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Thread: Need help on tombraider underworld pls HELP

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    Need help on tombraider underworld pls HELP

    I am stuck on underworld Level 5: Southern Mexico, The Midgard Serpent. Where you ride down stairs to the first pit/draw bridge. I cant get over this pit,the bridge is down and reading this cheat web page i am supposed to climb up to the second pole and put it down to lift the bridge to make a ramp but the problem is that the poles are on the other side of the pit. I have tryed every thing i can think of to get to the other side but i cant get across. The pit is too wide to just even on the bike and there are no ledges to shimmy across,i can go back coz the tunnel closed when i first went in and i have been stuck in this section now for two days PLEASE CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT AM SUPPOSED TO DO THANKS

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    If you you mean the very first bridge then say hello to the infamous midgard serpent bug. There is nothing you can do bu got back to about the croft manor level (Not prologue) or The un named days (Fisrt Mexico Level). There is nothing else you can do.

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    Why do i have to go back?? Where did i go wrong?? What do i have to do to stop this happening again?? Thanks

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    Yup, it's 'THA BUG'.

    Reload a savegame or download one. Are you playing on PS3?

    You did nothing wrong, it happens randomly. The best way to solve this is to replay the whole Mexico level. It will go a lot faster the 2nd time, don't worry.......

    You are not alone:
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    You mean a BUG in prorgaming> Other people must have had the same problem? and yes its on ps3... Am gutted about this coz i have been overwriting my saves so this is the only save i have. How sure are you about this is there nothing i can do but start all over again???that just seems nutts ARRHHH.

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    Try to get a savegame here from the start of the Mexico level:

    Don't know how to get the save on your PS3 myself, but maybe someone over there can help you (the person who posted the saves perhaps...).

    Good luck!
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    Listen you guys,Thanks for your help, i feel a bit better after reading from the link sent, knowing that its not just me having this problem..Oh well back to call of duty 4 online my username is R6BIKERBOY invite me as a friend and maybe see you all there.Thanks again my friends....

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