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First Time You played Chrono Games

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    I never had a Super Nintendo growing up but I had a few friends who did. I spent the weekend hanging out with a friend back in 95. He was a huge fan of RPGs, which I was completely unfamiliar with up to that point.

    That weekend was my first exposure to Chrono Trigger and Earthbound, neither of which I had heard of before. It would be another year before I would get my own gaming PC and several more years before I would pick up a PS1. The weekend was a blast. I thought the games had a fantastic story, but what really interested me was the time travel concept behind Chrono Trigger. The game was beautiful, had great gameplay and it was a joy to watch my friend play it. I was a huge fan of movies like Back to the Future as a kid, so anything that involved time travel got my attention.

    So fast foward a few years later. In 1999/2000, I was in high school and had a new friend who I'll call Twitch (his choice). He was also a huge fan of JRPGs at the time, and would play them on his SNES and PS1. When we got into a discussion about the games he played I brought up some of the games that I remembered from back in the day. He hadn't played Earthbound but he was a HUGE fan of Chrono Trigger, in fact he was such a fan of the game, he could answer all the questions I asked him about it, so I finally had some idea about what happened in the game that wowed me five years earlier. Also, since I was a huge fan of time travel, we would get into these weird discussions in between classes like "Well if he went back and changed history if he succeded would he still go back to change it and if he didn't then what would have changed it in the first place?" I'm still being asked questions like that to this day.

    About a year later the PS2 hit the market and I had another friend who was a huge fan of JRPGs. This friend was one of the first PS2 owners I knew of (the PS2 was impossible to find for around half a year after its launch) and he spent the time playing a brand new PS1 game on it, Chrono Cross. I couldn't tell the game was a PS1 game, the graphics were spectacular! I ended up selling him my old PS1 (but not my memory card) when his PS2 started having some disc read issues.

    Well, this summer, I knew I finally needed to get copies of these games for myself. I never owned any copies of Square games before this summer, so I decided to change that. I pretty much bought every single Square Enix game that Amazon had, ranging from Final Fantasy 8-12, some of the spin offs, and of course the PS1 Chrono Trigger (In the final fantasy bundle) and Chrono Cross games. I would have gotten VII, but its price is through the roof for a new copy, and it was cheaper to download it off the PSN to my PSP than buy a used copy.

    So how were you first exposed to the series?

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    i put chrono cross in.

    was amazed by pretty cutscene and music.

    played for 2 hours. discovered that, while my psx memory card had 2 "pages" (15 blocks on each), it wasn't compatible with ps2 and therefore pages couldnt be switched.. and the first page was already full.

    Raged hard.

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    It was just a coincidence I grabbed Chrono Trigger. I was looking to buy the early FF games, and I find out about FF Chronicles and how FFIV was in it, but didn't know then there was no FFIII released in NA, so I got confused when I had CT instead. But omg, it was so fun. I just gave it a try after I got stuck in some point in FFIV, and completely forgot about it and neded up beating CT instead, lol.

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    Ah, yes, Chrono Trigger, an instant classic in my book. I remember my older brother renting it after it came out and at first, I didn't know what was going on, but a year or so later, I got the chance to play the game and boy howdy was I blown away! The game was and still is, in my top ten favorite games! The music, the story, and from a technical standpoint, a very advanced Snes game!

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    i loved this game when i played it the first week it came out.....then i got i moved from my house in germany to puerto rico and this game was lost to me for a long time...... maybe i'll buy it on psn....

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    Found a copy of the Snes version of Chrono Trigger lying about in the basement of the building I used to live in. It was my first RPG and on top of that I was fairly young at the time so I didn't really know what to do, but it was a great time. This game was my childhood. I was always looking forward to seeing the world in different time periods, meeting new characters, and TECHS. Oh, the nostalgia. Now that I think about it I should get around to finally finishing Chrono Cross...