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Thread: Screenshot Competitions Collection - ALL ROUNDS!

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    Screenshot Competitions Collection - ALL ROUNDS!

    This is the Screenshot Competition Collection thread!
    You can find all the Screenshot Competitions that have run on this forum, including the themes and the winners of each round.
    The first Screenshot Competition started by Lo (on 04 – 24 - 2007) and it was called “Fun Screenshot Competition – Round One”.
    I would like to congratulate her for her excellent idea and for all the fun she gave to all members who participate from time to time.
    I would also like to thank Devil666 for her willing to help in collecting all these images and make this thread real (they were a lot!).
    * I couldn’t find all of the screenshots, because some of them were removed or deleted, but I thought it was a good idea
    to mention the titles and the members who posted them, since they participated and some of them won.
    * I will try to keep this thread updated as soon as a Competition ends, but this is something you all can help in!
    (I guess Devil666 would be the first to help for the updates! )

    Please note that this thread is for viewing only!
    Do not quote, comment, or post in this thread, so we can keep it “clean” with the images only!

    If you have any suggestions, or you have a missing screenshot, you can send a pm to me or Devil666. Youn can also comment here.
    I would like to thank our new moderator, too, rg_001100, who helped us a lot in this effort!
    Have fun!
    Here are the url(s) of each round, just in case we forgot something (thanks to rg_001100)!
    Round: (Note: E is "Entries", V is "Voting", and R is "Results)

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    Round I

    THEMES:1. TR II - Wreck of the Maria Doria 2. Lara Croft on a vehicle
    WINNERS: =Shrensh= & Treeble

    * Rooftop ride by Headache

    * View from the top, by Seth Koopa

    * Snowmobile Battle, from Tibetan Foothills in Tomb Raider 2, by =Shrensh=

    * Underwater hunting by Treeble

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    Round II

    THEMES: 1) TR The Last Revelation - Cambodia 2) Lara out in the snow!
    WINNER: Atheist

    * Calm and so cold by Treebleunavailable

    * Untitled, by Headache

    * 'Being a gentleman, the patrol man offers to warm Lara up a bit' by Lo

    * A room with a view! By Advent-Lara

    * Untitled, by Dukem

    * Why do wild animals always have it in for Lara? By =Shrensh=

    * Untitled, by Captain Mazda

    * Teenage Spirit, by Atheistunavailable

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    Round III

    THEMES: 1. Tomb Raider III – Jungle 2. Lara in mid-air!
    WINNER: Lo

    * “Oops!” by =Shrensh=

    * Mid-Swim by Advent-Lara

    * Genesha Fall, by Atheist

    * Boulder Ballet, by Doukem

    * Passing with Flying Colours, by Goar

    * Quick Thinking, by Headache

    * Wooo hooo! , by Lo

    * Flying, by Milli Croftunavailable

    * Tank Jump, by Seth Koopa

    * Sweet Nostalgia, by Treeble - unavailable

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    Round IV

    THEMES: 1. Lara with an enemy (not necessarily in combat mode) 2. Barkhang Monastery
    WINNER: =Shrensh=

    * Watch your back Lara! by Phlip

    * Feeding Time, by Goar

    * Bulletproof Monk, by Treeble

    * The Gentleman's 'Excuse Me' at the annual Barkhang dance, by Lo

    * Wolf to Lara: I want to learn swimming, by Milli Croftunavailable

    * Eye on the eagle, by Atheist

    * "like, Bang!" , by CapKeez

    Centaur Fight, by =Shrensh=

    * "A More Hands On Approach...", by TouchOfPink - unavailable

    * 'Lara's Finishing Touch', by Dukem

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    Round V

    THEMES: 1. Coastal Village from Tomb Raider 3 2. Lara and water
    WINNER: =Shrensh=

    * Timbeeerr, by Phlip - unavailable

    * Ahh...that was lovely, by Milli Croft - unavailable

    * Coastal Bath , by Goar

    * Piranha Pool Picnic, by Lo

    * Fountain of youth, by Atheist

    * The Forbidden rainforest, by Phlip

    * Thirsty? by Captain Mazda

    * Spa Lara, by Seth Koopa

    * Fountain Fun, by Dukem

    * Untitled, by Lara Cruz

    * Lara being eaten by a fish, by =Srensh=

    * Head First, by TouchOfPink - unavailable

    * Untitled, by Xcom

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    Round VI

    THEMES: 1. The Coastal Ruins level from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, 2. Lara and fire
    WINNER: Milli Croft

    * Presenting The Terminator LARA-T100, by Xcom - unavailable

    * Kodak Moment, Because life's better with Kodak, by Captain Mazda

    * Fire God Altar, by Seth Koopa

    * Door -sur-, by JBG

    * 'Midas' Fire Pit', by Tirinka

    * Dancing on fire, by Milli Croft - unavailable

    * Lara fireball, by =Shrensh=

    * Egyptian fire ball, by Phlip, unavailable

    * The overgrown turkey prepares for Thanksgiving by rolling and stuffing the Human, by Lo

