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    Platinum Legend

    What's the difference. i have it on xbox 360, i went into Zavvi and decided to look at ps2 games (I use to have it until my brother made us sell it to get xbox 360 for xmas instead) and saw tomb raider legend, but instead of the version i have and most of us here probably have, it had a silver border, and at the bottom it said Platinum and the version i have is 12+ but it said 16+ on that one... what's the difference, does it have blood in or something, because it's really weird... i opened it and saw the disc and booklet, i was thinking of taking a sneak peek at the booklet but then i thought they might think i was steeling... can anyone tell me...

    that's from Zavvi website.

    and then the version i have is this:

    what's the differnce, it's also anniversary too for ps2...
    please tell me.
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    I'd be pretty sure the PS2-platinum version is exactly the same as the ordinary PS2 version.

    Other than that, PS2 and 360 version are different mostly in graphics.

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    It's like ps2 greatest hits games. It means that a game was a best selling game. Thats it. The only difference is the cover.

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    so whhy is it rated 16+ when i had 12+ on ps2 and xbox 360... is it coz that's the age group that voted and they rated it 16+? that's really what puzzles me...
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