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Final Fantasy series remakes

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    Remakes For Ios

    I love that FFV just came out for the iOS, but I would like to see the PS titles (FFVI, FFVIi, and FFIX) be relaesed also for this platform. I know it is only wishful thinking but this would awesome! Better sprites and 3d models would be a dream come true! Post your suggestions!

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    FF6 should be next since they're releasing them in order on iOS.

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    As long as FFVI does not have the "Dimensions" graphics aand instead high quality graphics I will be happy, even those of FFIV - Complete Collection - on PSP would be nice, also I wish they would remake Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII - on iOS so people outside of Japan can experience the prequel to the VII Complialtion

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    Final Fantasy series remakes

    I know that both games were remade for smart phones with "enhanced" graphics. But if you compare side by side how awesome the FF1-2 and 4 2D graphics are it's astonishing.

    I'll keep this short and sweet, compare the pictures yourselves. I refuse to buy FFV or FFVI again until something is done with the shoddy remakes.

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    Stop wasting our time Square and give Fans the Re-make we deserve.

    I just read the most up-to-date information as to why Square won't given us a re-make. Years now it's been countless excuses and lackadaisical sentiment from the creative director to senior officials in Square. Excuses as to why they won't give us one, ironic how Square's leadership sounds a lot like another corrupt company I know, Shinra perhaps. Instead of sucking and eating away at out planet they feed fans with horrible games and follow-up games that are both boring and uninteresting. Seriously? Lightning return? What are
    You thinking? That clearly shows you are simply trying to extract as much money from your fans while feeding us these horrible games. Work on the re-make, might make you re-discover the final fantasy formula that you've long lost.