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Thread: i am sooooooo stuck plz help (legacy of kain:defiance)

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    Exclamation i am sooooooo stuck plz help (legacy of kain:defiance)

    im on chapter 4, iv got to the material world and i am now im faced with a gate of sum sort, i have to go bk to sprectral realm to go through the gate, but, heres the problem, i cant remember how!!! please help i cant go any further untill iv got through this stupid gate i would be really greatfull :s ^^

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    normal settings are numlock 5 and then press action, then simply walk through the gate....

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    I don't have the PS2 version of it in front of me, which I am assuming you have... However, I think it's down on the control pad + the action/reaver strike button. Just try it, then all of the buttons if not. You'll know you've got it when the reaver icon on the right changes to an eye symbol. You have to hold whatever button makes this happen to have the eye symbol sustained on screen and press the action button also.

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    Cool wooooooo

    yh u were right lol, i was messin bout with da + pad n strikin n i got it woooo, lol thank you all, n i got it from game bout a month ago, my sis bought it me for x-mas lol
    im on chapter 5 now lol
    ^^ chears woop lmfao

    i didnt realise some one had replied till now lol, my aunty came up n was like try this n this, lol non of whtch worked lol hehe

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    Cool lok sequel

    just stumbled upon some screenshots of the sequel

    also i was hoping if any of you where interested in signing a petition against the cancellation of lok the dark prophecy maybe this will make the developers change their mind rather than release another crappy lara croft game.

    you can sign it here:

    keep the lok series alive it's up to us the fans


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    Big Grin i know what u r but what am i

    unlike u i spent my time to actually show proof of LOK6 and even post a petition to try save it i greatly believe in the series and i won't let it get cancelled at least not without a fight. the only reason i even registered is for the fan base to get their voices heard. so stop ur yapping and whining and take it like a man
    ps. vorador gets killed twice

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