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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XXXIX Results

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    Screenshot Competition Round XXXIX Results

    The results of the Screenshot Competition Round XXXIX are:

    6th place: ola with 0 points
    5th place: Love2Raid with 4points
    4th place: GeorgeMaciver with 5 points

    And the winners are:

    3rd place: rg_001100 Target in Sight... with 10 points
    2nd place: Devil666 I know some tricks you know! with 16 points
    1st place: chriss99 A kick in a Face with 19 points

    Well done everybody!!!!!!!!!!

    Because it's the second time in a row I've won, I would like to give the opportunity to host the next Screenshot Competition Round to the author of the 2nd best screenshot, namely, Devil666. If you agree, of course.

    Once again great entries and congratulations

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    Congratulations chriss, Devil and RG
    And fabulous entries everyone

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    when will be next competition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivana KC View Post
    when will be next competition?
    When it is made
    If Devil doesn't make it within 5 days or so, someone else probably will.

    Congrats chriss, devil, and other participants.

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    Great round it was!

    Congrats to the winners. I am looking forward to the next round!

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    Weee! ))) Thank you all who voted Congrats to everyone else!
    The next round will be up shortly
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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