on the different levels. But I have yet to get this achievement. the last time I tried it I went back through the level before I finished it and made sure I hadn't missed anything. Are there any plans to fix this issue or am I left with a broken game that I cannot complete all achievemtns on?

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    I have a same problem as you have. I tried do level 1 campaign to blow everything up even table, chair, statues, building, boxes, gas tanks, and everything you name it.

    It didnt work, I tried co-op online with my friend, we blow everything up and do some backtracking to make sure we do everything right. We didnt get the achievement.

    I dont know what went wrong.

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    Just tried this game out today, it was at gamestop for like 5 bucks. I had the same problem, but now i'm glad I checked these empty forums to find out this game sucks ass. Returning it tomorrow.