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    I am a manga artist which I forgot to mention and at the moment I'm drawing manga (a Japanese comic art) pin up girls for BSP in my spare time. Each one takes a long time to do but I will post them here when they are finished. I speak Japanese too (been learning and moving onto intermediate course. When I come onto BSP when it is released I will speak it online which I will be looking foward too.
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    Nice. Looking forward to see some of your work.

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    Can you do one that looks like the The Major from Ghost in the Shell? plz

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    Im still learning to get my skills more accurate, I am halfway through the secound stage (stage 2/8) after a day and it will take longer as I go along. Patience is required. I will think about a different design after I finish this one I am keeping it BS related. At the momment my design is a geisha girl with a fan and an japanese umbrella (you know what I mean?). It will take days as I am a pefectiopnist so I am a fusy person. I will do a pin up for the united states at a later date.

    Here are the stages I have to go through:

    1. Rough scetch on my idea.

    2. Basic stick character layout with the accessories (to get the posture right and composition).

    3. Getting the depth of the characters body structure.

    4. Skin, hair, facial features, nails, more detail on the accessories and underwear.

    5.Outlay of outer clothing and details of accesories.

    6. Blocking of dark areas drawing patterns on clothing etc...

    7. Scanning in the drawing and use photoshop to do a black and white version.

    8. Finally coloured version design and then its finished.

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