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Thread: Screenshot Competitions Collection - ALL ROUNDS!

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    Round XXV

    THEMES:1. Lara fighting an animal or human , 2. Screenshot of the level sactuary of the scion either from TR:A or TR1
    WINNER: Tomb-Dude

    * Have I broken a nail? By Spong

    * Aim for the head baby! , by JezyK

    * D'ya think I chipped a nail on that assault course of a room? , by Chadster

    * Ahem, 'cuse me, I'm over here... , by Rai

    * Perfect move for a dual aim.., by Tomb-Dude

    * I Liked That Dress So Much, by TDK

    * Lara fails miserably at her Atlantean dance lessons... , by Dukem

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    Round XXVI

    THEMES:1. Any Landscape picture with or without Lara , 2. Screenshot of the level Ghana any part of the level
    WINNER: Rai

    * I can't believe Cornwall has something THIS cool! By Spong

    * Boom! By Chadster

    * Untitled, by Kami

    * Lara Exploring the Beautifully rendered high mountain torrent TR7 Tiwanaku, by CrisGer

    * Lara's about to knock the kitty out with her cool new move, by JezyK

    * I’ve seen better... , by rg_001100

    * The ancient Greeks clearly hadn't grasped the concept of stairs , by Rai

    * I wish she could see that waterfall... , by Dukem

    * Sports day couldn't have been in a better location, by Tomb-Dude

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    Round XVII

    THEMES: 1. Any game: Lara escaping/avoiding a [non boss] enemy, 2. Navigating a trap in TRA Obelisk of Khamoon.
    WINNER: Kami

    * I Choose My Enemy Wisely..Shame Lara Doesn't, by Spong

    * Busy girl About to be mauled by a cat mummy, gotta go! by Dukem

    * If you float in the air I won't kill you.......... ok never mind! by TheTimeTravellingVampire

    * Tiger says: 'heya mum! Im on tv! ' by Kami

    * Dive! Dive! Dive! by Goar

    * I'll just be a minute.... I have to tie my shoes first, by rg_001100

    * Back left lion: *tuts* Meryl's got it wrong again, by Rai

    * Ruun! - Nuff' Said, by kitkatt13

    * The Bullfighter, by JezyK

    * Ahh, Where do they keep coming from *Cough Mothers Womb Cough* , by William Croft

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    Round XXVIII

    - Any game: A scenery screenshot you find beautiful
    - funny death screen from TRAOD Level: Boaz Returns

    WINNER: Spong

    Illumination at Dusk, by Dukem

    City Lights, GeorgeMaciver

    Not only current gen can look gorgeous... , by Kami

    Subtle Shades of Electric Blue, by Spong

    [mod-edit]*Image was recorded as "unavailable", I suspect that imageshack may be unreliable at times.[/mod-edit]

    Lovely, by TheTimeTravellingVampire

    Just relax, take in the view, by Rai

    Keep it green , by rg_001100

    Toxic Zone, by Goar
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXIX

    - Anniversary's "Tomb of Tihocan"
    - Lara and explosions

    WINNER: Tomb-Dude

    Mr. 'Splodies , by Goar

    Lara cut in half!!!! W00000t!!!1!111 , by Kami

    The ricocheting barrel of exploding doom..., by Spong

    [mod-edit]Might not always be available, initially reported as unavailable[/mod-edit]

    Dancing with the crocodiles, by JezyK

    'Lara tries the new 'Extreme Heat' Swedish Sauna', by Rai

    Ah.. Nice and Cozy.., by rg_001100

    Pink isn’t my color, by Tomb-Dude
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXX

    - Croft manor/Mansion - Doing anything you like swimming in the gym what ever.
    - Lara being attacked

    WINNERS: rg_001100 & Tomb-Dude

    Lara in gear-changing phantom Jeep confusion..., by Spong

    "I sure hope this old fart won't find me in here...", by JezyK

    Lara: *sticks plaster on shoulder* piggie-backs are so over-rated, by little miss Ju

