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Thread: Plz help!!!!!!!!

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    Plz help!!!!!!!!

    i m a starter of angel of darkness......i got stuck in the "Parsian Backstreet"- first level of this game....i got up the terrace n she found her i dont know what to do next....i have tried every thing...where to go now and how to go??? Is there any way from the terrace or i have to go down again inside the building. My task in this level is to get out of the building before the dog reaches you....plz help as soon as possible.......

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    This walkthrough will help you:

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    It's been a long time since I've played this level... looking at the walkthrough, though, go to where you found the crowbar (the 'stick' you open the door with), and now that Lara has the upgraded *arm strength* she can traverse all the way across [IIRC]. (Lara probably said something like "I'm not strong enough" when you were first in the area... it's a hint that you need to open a door or push a box, etc. somewhere else in the level. In this case, opening a door with a crowbar increased Lara's strength).

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