    * Stop at nothing, by Dukem

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    Round VII

    THEMES: 1. Lara in Egypt (TRA/TR1 or TR4), 2. Lara with her guns
    WINNER: TouchOfPink

    * Uzi fury, by Atheist

    * When cornered the female tomb raider may become aggressive, by lara’s bro, unavailable

    * Gymnastic with guns, by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * How to unearth relics, by Treeble, unavailable

    * No Ticket No, by JBG, unavailable

    * Crocodile dodge, by Phlip

    * Catmummy shootout, by =Shrensh=

    * Bottoms up! by Lo

    * The Lost Valley Shoot-out, by TouchOfPink

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    Round VIII

    1. St. Francis Folly TRI / Anniversary,
    2. Lara swan diving (doesn't have to be near water)
    WINNERS: Milli Croft & Lo

    * T-Rex DIEve, by Phlip

    * Catch the lightning!, by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Like A Bird, by Atheist

    * That's my Ruddy Foot, Mr. Thor!!, by Dukem

    * 'Erm, Air Traffic Control, we have a slight problem', by Lo

    * Thank you for flying with tomb raider airlines, by lara’s bro, unavailable

    * Not knowing what’s below, by TouchOfPink

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    Round Ix

    THEMES: 1.Lara Dies in Nevada 2. Lara Exploiting a Bug
    WINNERS: Lo & Dukem

    * Binoculars on her!, by Treeble, unavailable

    * Flying car, by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Lara gets an explosive reaction to her 'Look! No hands' routine, by Lo

    * I'll never make it to that door in time now it'll take me hours to get my foot out of this barrel!, by humbug

    * High Altitude Hair Raiser, by Dukem

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    Round X

    THEMES: 1. Lara in Tomb Raider 3's London Level: City , 2. Lara Taking a Leap of Faith
    WINNER: Lo

    * Jail 101: Successful Guard Evasion, by Dukem

    * Embrace me! by Treeble

    * Awww no, I’m gonna land on my head, by humbug

    * 'Uh oh - I thought the getaway car was supposed to have an open top', by Lo

    * Jump to the Egyptian Gods, by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * What’s way up? , by TouchOfPink

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    Round Xi

    THEMES: 1. TR2's Floating Islands, 2. Lara on any of the TR vehicles
    WINNER: humbug

    * And for my next trick…, by humbug

    * Uzi your imagination! , by Treeble, unavailable

    * When I sleep here in the air, nobody can kill me , by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Gatecrashing the Gondola Gala, by Lo

    * Silenced by snowballs, by Dukem

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    Round Xii

    THEMES:1. TR Legend's: England, 2. Lara Firing a Weapon
    WINNER: Captain Mazda

    * "Come on , gimme a hi-five!", by Treeble, unavailable

    [mod-edit]Thumbnail provided from voting round[/mod-edit]

    * Lara offers a Native a light for his 'Peace Pipe', by Lo

    * I really should have called that electrition out! , by humbug

    * Hehe, i have a strong gun, by Millicroft, unavailable

    * Close Encounter of the 'Spearish' Kind , by Dukem

    * Blast-off! , by Captain Mazda

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    Round Xiii

    THEMES: 1. Tomb Raider Anniversary: Greece, 2. Lara swimming
    WINNER: Pharaoh_rj ? (not really sure, because I didn't find the voting thread - but Pharaoh started the next competition)

    * Oh For A World-Class Architect, by Spong

    * I look around me and I see..., by Treeble

    * I never show off!, by Pharaoh_rj

    * Untitled, by RUGRLN

    * Water baby, by humbug

    * From the Barkhang Monastery's 'suction pool', by Lo

    * I think it’s dead, by Captain Mazda

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    Round Xiv

    THEMES: 1. Peru- Tomb Raider Legend, 2. Lara in acrobat positions
    WINNER: Audrey Santos (not really sure, I didn't find the voting thread)

    * Bet you wish you could do that, huh?! , by Treeble

    * Lara couldn't help notice, the bungee team had made cutbacks! , by Rai

    * Sporty Lara, by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Lara goes swinging in the Red Light District, by Lo
    , unavailable

    * I guess it's lava pit surprise for me then! , by humbug

    * Lara Launch, by TouchOfPink

    * Have to be discrete! By Audrey Santos

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    Round Xv

    1. The landscapes in Legend and Anniversary without the Lara to only be appearing.
    2. Strange things in legend and anniversary Example: Some enemy or the proper Lara made something that is not of custom
    WINNER: humbug ? (couldn't find the voting thread, but humbug started the next competition)

    * Lara caged? by Rai

    * Lara checks out her new flying move, by humbug

    * "I swear they're naturally big" , by Pharaoh_rj

    * "Painful balancing act", by =Shrensh=

    * Lara's flying hair! , by Anthony K. , unavailable

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    Round XVI

    THEMES: 1. The Lost City Of Tinnos -TR3, 2. Lara fighting a boss
    WINNER: humbug ? (not sure again..)