    Ain't nobody gonna be raiding my pantry, by rg_001100

    Ninja Lara, by Goar

    I can do it sideways,too! By Devil666

    Now where did that Limbo Stick Go.., by William Croft

    Eww...get some mouthwash already! , by Rai

    "Alistair you do realise that the manor is one fire?", by Tomb-Dude
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXI

    - Lara diving, (cliffs, just normally on floor anywhere)
    - Tibetan Foothills - TR2

    WINNERS: Spong and TheTimeTravellingVampire

    Living on the edge, by Goar

    Diving through, by Mr. Croft

    Hey, look a penny! By little miss Ju

    Dancing around, by Devil666

    Industrial Swan, by JezyK

    Hit-and-Run Lara, by Dukem

    Ah... Don't you just love that smell of lead fresh in the morning? By rg_001100

    Strike!!!!! by TheTimeTravellingVampire

    Come out, come out duckie.. by William Croft

    Look out below! by Love2Raid

    Can't think of anything better to do, or a better place to do it , by Rai

    *There is no spoon, by Spong
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXII

    - Lara hanging or shimmying from any kind of ledge
    - Tomb Raider 3 Nevada Desert

    WINNER: Mr. Croft

    Ooops.. I am gonna be crushed, by Mr. Croft

    Pull-ups are so tedious , by Goar

    Don’t look down.., by rg_001100

    Errrrm, hello to you too . Could you remove your enormous mutated hand so I can pull up? By Love2Raid

    No more slip! by Devil666

    Well I’ll be.. , by Spong

    Trust me to lose truck again, by Lo

    The result of a few Un Aimed Rockets being fired; Damaged Landscape , by William Croft

    Oh darn! I really shouldn't have looked down! , by Rai

    Once an extremist, always an extremist, by little miss Ju

    Illushiun, by Rexie
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXIII

    - Lara jumping (backflips,forward jumps, sideways, all kinds of jumping)
    - City of Vilcabamba TR1 (or TR:A)

    WINNER: Spong

    Epic action-flip-around-jump! by Goar

    Epic Jump, by Mr. Croft

    I'm walking on sunshine, wooah..., by JezyK

    Stop looking at me like that. I can't bear it any longer! By Love2Raid

    Bloody Monastery Jump, by Devil666

    It's a complex move, you kind of lose your sense of direction... , by Spong

    Lara puts her feet up, by Rai
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXIV

    - England (TR Legend)
    - Tricks & traps. Lara navigating and evading (or not) one of the spiked/torching/crushing/slicing perils from any game

    WINNER: rg_001100

    Oh look! I’ve always wanted one of these! By rg_001100

    Yeah, the tomb is cool, but look at ME! By JezyK

    Those lethal traps go right through you, don't they? By little miss Ju

    Dancing with blades, by Devil666

    Oh dear, talk about bad timing… , by Love2Raid

    Another one bites the dust...or should that be two? By Spong

    Lara finds time for a tête * tête with a Mercenary, by Rai

    Ouch! That hurts you know.. , by Mr. Croft
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXV

    - Tomb Raider III, Lud's Gate
    - Lara in water (swimming, shooting, wading, etc.)

    WINNER: Devil666

    Target Locked, by Goar

    Mind if I lie down for a while? Those long swims are so exhausting! By Love2Raid

    You're watching "JAWS" ... Starring Lara Croft, by Devil666

    Mom, dad, can I play in the pool a little bit longer? By JezyK
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXVI

    - Lara fighting, shooting or jumping, but ONLY from CUTSCENES
    - Old Mill: Tomb Raider Chronicles

    WINNER: Love2Raid

    " ... I'm sorry father.." Or maybe Natla? By Ola

    Explosive Airtime by Love2Raid

    Seen enough? By rg_001100

    The old 'gas tank as a shield' trick never failed... by Spong

    You american? By Devil666

    Lara gives Natla a headache by Rai

    Descend by Goar
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXVII

    - Lara on any vehicle in the games
    - TRA/TR-1: Midas’ Palace/Palace Midas

    WINNER: Love2Raid

    jungle drive by Jas_SharpShooter

    You and I ... We are gonna have a nice little chat ... by Devil666

    Gotta hand it to you mate . . . nice place! By GeorgeMaciver

    Lara does tricks on her new motorcycle! By Love2Raid

    "Escaping in the pool" by Ola

    "I believe I can fly..." by chris99

    Busy girl, got to go... by Mr Croft

    "what a view" by Batotesic

    A Velveteen Touch by rg_001100

    Cactus with a C. By Rexie
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXVIII

