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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XLI: Results!

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    Smile Screenshot Competition Round XLI: Results!

    The results of this round are in folks!


    6th place: itsalexbyo, with 0 points
    5th place: tie between Mr Croft and Rexie, with both 2 points
    4th place: Devil666, with 3 points
    3th place: tie between ola and QiX, with both 12 points
    2nd place: tie between rg_001100 and Love2Raid, with both 13 points

    And the WINNER: Chriss99 with 15 points!!!!

    Congrats buddy!

    It was a great round and I loved every entry. Great work guys, thanks for entering!

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    Weee nice work chris99!! I'll post tomorrow those entries in the collection thread :_)
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    Thank you so much!

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    Congrats chriss99!

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    yay great congrats!
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    Congratulations everybody! Keep posting nice screenshots like those!

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    Congrats, chriss99.

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    Congratulations Chriss!
    I would like to thank the people that voted my screenshot,
    I really thought I would take the last place on this competition!

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