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Thread: Natla Yes/no

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    As quoted by Amelia Croft:

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    Doppelganger killed her! She is finished, ain't coming back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
    Doppelganger killed her! She is finished, ain't coming back!
    It's fiction and nothing is impossible really.

    Natla is a very cool villain but she did over stay her welcome. As for those who bought the DLC, she defiantly has overstayed.

    Do I want her back in the next game, no.

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    not that i want her back again but she probably still hasnt died yet... the hammer would have lost power after lara let go so natla wouldnt have died from that and as for the DLC... lara told the doppelganger to make her suffer, lara never said kill her
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    Yes! Bring her back!!

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

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    I'm fed up with Natla, though it wasn't such a bad idea to bring her back in TRU. Let's just hope this time she is buried for all eternity. I'd rather see Amanda's come back. She was a great character, because she wasn't completely evil. Doppleganger would also be a great villain but if she is ever to appear in future TR game, I hope Lara will finish her in the end

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOLCOM20lovesLARA View Post
    oh GAWD!!! hopefully she died painfully!!!

    i'd be laughing if her skin was melting off her face and her bones were cracking into tiny pieces!!!!!!
    she drowned in acid... hope thats painfull enough!

    on-topic:NEVEREVERNEVERRRRRRR!!!! i hate her!

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    She better not.

    She needs to just *** die already.

    If she comes back, I'm going to punch a hole in my TV.

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    How come there isn't a "She should have her own Lara-free game" option?

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    She's 10 games old. Make up a new one.

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    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! no more Natla! never again! *shudders at the thought of Natla returning*
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    I could imagine flying through the air as Natla throwing fire balls at all who oppose her

    Nothing can kill her, but she did call for the Thralls. Maybe after the doppelganger left (she might just sit and watch her burn forever, since I'm pretty sure the doppelganger doesn't age) the Thralls got the rock off her

    But the doppelganger destroyed the healing device, which might have been what healed Natla in the first place, so she'll just have to sit in that tall room forever mourning her loss. Haha, the doppelganger mad her suffer real good.
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    I like recurring villains every once in a while, but I absolutely HATE the immortal kind that just won't freakin' DIE. I like to kill my enemies in games. I make sure they die, never to arise again just because they attacked me. If Natla returns, I will upgrade my PC, buy the respective version, and hack it. I would then proceed to dismember her, spread her various body parts throughout the game, and carve out her heart then make Lara eat it. I have no idea how I would do this because I'm not tech savvy but I will find a way. It sounds gruesome, but hey, she survived all sorts of things so I'd love to see her come back from this. *Laughs evilly*
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    If anything, she will be a mere reference. Nothing more. As you can see, fans are SICK of her and they all wish she died a painful death. R.I.P., Natla. ( Pieces, I mean. )
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    I think bringing Natla back into Tomb Raider Underworld was very lazy of the people who wrote the story, but I guess, who else could have got her into Helheim? No one.
    I think the doppelganger is fantastic, Its nice to have Lara wandering around in REAL tombs again and getting back into the norse myth. In Chronicles and AOD I just wasn't feeling the whole point of the title and Anniversary was in fact very different to the original but I see why they did it as a re-cap so we know who Natla is if we have only just started playing tomb raider.

    My only criticism for Underworld is that I do wish her mother came back and was okay. I'm still deluding myself that maybe Natla created her and held her mother captive and maybe one day she'll surface.

    I see (I think its in this thread) that there are rumors that we will be playing a young Lara. I want to know the history of her and Larson. How did she know him? And something I find even more gripping, why would he not kill her even though he was ordered to, and why did she feel such guilt for killing him. Why? I'm aching to know about her history. Lara does so much delving into everyone elses. I find it quite cruel of the writers of these games that Lara gets treasure, adventure and to survive but really... she's lost two artifacts to Natla and for all that passion for what she does... She comes home to virtually, no one. She loses everyone.

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    and for those who know what happens at the end of Lara's Shadow, What does the doppelganger choose to do after the last level? I hope she doesn't just fall in love and have babies...

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    Give Natla a break now. She was in TRA and TRU and so I think we need a couple of games without her now.

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    I think I said this before, can't remember. The only reaso I'd want Natla back is because of her voice, she reminds me of a female Wesker for some reason:P

    Only Wesker seems somewhat cooler (Skip to 24 seconds) (Skip to 33 seconds)

    I love both there voices, but as for Natla coming back then, no.

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    its natla bi**.... are u kiddin?? natla drowned in the eitr and u expect her to come back somehow??that would be extremely ridiculous and n

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    I'm sure Natla is dead, not because she fell to toxic pool but because of being hit by Mjolnir. Just imagine if you get hit by hammer...ouch that must be really hurt

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    It didnt seem like she would come back, and so she did already. I think she needs to stay gone... although i do love natla as a villian!

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    I think that Natla's story has gone as far as it could and another return seems too repetitive so I think she is out of it for good.
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    I like Natla as a character but people will just call our series repetitive if she comes back from the dead again.

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    There isn't much more to do with Natla... time to move on.

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