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Thread: Glitch-glitchite-glitch!!!

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    okay ive been have this weird bug lately....

    okay in Peru when u climb out of the pit and u see the mercenaries.....well
    when i kill them they seem to come back alive!


    when i try to shoot them back down they wont die!!!


    all of a sudden they fall and die!

    .......weird glitch :]

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    zombies, could we see this, because i once found that happen to me, some peoples life went down full stop, they managed to get back up, then you have to get the first person lara standing still aiming recticule, and then shoot them to death, or grenade bomb em, coz i once killed some japanese folk and dogs and they cam alive.
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    haha okay i'll try to make it happen i'll use fraps :]

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