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Thread: They need to do a LoK collection on PS3

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    They need to do a LoK collection on PS3

    They need to give us on 1 PS3 disc a complete Legacy of Kain Series Collection that includes both Blood Omens, both Soul Reavers, and Defiance. Plus have them advanced a little so we get the graphics from the DC version of Soul Reaver, and that the games (at least the PS2 ones) can be played in Widescreen, as I hate having games in 4x3 now. Oh yeah, and hopefully have all of the glitches fix (meaning no reversed audio in BO2 and no "you must start the entire game over" glitches from SR2.

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    Smile In our dreams its lives!

    tHAT WOULD BE AMAZING! anything like that would be good as i can't play blood omen 1 i followed since sould reaver i just watch the clips that are available, i hope somethign good comes of the legacy of kain series!

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    Well I guess this topic is now pointless knowing that Eidos has just been bought out by Square. We'll never see a new LoK game again unless it features Cloud and Sephiroth.

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