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Thread: I Have a Question about.....

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    I Have a Question about.....

    okay u know in legend were u can see the artwork?

    well i was looking at the bolivia artwork and i found this idk if they're supposed to be there but i thought it was interesting :]

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    Haha okay i also found this: Look closely at her breast area what do u see?

    im not a homo but its VERY noticeable

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    hahaha wow. idk maybe just some minor bugs?

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    In the PS2 version Sarah doesn't show her breasts.
    And I can see those Laras' too.
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    if you swim and the camera is facing the lara and she swims to a wall, you can look through her head and see her invisible body part and googley eyes in her skull. very very freaky! also, i aint a lezzy or anything, but if you make her crawl, face facing camera and camera against wall, make lara carry on crawling look down a top and what do you see? you see half her body chopped off ..... very weird indeed. lol. why do these games have to be sooo pervy.
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    lol u might have a point lol

    i'll try and find more weird bugs :]

    hopefully some that arent pervy lol

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