    - Lara in close combat. Melee, guns, anything as long as it is close combat. No Boss fights!
    - Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation, The Lost Library

    WINNER: Chris99

    Lara - The New BAR DANCER!!! By Batotesic

    Smell my dirty foot!!!!! By chris99

    Kidney Kick by Devil666

    17 sit ups, 18 sit ups, 19 sit- OMG tigers!!!!!!!!!! By little_miss_Ju

    Holy Carp! It's a Trexie! Crawl in the gun! By Rexie

    Feeling Lucky, Punk? By Chadster

    ah,piece of cake i only need 1 gun by itsalexbyo

    Ah, my missing G string! By GeorgeMaciver

    Catch me if you can, you bloody termite!!! By Love2Raid

    Eat this! By Ola
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XXXIX

    - Lara performing acrobatic stunts while fighting an enemy.
    - Croft Manor from TR1/TRA

    WINNER: Chris99

    Lara tumbles into the night by Love2Raid

    Hmmm, not sure I want Winston around my bedroom . . . by GeorgeMaciver

    A kick in a face! By chris99

    Target in Sight... by rg_001100

    I know some tricks you know! By Devil666

    "Oh..! What a peaceful night out there...!" by Ola
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XL

    - Lara dying (drowning/falling etc.) To be clear: Lara ABOUT to die AND already dead
    - Tomb Raider Underworld: Mediterranean Sea entire level

    WINNER: Love2Raid

    I'm the Qeen of the World!!!!!!!! By Chris99

    Shark bait by QiX

    Termination by Love2Raid

    Oh, that woman and her exorcistic inclinations! By Devil666

    "OMG! Is it lava down there???" by Ola
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Round XLI

    THEMES: 1. Lara beauty shot 2. Tomb Raider Underworld - Coastal Thailand
    WINNER: chriss99

    * beauty combat shot (theme 1) by itsalexbyo

    * Hey bartender! Another beer! by chriss99

    * A break for sightseeing by QiX

    * The Beauty - Lara Croft by Mr Croft

    * The most beautiful places on Earth attract the most beautiful Raider: Lady Lara Croft by Love2Raid

    * "I am the most beautiful woman in this party! Definitely!" by ola

    * Goddess like curves by Devil666

    * Big Kitty!? Where? by rg_001100

    * I don't care about you...anymore by Rexie

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    Round Xlii

    Themes: 1. Lara swimming underwater, 2. Tomb Raider Underworld: Screenshot of a really, really dirty Lara from Southern Mexico
    WINNER: Ola

    * Swim towards the Light , by Love2Raid

    * "Do I hear something weird?" , by Ola

    * Bath?! Next month maybe..., by DarlingG

    * The top of the food chain, by Qix

    * Oh, I'm having so much fun with all this mud! , by Chriss99

    * Underwater Temple , by rg_001100

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    Round XLIII

    Themes: 1. Lara sliding on a descent (in any Tomb Raider game),
    2. Tomb Raider Underworld : The Arctic Sea level
    WINNER: rg_001100

    * "Thanks Eric and CD!", by GeorgeMaciver

    * "Lara sliding", by My dog Max

    * "Uuu...What does this button do?", by chriss99

    * "Yoohoooooo! I'm having so much fun with this pyramid!!!", by

    * "Whoops, now what..........", by Love2Raid

    * "It's a bit cold to be playing outside, senõrita!", by Mr Croft

    * "There's something fishy about this place... ", by DarlinG

    * "Whoa! Say it, don't spray it!", by rg_001100

    * "Through the looking glass", by Devil666

    * "Weeeeeeee...", by Wlado.Srbija

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    Round Xliv

    Themes:1. A Mid-Air Shot 2.Tomb Raider: Underworld's Mediterranean Sea level
    WINNER: Wlado.Srbija

