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Thread: My Birthday :D

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    My Birthday :D

    Well it's 1am here so it's January 8th now....
    I should be sleeping but i'm not sleepy atm

    and Happy birthday to anyone else that has his/her birthday
    I spiked the tea.

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    Woo happy birthday!

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    happy bday

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    happy birthday
    zip:do your pistols have names?
    lara:yes! my left one is called left pistol and my right one is called poplk

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    Happy B'day!

    Happy B'day JustMe!
    "I need Thor's belt to get His hammer. And I need the hammer, to kill a God" - Lara Croft: Underworld

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    Rainbow Rock
    hppy birzzdaayy

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    Happy B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "I got what I wanted....Isn't that all we care about?
    Amanda Evert - Meybe not any moor in TR but always in our hearts

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    Happy birhtday to you!I wish to you that you will always be happy!

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    Heyy! Mine BDAY today too ))) Yohoo )
    Happy Bday 2 you! Wish u all the best and many smiles ))))))
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Happy Birthday and many more!

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    Happy Birthday Justme!

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    Have a very happy birthday
    No Comment.

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    Happy Birthday Devil666 and JustMe!
    'There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory.' - Sir Francis Drake, 1587

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    Thanks everyone
    Well no party but i got an awesome cake

    and The Uderworld I wove the doggy
    I spiked the tea.

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    χαρούμενα γενέθλια! χιλιόχρονος

    i don't know if this is written right, if it isn't sorry..

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    Yup it's written right batotesic
    Love2Raid thanks for the teddy and flowers...
    THE_uDeRwOrLd thanks for the dog and the candles to put on the cake ola brought me
    Thanks ola

    And thank you everyone else for your wishes...
    I spiked the tea.

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    Still not too late for me to wish JustMe and Devil666 A Very Happier than Happy Birthday! Selamat Hari Lahir! Slamat Onu Jadi!

    And wish myself a happy birthday too ... though mine is on December the 31st. Teeheehee...
    A refrigerator- when you open the door, the light goes on, but when you close the door, the light goes off... or does it?

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