    * Yeah... whatever , by Spong

    * Playing with Natla, by Audrey Santos

    * 'Don't just stand there, get me out of here! , by humbug

    * Rutland and Lara have moves , by Tomb-Dude

    * Lara: I’m not a bowling ball, by Rai

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    Round Xvii

    1. Lara scaling her environment for example climbing ladders, jumping to poles, jumping off ledges ect
    2. The wreck of Maria Doria- TR2
    WINNER: Milli Croft

    * Hold your breath and hope for the best, by Spong

    * Leap of destiny, by Tomb-Dude

    * Rope swing, by Atheist

    * 'Come on own up, who put this shark in here?' , by humbug, unavailable

    * She wants to fly , by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Go web Go! Darn, it worked for Spiderman... , by Rai

    * Catch Me If You Can , by TDK

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    Round Xviii

    THEMES: 1. Lara with Kurtis (AOD) 2. Lara's swimming
    WINNER: Tomb-Dude

    * The Water Is Absolutely Amazing, by TDK

    * Paradise, by Tomb-Dude

    * Lush Falls, by Phlip, unavailable

    * Is she dead ??? , by Milli Croft, unavailable

    * Swimming Lessons , by Dukem

    * 'Would you take a look at that' , by humbug

    * 'Lara joins the Croc Formation Team' , by Rai

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    Round Xix

    1. TR: Legend Ghana level (Environment shot can have Lara in it and she can be diving, standing but no killing of the enemies)
    2. Lara performing a trick
    WINNER: Chadster ? (again.. I'm not really sure..)

    * Ah, I've missed Ghana, by Treeble

    [mod-edit]Recorded as "unavailable", suspect imageshack to be at fault[/mod-edit]

    * Stop Motion, by Seth Koopa

    * Cartwheel, by Tomb-Dude

    * Slipaholic, by Phlip

    * "Sniff' those feet!" , by Chadster

    * A perfect arch, by Rai

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    Round Xx

    1. TR: Anniversary St Francis Folly level - Anything, as its such an interesting level...
    2. Landscaping
    WINNER: humbug

    * Caught this in a swan dive ... , by Chadster

    * Thermal Underwear Not Included... , by Spong

    * Seems to be trouble below, by Tomb-Dude

    * I know why I do this, by Rai

    * Amanda slipped, by JezyK

    * Lara learns to walk on water, by humbug

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    Round XXI

    1. Lara having an accident; falling of ledges, missing the water during a swan dive etc.....
    2. Lara in the coastal village (TR3)
    WINNER: Atheist

    * Wrong end, Lara... , by Jezyk

    * I've not missed ghana ..., by Chadster

    * Stupid grapple!, by Rai

    * On doing her rabbit impression Lara misses the ledge, by humbug

    * Ganesha Fall, by Atheist

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    Round XXII

    1. Lara & dangerous substances (lava, plasma, chemicals etc.)
    2. Nevada Desert level (TR3)
    WINNER: Spong & Lo

    * TR III: Adventures of the Braid, by Jezyk

    * Open the window, I missed the Orient Express, by Lo

    * Too Late for Evasive Maneuvers..., by Dukem

    * I shoot with my eyes, not the gun., by Tomb-Dude

    * The music couldn't have stopped at a worse time..., by Spong

    * Lara discovered too late the jacuzzi was too hot., by Rai

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    Round XXIII

    1. A coastal/sandy scene - with or without Lara featuring
    2. Temple of Xian from TR2
    WINNER: Dukem

    * Lara excels in the sandcastle contest , by Lo

    * A Leap of Faith, by Spong

    * I wonder if they see me in here?, by Jezyk

    * Mummy 1 to Mummy 2: Ooooh, woman..., by Rai

    * Now this is pardise!, by Tomb-Dude

    * Lara draws her guns as a friendly game of 'Pass the Fireball' turns violent., by Dukem

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    Round XXIV

    1. Lara about to perish (no pictures of a dead body please, the Police will be onto us! ).
    2. 'Caves of Kaliya' from 'Tomb Raider 3'.
    WINNER: Tomb-Dude

    * I'm so angry I feel I'm gonna explode..., by Jezyk

    * Now where did I put that nuclear bomb...?, by Chadster

    * Fighting to the very last, by Rai

    * Come on boys, give a girl a break!, by Tomb-Dude

    * Charlie's Angel of Darkness , by Lo

    * A Long Way Down..., by Dukem

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