    * The perfect jump, by Mr. Croft

    * (commentator): And ANOTHER goal for England!!! by Devil666

    * Lara and Torso performing a Synchronous Ballet, by Love2Raid

    * This is going to be one big splash!! , by My dog Max

    * Would you please quit dogging me! by GeorgeMaciver

    * Lara: "I Only play for Sport.", by Dagger

    * Gravity. You obey it, I obey it, but Lara doesn't, by DarlinG

    * Wee! , by MissJess

    * Fatality! by Chriss99

    * Woah! Don't shoot! The results could be catastrophic! I might fall really far!!!! by little miss ju

    * Ooops! I think I broke the elevator...., by Wlado.Srbija

    * Hmm... Looks like someone needs an exorcism.. :P, by Ol.a

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    Round xlv

    Themes: 1. A scary enemy 2. Tomb Raider: Underworld's Southern Mexico level
    WINNER: Love2Raid

    * He should see a dentist, by George Maciver

    * "Let me give you a small bite!" by Mr. Croft

    * HA! Missed me!, by DarlinG

    * Say CHEEEEEEEESE!, by Love2Raid

    * Lara and her bike, by rg_001100

    * "There is no way you are going to make me jump over those spikes." by Chriss99

    * "Are you scared?? You 're NOT in Scare Tactics! Ha-ha-ha!!!", by Ol.a

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    Round XVI

    Themes: 1. TRA/TR-1: St Francis' Folly 2. Lara interacting with anything in her environment
    WINNER: Love2Raid

    * Interacting in St Francis Folly!, by GeorgeMaciver

    * Greased Lightnin'!!, by Love2Raid

    * Ancient Hairdryer, by Devil666

    * Neptune's Hall, by Chriss99

    * Blue Lagoon, by Ol.a

    * Smile... click, by DarlinG

    * Sure, interact with the truck. What could go wrong?, by rg_001100

    * Lara Croft - Demolition Expert, by Error96

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    Theme 1: The first level of the CD era, Bolivia from Tomb Raider Legend (not the Redux one)
    Theme 2: Lara up against multiple enemies (Anything with Lara and two or more enemies in it. Lots of choice with this one)

    WINNER: Love2Raid

    *Mmm. Yummy Spiders! by chriss99

    *Everyone's Barkhang mad around here! By GeorgeMaciver

    *Triple Trouble on the Dora by Error96

    *2-1 Unfair! By TombRaiderFan09

    *Cave. By Wlado.Srbija

    *So this is a hurting tooth, I'm not a dentist, but I can shoot it out! By DarlinG

    *Aaaand...BAM! By Mr Croft

    *Graceful leap of faith. By Love2Raid

    *Swing Sister. By oraclebop

    *Hey! Put that ancient stone down NOW! By Ol.a

    *Lara outnumbered but I'm worried for them By GemmaDarkmoon

    *"What is that Zip?" A massive boulder behind me. By Flintmelody

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    Theme 1: Tomb Raider II: Floating Islands
    Theme 2: Lara and weapons

    WINNER: chriss99

    GeorgeMaciver: Nice place!

    Chriss99: "Have you met my dear friend?"

    Mr Croft: Smile, T-Rexie!

    GemmaDarkmoon: Lara zips through the floating islands

    TombRaiderFan09: If that's floating, I'm floating!

    Love2Raid: You should have stayed where you were, I take no prisoners!!

    Error96: Battle at the bridge

    Oraclebop: Double 0Lara

    Flintmelody: Did nobody ever tell you not to throw knives

    RG_001100: Lara enters into "Aggressive Negotiations" in the Boardroom

    DarlinG: You are under arrest!

    Ol.a: Reloading.. always in style!

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    1. Chriss99

    2. GeorgeMaciver

    3. Love2Raid

    4. Ivana KC

    5. GemmaDarkmoon

    6. Flintmelody

    7. Error96

    8. Oraclebop

    9. Devil666

    10. Ol.a

    11. d1n0 xD

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