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Thread: Gangsters 3

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    Nov 2014
    Hello!!! We're wanting Gangsters 3! There's money to be made here. $$$

    Bloody love Gangsters 2.

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    I'm the op, 6 and a half years later and still nothing lol...dont think there will be a Gangsters 3

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    Exclamation LETS DO THIS!

    Hello guys i see you all wanted a new gangster game.

    I am currently trying to source the funds to create this game as i to am a MASSIVE FAN!!

    i have spoken to a game development company based in india who have made alot of good games and have worked in partnership with some big company's.

    i also sent them alot of info about these games and what i want out of it and that i do not want 3d graphic i would like to build it as a good quality enhanced 2d graphics.

    i promise you all if i am able to achieve my goal on funding to complete this game we will have the next GANGSTER RTS GAME

    please check it out:

    please share

    we will do this!!
    anyone that has any idea's that they want added to the game or any fan art please email it to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by semp1622 View Post
    Just register in this forum to ask some question regarding Gangster: Organized Crime.

    Does anyone know how to create a mod for Gangster: Organized Crime ???

    My only clue is in the G:OC data folder, which is all of them is in .xtx files.

    I have no idea how to edit every files in that folder because when i opened it with notepad, i only found some "Alien Scripture" (Which i thought maybe it was encryted and i dont know anything about programming).

    If anyone know how to edit the .xtx files which i assumed it was encryted, please tell me.

    Thx for the attention.
    I tried to seriously look into modding a offline multiplayer in 2 but had no luck opening the files, at least from what I remember. the elements in 2 far exceed one but they weren't used at all..especially that election addition.

    anyways I signed up just to post about gangsters 1.

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    I remember buying Gangsters the original with its big box in an old Virgin megastores in Dublin, one of the best games ive ever played and 31 so ive played a few.

    Would be amazing if any company made a new one even if square don't want to, even if the sourcecode for the older ones where released it could be modded and improved for free by the community and the owners of the IP lose nothing but gain a huge community backing.

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    Trying to bring all the hardcore fans together so hopefully we can make something happen.

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    i like lol

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    Bump lol

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    I loved gangsters 1 so much. What is the word on the remake?

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    Anyone have any word on a possible Gangsters 3 ?

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