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Thread: Screenshot Competitions Collection - ALL ROUNDS!

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    Round li (51)

    THEMES: 1. TR AOD: Louvre Galleries, 2. Running away from danger - Sometimes being quick on the feet is the only way to survive
    WINNER: Chriss99

    * Run Lara, RUN!!! by Chriss99

    * This place drives me bats, by GeorgeMaciver

    * Move! by My Dog Max

    * Fleeing the Dragon's wrath, by Error96

    * Seems like I'm alone...or not! by Ivana KC

    * A case of arachnophobia, by GemmaDarkMoon

    * Things seem to heat up around here.....gotta go guys!! by Love2Raid

    * OMG, not another boulder! by Mr. Croft

    * No caption, by Tombraidergal

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    Round lii

    THEMES: 1. Tomb Raider Poster, 2. Tomb Raider The Last Revelation: City of the Dead
    WINNER: GemmaDarkMoon

    * My Signature move. xxx, by tombaidergal

    * Tomb Raider. There's more than meets the eye, by Chriss99

    * Destroy everything,stop at nothing, by My dog Max

    * The sky isn't the limit, by angelus0901

    * Tomb Raider - swan dive into the adventure! by Ivana KC

    * May all your Dreams come true in Venice, by GeorgeMaciver

    * Waterworld, by LARALOVERnr.1

    * Join Lara and explore beautiful Ghana, by GemmaDarkmoon

    * Lara isn't scared of anything, not even a T-Rex, by Error96

    * The sensational miss Lara Croft returns, by Flintmelody

    * Hey, blame the one who gave me a licence! *insane laugh* , by Love2Raid

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    Smile Round LIII (53)

    Theme 1: Tomb Raider 3 - Lost city of Tinnos
    Theme 2: Lara on Holiday: Lara is off to see the sights and meet the locals but will it be a holiday dream or nightmare

    Winner: Error96

    They Didn't Mention Any Of This In The Brochure.., by Oraclebop

    Aww I forgot to pack the bug spray, by Flintmelody

    Lara goes an a Safari!
    by LARALOVERnr.1

    Lara is never one to go on a typical beach holiday
    , by Error96

    Wish you were here... with love, Lara Croft
    , by Chriss99

    Now what? Next time I'll ask for a guide book
    , by Ivana KC

    At last the time to watch the beautiful Aurora Borealis
    , by Andy64

    5 star luxury?!?! I am going to get Zip for this
    , by GemmaDarkmoon

    When british airways said they'd drop me off, i didn't think they actually meant it! by Tombraidergal

    Walk towards the light Lara
    , by Triangle3

    This hotel has an awesome gym!!! by Angelus0901

    What a lovely resort, it´s so peaceful!
    by Love2Raid
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    Round LIV (54)

    Theme 1: Tomb Raider 2 - Opera House
    Theme 2: Lara the daredevil - Lara often does high adrenaline activities that would terrify most people. Any capture of such an activity.

    Winner: Chriss99

    Lara stays calm, even when she's eaten by a Giant Sea-Snake! by LARALOVERnr.1

    Lara likes to get (too) close with the wildlife, by Chriss99

    Lara's not afraid of the Boogeyman and his sidekick
    , by Angelus0901

    I prefer the beautiful settings to the tragic play
    , by Flintmelody

    Ahhh!!! What happened to the shark cage?
    by Error96

    Shadow Power
    , by Pulse

    Lara's on fire in ice cold Kazakhstan, by Love2Raid

    Lara's on fire today!
    by Tombraidergal

    No height is high enough for Lara..
    , by Ol.a

    Jumping trains in an adrenaline packed bike ride
    , by GemmaDarkmoon
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    Round LV (55)

    Theme 1: Lara Croft in a funny or weird position.
    Theme 2: Tomb Raider III - Crash Site.

    Winner: Ol.a

    Can't Hold it... *toot* Ahhh, Much Better. by Oraclebop

    It's Sticky Lara the ship technician! by Love2Raid

    Lara makes sure her climbing wall is clean by giving it a good scrub first!
    by Tombraidergal

    Watch your back Lara! by GemmaDarkmoon

    Ooops! They forgot to warn her about the wet floor! by Ol.a

    We're gonna blast you dino's into extinction!!! by Error96

    Lara does Motorcross, by Matze992

    I bet you can't do it like this!
    by Chriss99

    Oops, I landed exactly on the camera guy...
    , by Angelus0901
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    Cool Round LVI (56)

    Theme 1: Lara & an enemy (must be only Lara and one enemy in the pic!)
    Theme 2: Tomb Raider Chronicles: The Base level

    Winner: Error96

    I wonder what happens if I fire this thing
    , by Flintmelody

    "Niiiiice kitty......yikes, BAD kitty!"
    by Love2Raid

    Lara Croft, faster than her shadow!
    by Ol.a

    Jacqueline's vengeance
    , by GemmaDarkmoon

    Lara, would you be so kind to give me a lift? by Chriss99

    Ouch you stupid pet! I bought you for a bargain, by Tombraidergal

    Doppelganger teaches Lara some dance moves, by Error96

    Okay Natla, ready when you are!! by Angelus0901
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    Smile Round LVII (57)

    Theme 1: Turn the heat up - Shots featuring lava, fire or just a hot place
    Theme 2: Training level: Croft Manor (Main game manor levels like the TRU Manor not included)

    Winner: a draw between Tombraidergal and Love2Raid

    Burn baby burn! by Tombraidergal

    Ropeburn, by GemmaDarkmoon

    Funhouse! by Chriss99

    The lava is hot but Lara is hotter, by Flintmelody

    Let's go for a dip in hot oil, shall we? by Angelus0901

    It's getting hot in here, by Error96

    Lord, WHY did I eat that chili Natla made?! by Love2Raid

    Very Toasty in here - Wish I hadn't forgotten the Chicken
    , by Andy64

    And this is just practice..., by LARALOVERnr.1

    The beauty of staying home..., by Ol.a
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    Round LVIII (58)

    Theme 1: Lara climbing walls/poles/ropes etc
    Theme 2: Lara in Tomb raider Anniversary: Obelisk of Khamoon

    Winner: Error96

    Introducing the invisible walls in TRU! by Chriss99

    The mummy is back with avengence, by GemmaDarkmoon

    I thought Heaven was a place of peace and I still have to use my grapple, by Angelus0901

    "What´s that priceless artifact doing there!? Almost got it, almost!" by Love2Raid

    Doing the Egypt high dive, by Flintmelody

    When they said budget cuts I had no idea this is what they meant. Limbo!! by Error96
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    wow! these are nice!
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    Well done guys lots of great pics and hard work!

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    wow, congratulations competed friends ... I hope you become a champion! I do not have a good screenshot, but I remember, never seen photos of cosplay tomb raider game .. looks very sexy, please look at

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    We should really revive this thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by XylophoneDealers View Post
    We should really revive this thread!
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    Good post!Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!

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