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Thread: Villains in TR9

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    Villains in TR9

    I still want mercs and stuff like that.

    But what about bosses and stuff?

    Don't tell me they are bringing Natla back.....
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    Bosses Yes

    old style bosses tho
    no healthbar
    no special way to kill
    just lara and the guns
    untill the thing dies

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    Exclamation Bring back the clone...

    Bring back the clone or even the cloneS.

    She would look like Neo fighting off agent Smiths...

    Maybe the only way to defeat the clone is through stealth or wit. Interesting puzzles ahead.

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    I want to fight another dragon like in tomb raider 2

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    I want bosses but they must be challenging like the bosses on Ninja Gaiden.
    And yes no health bar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinnyskeans View Post
    Bosses Yes

    old style bosses tho
    no healthbar
    no special way to kill
    just lara and the guns
    untill the thing dies
    Bosses yes but not oversaturated like TRA and TRL were. TR1 didn't have that many boss fights and worked...why change it? However they over-reacted to the negitivity and took them out completelty. Another bad thing. Boss fights are good but just limit it to a mid game boss, sub boss and final boss. Like in AOD Brother obscura, Boaz and Ekhart/ Karel.

    However i like the format of bossfights in an extend. I didn't like HAVING to use the AD. But l liked the way you could use cunnin to defeat the enemy. However I like a good tactical shootout too so they should do both, puzzle defeating but making the boss fight last less than an hour if you just want to shoot the beasts down. I would liek the puzzle kills to be harder though.

    As long as they have better AI, I wouldnt' mind a few mercs. I agree with the no health bar thing. I liek not knowing how long i'm gonna have to survive for...the whole thought of 'my god when is this thing gonna die and can i survie till then?' adds suspense to the game play.
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    Puzzle bosses: Yes! (Like the centaurs in TR:A) - not too many though.
    Bosses you have to jump around for half an hour and pray you don't fall off a cliff when you are almost through: No! (Like the legless monstrosity in TR1 or the final battle in TR:L)

    Generally I am always for few and relatively short fights, but interesting/tactical ones.

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    i like the boss fights

    i also like puzzle boss fights like the centaures

    but what would be cool is if you cant use melle acttacks only range actacks so only the boss so he would rest that when you would actack then he would to an actack you cant doge so your sucering to find a rock to block
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    Well, without the healthbar on the boss, one can begin to question whether shooting at it will actually kill it. We need some indication that we are actually doing damage, even if it's Zip over the headset saying "Yeah, you hit that creature hard, just a little more..." at health intervals.

    In terms of "puzzle boss", I think it should be that the use of puzzles weakens, or kills the monster after "solving" a few different puzzles.
    Willard in TR3 required the player to take four artefacts from the walls before he could be killed. Perhaps a boss should be done in a similar style - getting artefacts to make the boss weaker - although perhaps it could reduce the creature's max health, rather than reduce it's invincibility flag.
    Centaurs were interesting (ignoring the AD), in that there were multiple stages required to kill them, although they could not be killed unless they were stone (the puzzle was turning them into stone). I would prefer if they could be killed with bullets regardless, but be killed more easily if turned into stone.
    Use the puzzles as a different way to kill the boss, so that the boss can be killed without the puzzles, but it takes a bit longer, and requires the challenge of not getting killed.

    And definitely, No forced or required adrenaline/advanced moves - like the adrenaline dodge.

    If they are to include that style of enemy, the "traditional" boss, I would not like to see them so frequently. Perhaps a fairly big one at the end, but no more than minor ones at the end of each Location/stage (e.g. Thailand, Med. Sea in TR:U, Peru, Egypt in TR:A).

    Merc enemies I am not so sure about. There are a lot of combat shooters out there that make the combat in TR:U look weak. If they are going to include mercs, they should be tough/smart mercs - use squad tactics to attack Lara, or hide behind cover, retreat, etc.
    A squad leader that was a sort-of mini-boss could add a dimension to the combat, also, and for combat against humans, that would be good.

    Animals don't really count as "villains", and it would be nice to see some wildlife that didn't immediately attack Lara.

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    I wouldn't mind a sub boss where we don't kill it, like the Final Boss of TRTLR, for story purposes. What I mean is, the boss is so powerful that, you don't kill it, you trap it. So maybe later it could reappear in another TR (but that never will, and thus become a legend among fans)

    That sounded weird though.

    As for traditional bosses, I'm up for it. Make it die by weapons and use environmental hazards to make the battle easier. Also, I'd like in the next TR, there's an option to cover behind obstacles, specially if the game brings back more human enemies, and even more if it ends up being the remake of TR2 (hipothesis). An example of that ability is Mass Effect covering.
    Then they also take advantage of the scenarios fixed objects (pillars, boxes, vehicles) to add strategy to it.
    And another colossal monster please :P

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