Thread: Favorite TWEWY Character?

Favorite TWEWY Character?

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    Hello TWEWY Fans!

    Mine would be Lollipop! Or Koki as you may know him.
    I always liked him for being such a laid back devious reaper. I found him funny too as he would mess around with Uzuki.

    So who's your favorite character from the game if you have one? and Why?

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    Mine would be Sho... (a lot of people would be in this corner, I know)...

    I love how awesome he is, and how obviously brainy he is. Solving his mission equations were just as fun for me as completing them!!

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    I would understand why a lot of people like Sho.

    He really was a great antagonist.

    His Taboo form totally kicked butt.

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    Well, Koki Kariya is a lot like me. I actually used him for my avatar on FFXIclopedia for a while because my moderation style matches his reaper style (And my partner was like a male Uzuki, go figure).

    However, my favorite character would have to be Joshua. I love how much he teases Neku, as well as the ho-yay moments in Another Day. "Shut up and walk, dear"

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    Neku I really loved his character he seemed alot more real and I understood alot of his points of view.

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    2nd Joshua

    3rd Shiki

    4 Beat

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    1) Sho
    2) Neku
    3) Joshua
    4) Mugem (i think that's his name if i recall)
    5) Beat

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    Originally Posted by Frankxio

    1) Sho
    2) Neku
    3) Joshua
    4) Mugem (i think that's his name if i recall)
    5) Beat

    Umm... Fairly sure there wasn't a character called "Mugem" ^^; I think you mean Megumi Kitaniji (AKA 'Shades').

    Neku is my favourite. Mostly because I relate to him rather a lot... I used to always isolate myself and hardly ever talk to anyone unless I had to. Since playing TWEWY, I've taken most of CAT's sayings to heart, and worked hard to expand my world and enjoy the moment a lot more these past few years.

    Joshua's my second favourite. He's a complete ass and it sort of worries me that someone with a personality like his can have so much power, but at the same time he's just too awesome and funny for me to hate. XD;

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    SHO MINAMIMOTO! HE'S SO ZETTA COOL~ I also like Beat for being criminally stupid at times, and Neku speaks my inner emo kid. Neku reminds me SO MUCH of myself in middle school XD but in a nostalgic good way ^_^

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    Hmm, mine would be: Rhyme, Joshua, and Shiki. Shiki because she reminds me of myself, wanting to be someone else. Joshua because he's just way too funny and I love his angelic abilities. ( I used his ray/angel attack constantly as soon as he could use it. I was like, wahoo! Preetty angel things and flashing white lights. ) Rhyme because she's adorable and positive, she's basically the light-childlike side of the game's persona, and her being erased was the turning point for the game getting darker. Though the way they used her was like she was more of a symbol then a person... but meh.

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    1) Neku

    2) Pi Face

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    Joshua is the best - Private Extraordinaire!

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    Neku hes a legend the sho then shiki then cat haha and whats her face the fit reaper blondie haha

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