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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round XXXVII: Voting

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    Smile Screenshot Competition Round XXXVII: Voting



    - All members of the Eidos Forums may vote in this thread for their favourite screenshots!

    - Points shall be awarded according to this example:
    ___Member name - 3 points (most favourite entry)
    ___Member name - 2 points (second most favourite entry)
    ___Member name - 1 point (third most favourite entry)

    - When voting, pay attention to aspects like originality, timing, beautiful scenery, the caption name it

    - Entrants may not vote for their own entries

    - For clarity, please add the word "points" or "point" to the numbers you assign. Also, to avoid confusion, please do not abbreviate member names

    - The entrant(s) with the most points upon closure of the voting will get to choose the two themes for the next round

    Voting for this round starts 15/12 and will run until 22/12

    The screenshots for Round XXXVII were from two themes:

    Theme 1
    Lara on a vehicle, in any TR-game

    Theme 2
    Palace Midas/Midas' Palace- TR1/TRA

    These are the entries: (click to view)
    1. Jas_SharpShooter: Jungle Drive
    2. Devil666: You and I..We are gonna have a nice little chat..
    3. GeorgeMaciver: Gotta hand it to you mate...nice place!
    4. Love2Raid: Lara does tricks on her new motorcycle!
    5. ola: "Escaping in the pool"
    6. chris999: "I believe I can fly..."
    7. Mr Croft: Busy girl, got to go...
    8. Batotesic: DISQUALIFIED
    9. rg_001100: A Velveteen Touch
    10. Rexie: Cactus with a C.

    Unfortunately, Batotesic entered with a shot that didn't meet with either of the themes, and therefore is disqualified.

    IMPORTANT: Keep your non-voting comments to this thread

    Great entries everyone, good luck!
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    Love2Raid - 3 points
    ola - 2 points
    GeorgeMaciver - 1 point
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    3 points - Ola (I love the dive it looks so graceful).
    2 points - GeorgeMaciver (I love the Midas statue and nice pun).
    1 point - Love2Raid (I can just imagine some action music playing while she's ready to go on a 70's T.V police chase with your screenshot, strange I know).

    Well done everyone and sorry Batotesic but your screenshot was totally irrelevant to this competition. ^.^;

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    ola - 3 pts
    Love2Raid - 2 pts

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    3 for Rexie! It's funny for some reason
    Maybe It's the title
    2 for ola that pic looks awesome...
    1 for L2R...Lara should quiet more tricks
    TRL..."ZIP! I never show off!" yeah right
    so all of that means...
    Rexie - 3 Pts
    ola - 2 pts
    Love2Raid - 1 pt
    I spiked the tea.

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    3 points go to : Mr. Croft! (Great angle of the camera)

    2 points go to : Love2Raid! (I guess it wasn't so easy to get this pic)

    1 point goes to : Rexie! (For the strange and fynny pic)

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    3 Points Love2Raid
    2 Points Devil666
    1 Points Mr.croft

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    This was a really hard one!

    3 Points- Ola (breathtaking, truly)
    2 Points- Love2Raid
    1 Point- rg_001100

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    Rexie - 3 pts
    Mr Croft - 2 pts (looove AOD)
    Love2Raid - 1 pt
    I told you not to play your music so loud, because you might wake up the dead

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    Mr Croft - 3 points
    Love2Raid - 2 points
    ola - 1 point
    Villa, villa.

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    Devil666 - 3 points.
    Rexie - 2 points
    Chris999 - 1 point

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    ola - 3 points (The contrast couldn't have been bigger: that furious look on the ugly gorilla's face compared to Lara, diving over him, so calm and graceful, almost smiling.............. )

    Mr Croft
    - 2 points (Love the shot, and the caption is one of my favourite quotes!)

    Rexie - 1 point (Very funny, great angle!)
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    Love2Raid- 3 points (That was hard wasn't it?)
    ola-2 points (Beautiful ... just beautiful)
    Devil666 -1 points (Caption is so Lara-ish!)
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    ola - 3 Points

    Love2raid - 2 Points
    Chris999 - 1 Point

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    Love2Raid - 3 points

    Rexie - 2 points
    ola - 1 point

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    Come on people, don't be shy now. You are all invited to vote!

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    George Maciver - 3 points
    Love2raid - 2 points
    Jas_SharpShooter - 1 point

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    ola : 3 points
    Rexie : 2 points
    Love2Raid : 1 point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
    Only one half an hour left to vote people!!!!!!!

    Wow, tempus fugit!

    The voting thread is now closed , votes casted after this post will not count!!

    Thanks for voting people, the results will be up soon
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