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Thread: Tomb Raider Series getting another reboot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonesy View Post
    Sorry, GoLarago, I was just having fun with the idea of alternative Lara Croft games.
    No problem, But if thats where your going how about: Serious Lara, Deus Lara, Quake Lara Quake, Doom of Lara.

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    Can you imagine Lara say "I love you" to a Kurtis-like person? That will be the moment I will uninstall all the game and lock away the dvd (or blu-ray ). EW!!!

    The problem is that they kept us waiting for too long to release a buggy and short game. Let alone the ps2 version that many players had intended to play it at. And they wonder why the sales are low.

    Make a good and long game for all the platforms you say you will and don't even change Lara's voice!!!
    "Hey, dude, I just bought the new. Tomb R... oh, credits...."

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    IMO Eidos is risking a bad move if they decide to hand Lara over to a new game developer to feminize Lara and give her a more "female friendly" approach. I think Crystal Dynamics is doing an excellent job otherwise. They did an excellent job with remaking the first tomb raider game as Anniversary while upgrading the game play with more modern approaches. To me Underworld would benefit if Eidos allow Crystal to develop and add additional exclusive contents to each of the game platforms. In its current form this game had the looks and feel of a rebooted Angel of Darkness story line and game play. I don't think TR fans had expected this approach.

    The main flaw is what Lara needed the most she didn't get. She need new adventures and new tombs to raid. Let's get the facts about Lara Croft. She is a loner. She often risks her life to gain the prize while staying ahead of her competitors and avoiding ancient lethal traps. She may have to relay on her research team for support and references but she is not a team player. She is more like a female Indiana Jones than anything else.

    If Eidos thinks a reboot of this franchise is needed then give the team at Crystal the resources to do so. Fresh innovative approaches to popular gaming icons are the keys to keep a franchise fresh and popular, not a reboot.
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